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The Jacobite Rising 1745-1746
Chvosta, Adam ; Valkoun, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Chmelíková, Pavla (referee)
The purpose of this Bachelor thesis is to analyze the Jacobite uprisings in the years 1689-1746 with an emphasis on the uprising in 1745-1746. The issue is viewed primarily from the perspective of the Stuart family. In brief, the reader is presented with the events that lead to the removal of this family from the English and British throne. Furthermore, the thesis examines the development of the Jacobite movement from the Glorious Revolution to the Battle of Culloden. She is mainly devoted to the analysis of strategy, planning, important events for this movement, but also the internal conditions in England, later Great Britain, France and Spain.
The Change of Relationship between Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon
Horejšová, Sára ; Valkoun, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Chmelíková, Pavla (referee)
(in English): The English king Henry VIII went down in history as controversial man, who wanted the male heir so badly, that he was not afraid of anything. For some people he was the great monarch, who was able to divert from Rome. For others he was a monster, who did not hesitate to mentally abuse his first wife Catherine of Aragon and beheaded his other two wives. Henry with his six marriages was recorded in awareness of general public. The aim of this thesis was analysing family life of Henry VIII and his first wife Catherine of Aragon, which was interweaved with great banquets and celebrations, but also with dynastic issues. Henry VIII was all his reign afraid of securing his throne. His father, Henry VII succeeded the throne after long, bloody, and exhausting domestic policy fight, in which he had the obligation to secure his throne and power by multiple offspring. As the first fiancé of Henry VIII was chosen Catherine of Aragon, the widow after his brother Artur. It is suggested that Henry and Catherine conceived seven to nine offspring. Unfortunately, the only surviving heir was a daughter Mary. Because of the new dynasty Henry VIII needed a male heir. In the year 1523 it was obvious that Catherine would not be able to produce another child, Henry with his statesman cardinal Thomas Wolsey...
The establishment of the Anglo-Scotish Union in 1707
Nesvadbová, Dominika ; Valkoun, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Chmelíková, Pavla (referee)
This diploma thesis analyzes the genesis of the issues of the Anglo-Scottish union. In its introduction the diploma thesis shortly mentions the events from the end of English Civil War in 1651 until the death of Charles II King of England. The thesis will deal in more detail with the genesis of the Anglo-Scottish and political relations as well as historical events of England from the reign of the catholic King of England James II, his expeletion in 1688, and consequential arrival of his nephew and at the same time son-in-law William III of Orange with his wife Queen Mary II. Thereafter Queen Anne of Great Britain, who became a successor to the throne in 1702, as the second daughter of King James II, during whose reign the Union and Great Britain was established, to her death in 1714 and the arrival of the Hanoverian dynasty. The diploma thesis does not lose focus attention to causation and circumstances, which brought the English and the Scots closer together, and resulting conclusion of the Anglo-Scottish union in 1707. And last but not least it also analyzes implications of these connections for future development of Great Britain.
The Question of Succession of James, Duke of York, during the Reign of Charles II
Chmelíková, Pavla ; Valkoun, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vodička, Pavel (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with 70s and 80s in 17the century in England. During this period of the reign of Charles II Stuart comes to the forefront the question of succession, which culminated in the so-called exclusion crisis (1679-1681). The thesis will try to outline in seven chapters, including the introduction and conclusion, the development of the crisis of succession associated with the person of James, Duke of York. The first part of the work will focus on the period before the exclusion crisis and will highlight important moments such as the approval of the Test Act or the Popish Plot. Another part of the thesis will deal with the period of crisis itself until the dissolution of the last Exclusion Parliament in Oxford in 1681 and the defeat the Whig party. The last chapter will close the whole question of succession in 1685, the death of Charles II Stuart and the advent of James II to the English throne.
Prague Utraquist University students from Rakovnik (1550-1622)
Chmelíková, Pavla ; Holý, Martin (advisor) ; Ďurčanský, Marek (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the educational process of some students from the town of Rakovník between the years 1550-1622. The main aim of this work is to observe these students and the process of their education in particular schools, the university in Prague and another universities in Europe. Furthermore, it also deals with different types of careers that the students from Rakovník chose after they had finished their studies. Certain parts of the thesis consider some more general features of the system of education in Bohemia and Moravia and the development of the town of Rakovník during the early modern age. The thesis consists of seven chapters, the introduction and conclusion.

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