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Interactive Searching in Online Archive of Visual and Audiovisual Artworks
Kuře, Dominik ; Myška, Vojtěch (referee) ; Schimmel, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on development of a web application, which serves as an archive for videos. Each video has a certain amount of keywords. The application uses an already created database and a preinstalled server on which the videos are uploaded. The database was given to the author by his supervisor. Searching through the archive can be done by inputting an expression into a search bar or through a variation of filters that are based on information about each video. The results and the database as a whole are graphically represented by charts, which change their form based on given data. Videos can be played in a video player and a list of similar videos is generated. The list is based on keywords which the videos have in common. The main technologies used in the application are Node.js, React and MariaDB. A good amount of libraries are used for this application, allowing JavaScript to be the primary programming language in all phases of development. The text of this bachelor thesis can be dividen in two parts - theoretical and practical. The first part describes all the technologies and libraries used in the application. An in depth approach was taken especially on those parts of each library which are actually being used in the practical. Apart from the necessary technologies, the reader will be also introduced to libraries and systems which help a programmer with his work such as automatic formatting of code and it's backup, saving different versions of the code or adding static datatypes into JavaScript through TypeScript. The theoretical part should give the reader a summary of how browser applications work and communicate with each other. In the practical part an entire application will be built from scratch. The application will connect four different servers - front-end, back-end, database server and a server storing the videos - and allow them to communicate accordingly. The bachelor thesis also contains information about using different controllers for manipulating the browser.

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