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Electronic excitation energy transfer between quasi-zero-dimensional systems
Král, Karel ; Menšík, Miroslav
Electronic excitation energy transfer is studied theoretically within a prototype system of quantum dots using the excitonic representation of the electronic states of two quasi-zero dimensional subsystems, between which the excitation energy is transferred in a process treated as an irreversible kinetic phenomenon. The electron-phonon interaction is used to circumvent the energy conservation problem, especially when considering the uphill and downhill excitation transfer processes. The theory is studied upon utilizing a simplified model of two interacting quantum dots, both coupled to their environment. The theoretical approach is documented by numerical calculations. The results could be relevant to various cases of the electronic excitation energy transfer between quasi zero dimensional nanostructures.
Páleníková, Zuzana ; Král, Karel (advisor) ; Vedral, Jan (referee)
Viliam Klimáček is nowadays the most known and most successful Slovak playwright. He is also called The Slovak Chekhov. His career began in 1985, when he co-founded an amateur theater company GUnaGU in Bratislava where he started as an actor, musician, director and co-author. As time went by, GUnaGU became professional and Klimáček left his original occupation ? medicine. The poetics of his plays and the artistic style of the company influenced each other through the years and became interdependent. Both show obvious signs of what we can call postmodern aesthetics. In this work we try to analyze the specificity of Klimáček?s and GUnaGU?s style and we try to place it in some larger context. This analysis is not only based on theoretical research but also on a practical experience of directing one of his plays ? Maria Sabina.
Negibbovská stacionární elektronová distribuce v kvantových tečkách
Král, Karel ; Zdeněk, Petr
Experiments on relaxation and optical electronic properties of quantum dots are reviewed and conclusions are outlined on the use of Gibbs grand-canonical distribution in these structures
self-assembled quantum dots: electronic spectral densities
Král, Karel ; Zdeněk, Petr ; Khás, Zdeněk
Optical and transport properties of quantum dots are reported.
Optické a transportní transienty v systémech kvantových teček
Král, Karel ; Zdeněk, Petr ; Khás, Zdeněk
Manifestation of special thermodynamic properties of quantum dots in optical measurements are theoretically analyzed

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