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Design of heat pump
Daxner, Ján ; Lachman, Jakub (referee) ; Toman, Filip (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to design the main components of the heat pump on the basis of specified parameters. The first theoretical part is an introduction to the problem of heat pumps. It describes types of heat pumps, energy sources and their advantages and disadvantages. In the second calculation part, the calculation was performed according to the entered parameters on the basis of which the heat pump components were suitably selected.
Design of heat source for heating a family house
Kotráš, Pavel ; Lachman, Jakub (referee) ; Baláš, Marek (advisor)
The main aim of this bachelor thesis is a proposal of a heat source for a specific house. The first part is a research of different heating technology. In the second part there is a shortlisting of heat sources for this specific house and then calculating of costs for the selected heating sources. These costs are calculated from heat losses of the object. After the economic comparison one source is selected, from which costs of heating are calculated with three versions of possible insulation of this house.
Environmental and Economic Aspects by House Heating
Ondruch, Jiří ; Brázdil, Marian (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with all possible methods of heating, which can be used for heating family house. The thesis emphasizes mostly on methods new, progressive and environmentally friendly. In the last part of this thesis, the chosen methods are demonstrated on model house.
Effective Heating Systems for Family Houses
Čulík, Martin ; Poláčik, Ján (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with a summary of basic information and possibilities of heating family houses. Designing the right type of heating system is really important factor for a good operation of heating and also for the right comfort inside of the house. There will be description and calculations of the specific house in the second part of the thesis.
New Technologies for Family House Heating
Bořil, Martin ; Brázdil, Marian (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
The subject of this bachelors thesis is a new technology for family house heating. The first part will be about searching available solutions on the market. In the second part, this knowledge will be applied to a real house with already instaled heating system for comparing with other heating methods.
Cooperation of heat pump and photovoltaic power plant
Gregorovičová, Eva ; Brázdil, Marian (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis assesses the heating system of a family house with a heat pump, which cooperates with photovoltaic power plant with storage heat and electricity. The theoretical part describes the main components of the system – heat pump, photovoltaic system, electricity accumulator and heat accumulator. The practical part calculates the energy requirements of the building and describes the proposed system, including the scheme. Based on the calculations and graphical representation, the system is evaluated in the balance sheet in individual months. Finally, it is economically compared with an electric boiler heating.
Design of a source for heating a family house
Bartlíková, Zuzana ; Elbl, Patrik (referee) ; Baláš, Marek (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with heating sources for family houses. Their advantages and disadvantages and issues with heat sources selection. The first part of the thesis contains basic information about methods of heating. The second part is already practical, where are used knowledge with heat source design for specific family house. In the end of the thesis are heat source designs evaluated, compared and a heat source is selected. This heat source would be possible to buy, if is there some possible change for current existing heating source in future.
Autonomous power system
Královský, Jaroslav ; Brázdil, Marian (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with available technologies when designing autonomous house. Theoretical part of this thesis shows and presents options for gaining energy from renewable resources and options for energy storage. The practical part of the thesis is focused on designing partly autonomous system for model house using renewable resources. In the thesis are three options of gainig energy for the house, from which is chosen the best option.
Complex evaluation of the thermo-technical properties of the building structure and heat / cold sources for family houses
Šalšová, Bára ; Baláš, Marek (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with overall reduction of energy use in the family house by reducing heat loss and selecting heat and cold source. In the first part are described different types of heat loss along with ways to efectively reduce each loss. Contact insulation systems are further more described, because of beeing used more often. Newer materials are also presented to readers, although their use is less common. The next chapters describe the parameters of choosed heat and cold sources. The calculating part describes process of annual power usage calculation. Further there are three designs of thermal insulation proposed and for each one the appropriate heat and cold source is selected, using heat pump with bivalent operation for all designs. Finally these options are compared in an economic and technical way and the most advantageous of them is determined.
Energy retrofit of a stand-alone house
Stupka, Jaroslav ; Pech, Ondřej (referee) ; Charvát, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of the master’s thesis was to design heating, ventilation and cooling systems and to evaluate possibility of using renewable sources in case of a reconstructed two-storey family house. Air to water heat pump and floor system were designed to ensure both heating and cooling supply in the building. A heat recovery ventilation system was proposed. Gains of electrical energy from photovoltaic array were calculated and then possibility of coverage the heat pump consumption was evaluated. The thesis contains required calculations including building heat losses, heat gains, air exchange rates and the dimensioning of all mentioned systems. Technical drawing is also comprised.

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