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Using of coaching in social work.
Novotná, Lucie ; Vojtíšek, Petr (advisor) ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (referee)
(anglicky): The bachelor thesis deals with the phenomenon of coaching and its possibilities for using in social work. All the work is focused only on the micro level of social work, so it is working with methods of working with the individual. The thesis consists of a theoretical part, which mainly defines concepts directly related to the topic. Then their similarity is compared in accordance with chapters before. The second part - the practical part - was go through with interviews with the coaching respondents, the social work respondents and the respondents, both of whom meet these themes. Respondents were asked questions in the wording that corresponds to their work, that questions for respondents in the field of coaches had a modified wording, so they would ask about the essence of working with the client in coaching. Similarly, for the respondents in the field of social work the wording of the questions was adapted. Based on the evaluation of these interviews, not only the similarity of the two areas was confirmed but also the conditions under which coaching in social work could be used. Klíčová slova (anglicky): social work, case work, coaching, social worker, coach, client
Evaluation of selected low-threshold children and youth facilities
Marková, Anna ; Dragomirecká, Eva (advisor) ; Vojtíšek, Petr (referee)
(in English): This diploma thesis deals with the theme of low-threshold facilities for children and youth. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and empirical part. At the beginning of the theoretical work, work with risky youth, the theory of risky behavior and its individual types is approached. In detail, a low-threshold facility for children and young people is introduced, including legislative anchoring, principles, target group and individual working methods. At the end of the theoretical part is described system of social services assessment and current events in this area. The empirical part contains research methodology, research results and evaluation. The aim of the thesis is to compare the facilities of the capital city of Prague and the Central Bohemian region and to compare the ideas about the goals of work between the managers and their subordinates. A qualitative method was chosen for the research, when data collection was carried out using semi-structured interviews.
Coordination Compounds as Contrast Agents for 19F-MRI
Špánek, Jiří ; Kotek, Jan (advisor) ; Vojtíšek, Pavel (referee)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one of noninvasive imaging and diagnostic methods in today's medicine. The most commonly measured nucleus is H1 of the water molecules present in the human body. There are also methods that use signal saturation transfer between the contrast agent and water molecules via exchangeable H1 nuclei, or use a different nucleus like F19 . Compounds that show a high potential in this area are complexes of paramagnetic ions such as Gd3+ , Eu3+ , Co2+ , Cu2+ and Ni2+ , which can affect relaxation times and chemical shifts of other atoms due to their magnetic properties. This Master's thesis focuses on ligands L1 and L2 which were prepared in the Bachelor thesis. The main focus is on preparation of complexes with selected paramagnetic ions and subsequent study of their properties relevant for a potential use as contrast agents for F19 -MRI and CEST methods. Keywords: F19 -MRI, CEST, macrocyclic ligands, coordination chemistry
Influence of the social workers organisations on the legislative process
Bílá, Veronika ; Vojtíšek, Petr (advisor) ; Zajacová, Melanie (referee)
Vliv organizací sociálních pracovníků na vývoj legislativy Bílá This research investigates the influence of social work organizations on the legislative process. The goal is to describe the legislative process and find out if the organizations aim to influence it. And if that is the case, what approach they are using. The aim was to map their effort on two different laws; The laws I chose are the Social Service act and the Professional law. Conducting this research, one finding was that social work organizations attempted the influence of the legislative process in both cases. But, the amount of activity was based on the will of law makers induction of social work organizations into the law making process. The type of activity chosen to influence the process varied based on the stage of the process.
Needs Analysis of the Management in the Counselling Centre for Citizenship/Civil and Human Rights
Břízová, Tereza ; Vojtíšek, Petr (advisor) ; Matoušek, Oldřich (referee)
I ABSTRACT The thesis deals with analysis of the needs of intermediate management of non- governmental organization Counselling Centre for Citizenship/Civil and Human Rights, whose main activity is providing social prevention service in the Czech Republic. The main object of the thesis is to identify the needs of intermediate management and to settle mechanisms which could help the organization to improve more. The methods used for obtaining relevant data were SWOT analysis, marketing mix and cost-benefit analysis. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with basic terms related to non-governmental organizations with a focus to the Counselling Centre for Citizenship/Civil and Human Rights. The thesis furthermore identifies the needs of intermediate management, which are visible in need of better internal and especially external communication, where a PR specialist or PR agency should be of help to the organization. Keywords: analysis, management, non-governmental organization, external communication, PR
The Impacts of Social Policies Enacted by Select Czech Governments on the Roma Minority
Majzel, Jakub ; Vojtíšek, Petr (advisor) ; Víšek, Petr (referee)
The Impacts of Social Politics Enacted by Select Czech Governments on the Roma Minority Annotation The diploma thesis deals with the topics of the social policy, namely education, employment and housing, focused on the Roma minority. Apart from these three topics, it also describes concepts related to Roma history, culture and population in the Czech Republic. The research contained in this thesis is focused on public law in these parts focused on the social inclusion of Roma that have been implemented since 2004.
Experiences with kinship foster care in the Usti region
Krčmářová, Michaela ; Pazlarová, Hana (advisor) ; Vojtíšek, Petr (referee)
(in English) The aim of this diploma thesis is to map and analyse psychosocial consequences of over-indebtedness and to emphasize on importace komplex solution considering to all aspect. In the introduction of theoretical part are defined professional terms. The other chapters are focused on history of over-indebtedness, the issue of over-indebtedness in the Czech Republic and several other European countries, the providers and the types of financial products, the conditions under which the debt arises, causes of over- indebtedness, the development phase of the debt, insolvency and related legislation. The theoretical part is also focused on dept issue in social work, specifically on providers social services for over-indebtedness people and social services for over-indebtedness people. Followed by a chapter focused on prevention over-indebtedness and chaptes focused on psychosocial consequences. To achieve an aim was used the qualitative research method, specifically questionnaire of half-structured interviews technique. Followed by case reports of respondents, interpretation and analysis of data, discussion and suggestions and recommendations.
Homologous ferrocene phosphines
Vosáhlo, Petr ; Štěpnička, Petr (advisor) ; Vojtíšek, Pavel (referee)
Title: Homologous ferrocene phosphines Author: Bc. Petr Vosáhlo Department: Department of Inorganic Chemistry Supervisor: prof. RNDr. Petr Štěpnička, Ph.D., DSc. Abstract: This thesis describes the synthesis and coordination behaviour of ferrocene diphosphines derived from 1,1'-bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene (dppf). Dppf is one of the most succesful ferrocene ligands, which can be used in various metal-catalyzed reactions. This study aimed to prepare analogous ligands with one dialkylphosphino substituent and one (diphenylphosphino)methyl group. These ligands were oxidized by KSeCN to afford the corresponding phosphinoselenides. The phosphinoselenides were used to assess sigma-donor abilities by measuring the coupling constant 1 JSeP via 31 P NMR spectroscopy. Lastly, the coordination behaviour of these ligands in palladium complexes was studied. The homologous ligands usually formed a mixtures containing a chelate complex and dimeric species with trans- coordinated ligands. Key words: ferrocene, phosphines, homologous ligands, palladium(II) complexes, structure elucidation.
Synthesis and study of crystalline materials for NLO
Janatková, Tereza ; Němec, Ivan (advisor) ; Vojtíšek, Pavel (referee)
This thesis is focused on preparation and study of new compounds of chosen organic bases with potential use in nonlinear optics. 2-amino-5-nitropyrimidine, 2-amino-4-methylpyrimidine and their salts with inorganic and organic acids are compounds of the main interest. Diffraction and vibrational-spectroscopic methods of characterization were used in combination with quantum chemical calculation methods. Another aim of this thesis was preparation of new salts of chosen pyrimidine derivates with the use of methylsulphonic acid. Part of this section is devoted to completion of pyridinium methylsulphonate phase transition and nonlinear optical property studies.

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