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Orthorexia as a new addiction: a case study
Roztočilová, Dominika ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Svěcená, Kateřina (referee)
Background: In recent years, with the development of mass media, new concepts have emerged and often also referred to as "modern" addiction. Specifically, the concept of orth- orexia nervosa, which came in 1997 by American physician Steven Bratman, is now arous- ing interest among many experts. Many of them discuss whether to include this term in eat- ing disorders or other disorders, or to give it a separate place in classification systems. However, orthorexia has many similarities with addictive behaviour, and that is why I chosed this topic of bachelor thesis. Aims: My thesis actually focuses on the description of orthorexia from the perspective off addictive behaviour. It aims to map similar etiopathogenetic mechanisms involved in both disorders. Therefore the research objective is to describe the similarities between orth- orexia and addictive behaviour with a focus on risk factors from bio-psycho-social per- spectives. The work also deals with finding similarities in the process, diagnosis and treat- ment of the disease. In particular, biological, psychological and social factors related to the above-mentioned risk behaviour are monitored. Methods: Given the choice of case study, the thesis is based on qualitative research meth- ods. The research group consists of one respondent who is...
Excessive use of online pornography and its impact on quality of life: qualitative research
Sloviaková, Kateřina ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vondráčková, Petra (referee)
This thesis is focused on the impact of excessive use of online pornography onto the quality of life. Pornography has rich history, which reflects shaping of the social a cultural context throughout the time. Foreign scientists focus heavily on the pornography impacts. They study its impact onto the different parts of human life, behaviour, physical and psychic health or relationships. This thesis is based on quality research. The aim was to describe, what effect has excessive pornography use on the quality of subject lives, describe the evolution of subject pornography consumption and if the criteria for behavioural addictions were fulfilled. Interviews with the use of manual were undertaken with eight respondents from the webpages Život na pornu. Data was analysed by Grounded theory. Results showed, that respondents had first encounter with pornography early, around the age of 9 to 11. Spending time using pornography evolved for most respondents to several hours a day. Most common trigger points were stress, boredom and lust for some excitement from the daily routine. All respondents fulfilled the criteria of behavioural addiction - prominence, toleration, mood changes, interpersonal and intrapersonal conflict and relaps. Presence of withdrawal symptoms have not been proofed. Quality research...
Substance use by university students during the exam period
Kunová, Vendula ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Petruželka, Benjamin (referee)
This work deals with the description of substance abuse by university students in the examination period. Students, for whom the study itself is a stressful period, have an examination period associated with even higher levels of stress. If they do not have the capacity to cope with stress, they may use some substances as a balancing strategy. The study design was a comparative questionnaire survey, which was collected at two time intervals - in the winter semester and after the exam period. The research concerned full-time university students of various specialization. Total of 159 students completed the survey. The first place in lifetime prevalence of use was occupied by alcohol. Other abused substances were coffee, energy drinks and cannabis. The order of the substances use did not change during the examination period. In the examination period, these substances are significantly more used by men alone. It also increased binge drinking of alcohol. Suprisingly the use of memory-promoting substances was reduced during the examination period. Slight increase was observed only in use of lecithin. Students mostly get substances from their friends, in pharmacies or other stores. In most cases students use these substances for better concentration, for rest between tests and for staying alert. The...
The role of modern technologies and the Internet in preschool children: The risks of their use from a perspective of their parents
Rokosová, Kateřina ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Šťastná, Lenka (referee)
Background: The number of preschool children using modern technologies and the Internet is growing rapidly, but the consequences of this behaviour on individual development are unknown. Aim: The aim of this research is to map the issue of the use of modern technologies and the Internet by preschool children and to focus on problematic, addictive behaviour and risks related to these technologies based on the statements of the children's parents. Methods: The data were collected through qualitative research using a semi- structured interview with the parents. In total, 8 interviews were conducted, rewritten into text and further modified using coding and categorization methods. Results: One of the main findings of the study is that watching TV and YouTube videos dominates preschool children's media use. More than half of preschool children own a tablet. Problematic or addictive behaviour is more commonly caused by using tablets or mobile devices other than different technologies. Parents underestimate risks of the use of modern technologies and the Internet. They set rules based only on their own beliefs and the rules are often inadequate and lead to children's undesirable behaviour. Conclusion and recommendation: It is necessary to continue the research in the field of use of modern technologies...
Cognitive Remediation and Emotion Skills Training (CREST) for eating disorders patients and its therapeutic use in the treatment of addiction
Zlesáková, Marie ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Pavlovská, Amalie (referee)
Cognitive Remediation and Emotion Skills Training (CREST) is a method successfully implemented in the treatment of eating disorders, that helps improve cognitive and emotional deficits. As patients with eating disorders and substance abuse have similar neuropsychological impairments and have also a high co-morbidity in both disorders, we can consider using CREST in the treatment of addiction. The introduction part is based on views of various authors on the issue of eating disorders, their comorbid psychiatric diseases and mechanisms associated with eating disorders and substance addiction. Further I describe the neuropsychological deficits found in both diseases, the possibilities of their rehabilitation and finally I present the CREST program. The aim of the research was to evaluate the quality of the program implementation. I focused on comparing the process, satisfaction and benefit of the intervention in 4 patients with eating disorders and 8 patients with substance addiction co-morbidity. Data were collected from the diagnostic screening of substance-related disorders, by analyzing medical documentation and participating observations in 10 CREST lessons. Key data source were also satisfaction and benefit questionnaires, and the focus group after the end of the program. The results showed,...
Evaluation of Patients Satisfaction in the Hospital for Substance-Related disorders in Nechanice for the Purposes of Transformation as a Part of the Reform of Psychiatry
Dobiáš, Jakub ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Petruželka, Benjamin (referee)
Introduction Nechanice's Addictive Disease Treatment Center enters the process of transformation as part of the psychiatric reform. In contrast to other psychiatric hospitals, reform will not lead to a reduction in beds in this facility, but in line with the Deinstitutionalization project, the hospital aims to transform the treatment towards patients. Formulation of aims, methodology Evaluation of patient satisfaction has been carried out in connection with the transformation objectives. The aim of the research was to gain information related to the patient's view of the hospital and the provided medical care. The data will be available to the transformation team as a guideline for optimizing the transformation process. The research was carried out in qualitative form, the data collection was carried out by the method of semi-structured interview. The research group consisted of six patients with different lengths of stay and type of treatment. Three respondents were men and three women. Principal results Patients appreciate the facilities of the hospital for their properties - spaciousness and luminosity. As sufficient, they consider the range of equipment, including the rooms, but criticize the poor technical condition of windows, equipment for leisure activities and obsolescence of inventory in...
The Role of Mobile Phone in the Life of a University Student: Monitoring Mobile Phone Interaction and Subsequent Reflection of Students
Černá, Adéla ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vondráčková, Petra (referee)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to explore what are the habits of mobile phone usage by university students and for what purpose they use their mobile phone. Research questions focus simply on the means of usage along with students knowledge on mobile phone excessive addictive behaviour. Research was conducted in qualitative means using quasi experiment as a main method that included two parts. First, there was a group of 4 men and 4 women, in age of 18 - 26, that had their "on screen time" measured for one week. Second, each participant was individually confronted during an semi structured interview, where there was main focus on analysing their reaction. Results confirmed, that university students are strongly affected by the mobile phone influence and they show addictive behaviour. Women are experiencing a stronger need than men and are using their phones more often. A link to procrastination during learning or school lessons was found as well. Study has shown that there is a need for broader education on excessive phone usage as a part of precautionary programs on elementary and high schools. Keywords: Mobile phone, addictive behavior, non-drug addiction, students, compulsive behavior
Social environment as a risk factor for betting addiction development in athletes in out-patient treatment for gamblers
Horáková, Dita ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Drbohlavová, Barbora (referee)
Sociální prostředí jako rizikový faktor pro kurzovém sázení u sportovců léčících se v ambulanci pro gamblery zaměřuje na tři životní období klientů Poradny pro nelátkové závislosti Prevent. Obecně je problematika hazardního hraní v ČR velice aktuální téma. S regulací heren a novou ČR vystupuje do popředí problematika kurzového sázení. V 14 došlo k nárůstu podílu populace, která má zkušenosti s hazardní hrou. Nejvyšší nárůst (Mravčík et al., 2018) Cílem této práce je zmapovat a popsat sociální faktory, které měli přímý vliv na vznik a rozvoj závislosti na kurzovém sázení u sportovců léčících se v ambulantní léčbě. Práce se zaměřuje na tři životní období respondentů. Prvním zkoumaným životním obdobím období počátků sázení a první zkušenosti s hazardem, druhým životním obdobím je přechod z ní do závislosti a třetí ži respondenti rozhodli jít léčit. U všech třech etap života respondentů jsou mapovány a popsány veškeré sociální vlivy a interakce s Práce je založena na metodě kvalitativního výzkumu a vychází z zakotvené teorie a otevřeného kódování. Pro sběr dat byl použit polostrukturovaný rozhovor, který umožnil flexibilitu při samotné formulaci otázek a jejím případném doplnění dalšími otázkami a tím přesnějším získáním potřebných dat. Výzkumu se zúčastnilo celkem šest respondentů, kteří v té době byli...
The significance of symptoms of the conflict in close relationships of players in the diagnostics of online and offline gaming addiction
Kolitsch, Karel ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vondráčková, Petra (referee)
BACKGROUND: Playing computer games is a favourite way to have fun since the end of the 20th century. The age of users rises together with the development of games and many gamers are nowadays middle-aged. Despite the growing number of research dealing with the issue of playing computer games, this phenomenon lacks a comprehensive definition and method of diagnosis. In some diagnostic tools, the conflict between gamers and a close person is the main and key criterion. AIM: The main aim of the research is to describe the symptoms of conflict in the close relationships of computer games players. A partial goal is to compare conflicts in close relationships in addicted or threatened by addiction gamers and non-addicted gamers. METHODS: The concept of the research is based on a qualitative research methodology. Respondents were recruited using the snow ball selection method and selected by targeted selection based on predefined criteria. The research sample consisted of 36 respondents. 18 were computer games players and 18 were close persons. All respondents took part in a semi- structured interview. The obtained data was analyzed using the pattern capture and comparison method. RESULTS: Symptoms of conflict in the close relationships of computer game players have been described by individual...
Hagiotherapy and its benefits from the point of view of women who underwent alcohol addiction treatment in the Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice and are now abstaining
Miklasová, Iveta ; Remeš, Prokop (advisor) ; Vacek, Jaroslav (referee)
The topic of my bachelor thesis is Hagiotherapy and its benefits regarded by women who underwent institutional alcohol addiction treatment in Psychiatric hospital Bohnice and who abstain now. Hagiotherapy is a psychotherapeutic method, its name comes from Greek "therapeia" - care, treatment and "hagios" - saint, pure, holy. Hagiotherapy is a form of bibliotherapy which uses Holy Scripture as a mirror. Unlike the speech-based therapy ordinarily used among psychological means it carries a strong expressive context consisting in parallels from chosen biblical stories and the therapy is also based on the therapist himself who uses those stories and appropriate situational rituals. The aim of my thesis is to find the possible benefits of hagiotherapy for alcohol addicted women during their institutional treatment and our aim is to determine whether the women consider the method beneficial and effective in relation to their life in abstinence. In the theoretical part we first clarify some basic terms connected with addiction and its treatment. Then we treat therapeutic methods in alcohol addiction treatment, including hagiotherapy, which makes part of the process of treating alcohol addicted women in Psychiatric hospital Bohnice for a quarter century. The practical part describes the research process....

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