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Beauty from the Perspective of Plastic Surgery
Nováková, Hana ; Paulíček, Miroslav (advisor) ; Svobodová, Marta (referee)
Univerzita Karlova v Praze Institut sociologických studií Katedra sociologie Nováková Hana Bakalářská práce: Krása v očích plastické chirurgie Abstract The objective of this bachelor thesis is to examine the cosmetic surgery phenomenon from the sociological point of view. Social conditions under which cosmetic surgery are carried out in such quantity and popularity are defined and explored. Paper also contains a summary of patients' opinions about cosmetic surgery and explains the way they think of the role of beauty in their lives. The attention is focused on motives by which are patients of cosmetic surgery led to undergone such intervetion to human body as the cosmetic surgery. Paper aims to propose a rational explanation of what leads them to a cosmetic surgery even though there is a high risk of health damage and an unclear result. The first part deals with the new economy, consumerism and celebrity culture as the main factors, claimed by the literature, that influence decisions about undergoing cosmetic surgery. Normative function of beauty in modern everyday life is also scrutinized. The second part consists of the results of qualitative research, which is based on an analysis of interviews with patients who underwent cosmetic surgery in order to increase their attractiveness. Subsequently...
Education to Anorexia? Women suffering from eating disorders narrate about their Family environment - qualitative research
Biskupová, Kateřina ; Sloboda, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Svobodová, Marta (referee)
This thesis describes the relation between eating disorders and the patients' or their relatives' interpretation of family environment. The author aims to reveal differences in the educational philosophy applied in the upbringing of patients with mental anorexia or mental bulimia. First of all the terms "family environment" and "educational style" are defined using the Lewin typology. It is based on the assumption that mental anorexia is aligned with strict education causing strict behaviour when being on diet while mental bulimia is associated with less strict education reflecting itself in an imperfect compliance with the diet plan. The theoretical part of this bachelor thesis summarizes current knowledge of eating disorders with focus on social factors and family. The practical part is based on the author's own qualitative research based on an analysis of twenty narrative interviews with the patients, their mothers and one stepfather. The research takes into account the parents' professions, focus on the body, sporting nature of the families, the applied educational style, the ideal upbringing idea in relation to the applied one, it also deals with what helps the ill, and there is also focus on siblingship, divorces and intergenerational relations. The research done within the framework of this...
Czech singles Lifestyle with Focus on Eating
Vondrášová, Kateřina ; Remr, Jiří (advisor) ; Svobodová, Marta (referee)
Czech Singles Lifestyle with Focus on Eating Kateřina Vondrášová Abstract Thesis deals with the issue of singles lifestyle with particular regard to food and eating. The phenomenon of gender free attitude towards series of activities in the life of singles (in other words the standpoint on the social world and practices that occur in it independently on one's sex/gender) was identified through in-depth semi structural interviews with people, who rank themselves among singles. It appears mainly in the area of relationships with friends, in the sphere of intimate (sexual) relationships, in the area of household keeping and, last but not least, in the attitude towards the food preparation, cooking and eating generally. This phenomenon is tightly related to the phenomenon of self-opening, in other words crossing the border of the private sphere of household and the entrance into the public space not just in the spatial sense but also in the social sense. Singles contribute to the social life and solidarity of society thanks to their everyday strategies - it is an opposite trend than the one which is associated with singles stereotypically. The result of the grounded theory application, which also includes the determination of schema explaining singlehood phenomenon, was the discovery of a distinctive phenomena...
The importance of hair for people with alopecia: A sociological study of two groups affected by hair loss
Brožová, Tereza ; Hájek, Martin (advisor) ; Svobodová, Marta (referee)
This thesis deals with the hair loss from the sociological perspective. Hair is significant part of the body, visible at first glance and therefore it is important for individual's sense of a self and identity. Hair is important also in the context of culture - hairstyles can take symbolic meanings, such as expression of gender stereotypes, protest or membership in various groups. Hair loss brings various implications on one's self- esteem and interactions. My work builds on the previous knowledge in this field and through qualitative research illustrates the consequences of hair loss for women with chemotherapy-included alopecia and for men losing hair due to androgenic alopecia. These quite different groups attribute various meanings to their hair and hair loss, nevertheless for various reasons both of them considered hair loss to be mainly negative or even stigmatizing phenomenon and they choose different ways to cope with the hair loss with dignity, from wearing a wig to shaving the remaining hair.
Role of Intimacy and Love in Sect and in Minor Churches
Neubauerová, Eva ; Kotík, Michal (advisor) ; Svobodová, Marta (referee)
This thesis is an attempt to extend the sociological discussion of a new perspective on the study of sects and minority churches. Within the theoretical background of the work a basic emphasis is given to defining the problem of sect, minority churches, ritual, intimacy and love in their conceptual and classificatory framework without subjective interpretation of the author. This thesis goes out from basic sociological concepts of each term. The main assumption of the thesis is the hypothesis that sects and minority churches can been somehow classified and typologized according to the ways how do they cooperate with intimacy and love in their rituals. The aim of this final thesis is to create this typology based for one thing on comparison of family life from major society with family life from examined groups and for other thing based on analysis of their rituals. The thesis is oriented only on groups derived from Christianity. The conclusion summarizes not only the results of the comparison and analysis of rituals, but also its limits.
The intimate relations in ancient Greece and Rome and in the contemporary czech society
Špetlíková, Denisa ; Svobodová, Marta (advisor) ; Kotík, Michal (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the Greek (mainly Athenian) and Roman institutions of marriage, prostitution and homosexuality in ancient times, which analyzes in depth in the first part. It shows standards which the ancient society recognizes in these relationships and shows the boundaries of normalcy. It discovers the conditions under which the institutions evolved and what had an impact on their development or shows why the institutions and their individual aspects are beginning to decline. The second part discusses the same institutions in contemporary Czech society, especially through sociological surveys from the years 2000- 2011. It shows what specific differences exist here and what opinions have the contemporary society on them. It justifies and explains how and why the differences occurred and what are their significances. The thesis outlines too, how could possible future developments of some aspects of the institutions look like.
Self-presentation through appearance
Smoljaková, Natálie ; Holeček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Svobodová, Marta (referee)
This thesis is trying to answer two questions. The first one is: "To what extent is it possible to present the idea of ourselves with such elements as the way we dress, our posture, face expressions and general appearance?". It is trying to examine to what extent and in which attributes we can find agreement or disagreement among all respondents and to what extent is this compatible with with the self-view of those judged one. Second part of this thesis was to try to explore if there is any agreement in what is being perceived as sign vehicles and if these sign vehicles are perceived in the same way and if there are some differences in perceiving these sign vehicles, how and why is it happening and what is connecting these components or individuals.
Books ve have to know and how we have to know them
Čepelová, Hedvika ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Svobodová, Marta (referee)
The thesis explains the "books we have to know" using terms and theoretical views of Pierre Bourdieu. It concentrates on "books we have to know" according to studying and study field. It analyzes the conditions of higher education as a field, the role of "books to be known" within it. It explains how these books are set up and how to treat them, and also how this all reciprocal links. It describes the importance of these books outside the academic field and setting up them by the public oppinion and specific kontext. The explanation involves describing factors which determinates "how" subject "decides" to "know" these books. The empirical basis of these work correspond to the contemporary conditions of higher education in Czech Republic usnig laws, analyzes and research reports, strategies and policy papers to its descripton.
Ritual Purity and Impurity among the Gypsies
Krčková, Anna ; Řezáčová, Vendula (advisor) ; Svobodová, Marta (referee)
In this thesis author deals with theme of the ritual purity and impurity among the Gypsies. Concept of ritual purity and impurity brought to anthropology Mary Douglas. Her approach became important tool to research Gypsy groups. Ritual impurity represents specific irrational quality, which influences social status of the individual or group and social relationships. It creates fundamental border between Gypsies and non-Gypsies and inter-communal hierarchy. Ritual im/purity these borders define clearly, but Gypsies cross and shift them. Within the families, this concept maintains inequality between men and women. Following chapter shows examples that go against mainstream interpretation of im/purity. Ritual purity is being kept by three instruments - Gypsy court, social control and fear of dead souls. Finally author compares Douglas's theory with concrete concept of purity and impurity among Gypsies.

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