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Support for small and medium sized enterprises in the Czech Republic from national programs and EU funds
Kracík, Martin ; Pevná, Jana (advisor) ; Krtička, Miroslav (referee)
The essence of the first part of this work (chapters 1, 2 and 3) lies in the brief introduction to the support for small and medium sized enterprises. After that follows presentation of key institutions (ministries, agencies, etc.) helpful during the process of obtaining support from national programmes. Except of basic services performed by given institutions, useful web links are also included. In the same way, particular European support programmes are presented. In the framework of second part (chapters 4, 5 and 6), backward bases are exemplified on the practical example of the company Strojírny Podzimek, Ltd. and their experiences. That case shows, what does the making use of the national support programmes mean practically. Likewise, business support from EU funds is described, namely on the case of company Frýdlantské strojírny Rasl a syn, Inc. Third part of this thesis (chapters 7 and 8) is making us familiar with resuming statistics about the amount of subsidies drawn from national programmes and from the EU funds. In both cases, brief forecasts of future development and approximate amounts of unused funds are stated.
Model Solutions to Energy Supply Local Transportation and Alternative Sources of Transportation
Krtička, Miroslav ; Pirožek, Petr (advisor) ; Mareš, Milan (referee) ; Žufan, Pavel (referee)
The Thesis are focused on the area of strategic management using the strategies selection and decision making processes, based on the Game Theory apparatus. The analyses of local energy sources potential and possible use in local transportation are the basis of the Thesis. The problems of energy maintenance and efficient utilisation have not decreasing its importance even in the situation of technology & technical improvements; there are no universally-suitable processes found in this area. One of the approaches should be in the philosophy of maximising the utilisation of local resources to minimise the expenses of the transportation of the energies itself. The Thesis are focused on the increased efficiency of local energy-resources utilisation combined with continuously increasing energy demands in the area of transportation area. The Target is to construct model, having proportionally characterised the suitable strategies to the decision -- making in the areas of local energies production and/or their utilisation in the area of the local transportation demand saturation. The Game Theory approaches creating the basis for the different interested groups; it allows to compare the advantages of different options / strategies of the progress, having respected counter-strategies of the other parties of the conflict situation. The recommendation of the most advantageous strategies for the individual interested groups of the conflict (transport companies, potential producers of energies from local resources, society) is the result of the process. The construction of the model, having the ability to compare the merits of different options -- related to the energies-utilisation (strategies) is the contribution of the thesis. There is specific approach given to allow finding the results suitable for both interested parties of the conflict situation (producers of the organic matter for the energy production, potential energy producers, local transporting companies). All the results are based mainly on the verified statistic data sources. Resulting model allow good and transparent comparison of different strategies of the different interested groups related to the energy resources. The results could work not only in the area of theoretical calculations, but also companies and interested parties strategies recommendations to their own decision-making processes.

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