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Inclusion and integration of children with hearing impairment in mainstream primary schools - developments the situation in the Czech Republic in the last 30 years
Jungová, Veronika ; Hudáková, Andrea (advisor) ; Okrouhlíková, Lenka (referee)
(in English) The bachelor thesis consits of a theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part development of school integration and inclusion in the Czech Republic during the last thirty years based on academic literature and legislation is described. It focuses on children with hearing impairment. It also includes a short description of a situation abroad and a comparison between the Czech Republic and Sweden. In the practical part development of school integration and inclusion based on interviews with people of different age who have hearing impairment and their own experience with integration and inclusion at a common elementary school is researched.
Leisure and interest activities pupils from school for hearing impaired pupils
Kutilová, Ludmila ; Komorná, Marie (advisor) ; Hudáková, Andrea (referee)
In its theoretical part this bachelor thesis deals with the definition of leisure time and presents the most prestigious leisure institutions and organizations in the Czech Republic. It especially focuses on the specifics of leisure time of hearing-impaired children and youth. It briefly describes the range of leisure activities that are available at schools and hearing loss organization in several cities. In the practical part the questionnaire and survey data are analysed. Attention has also been paid to the difference between leisure time of surveyed boarding and non-boarding pupils.
The joint effect of several teachers in one class: issues, objectives, competencies
Vybíralová, Marie ; Hudáková, Andrea (advisor) ; Okrouhlíková, Lenka (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the cooperation of two or more pedagogues while teaching. Its aim is to describe widely in what circumstances in Czech Republic, it is possible to meet more teachers in one class, when and why this type of cooperation started being used and what models of cooperation are possible to use so the teaching is as effective as possible. The issue is viewed with regard to educating students with a hearing disability however the cooperation of two and more pedagogues while teaching other students, i.e. particularly students educated in a bilingual environment and students with special educational needs, is used as well. One part of the thesis is a fieldwork where is the cooperation of several pedagogues observed, by observation and conversation in different school environments and conditions.
Finger alphabets and their application in education in schools for hearing impaired children
Zdrubecká, Anna ; Komorná, Marie (advisor) ; Hudáková, Andrea (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with finger alphabets and their usage in the education of children with hearing impairment.The theoretical part is made up of three chapters, where the author describes the particular types of finger alphabets (one-handed, two-handed) and their form, outlines their historical progress in the areas of the Czech republic and in the global scale, when introducing examples of their use. The thesis includes a practical part, where the author tries to gather information by interviewing teachers from schools for hearing impaired regarding their preferences in relation to the utilization of the finger alphabets. Keywords Finger alphabet (one-handed, two-handed); hearing impairment; schools for hearing impaired; education of children with hearing impairment.
On semantic paraphasias
Žihlová, Lenka ; Stehlíková, Olga (advisor) ; Hudáková, Andrea (referee)
The bachelor's thesis On semantic paraphasia summarizes available interdisciplinary literature which deals with semantic parphasias and lexical semantics in general. It describes the lexical-semantic system and its possible neuronal errors by special populations. The thesis is focused on lexical substitutions and especially on semantic paraphasias produced by people suffering from aphasia. It describes possibilities of diagnostics and therapy of lexical-semantic errors by aphasic patients. It mentions examples of semantic paraphasias produced by czech aphasic patients. This thesis presents examples of semantic errors produced by Czech aphasic patients. Klíčová slova aphasia, paraphasia, lexical semantics, neurolinguistics
Verbs in Czech textbooks for the Deaf
Horáková, Kateřina ; Hudáková, Andrea (advisor) ; Macurová, Alena (referee)
The textbooks for Czech deaf people and textbooks for hearing foreigners is the subject of this thesis. The thesis focuses on the interpretation of verbs in them. The whole issue is framed within the broader framework of methods and procedures used in the education of deaf students. The first part deals with the problems of teaching Czech deaf people from the Czech Republic, especially teaching Czech as a second / foreign language. Attention is paid to methods of teaching foreign languages. The thesis is devoted to verbs in Czech language and Czech sign language, their functional and structural differences. The second part is a compilation of available textbooks of Czech language for deaf students, and textbooks of Czech language for hearing foreigners. It is directed mainly to the interpretation of verbs. The third part offers interviews with teachers from primary schools for the hearing impaired. The interviews are focused on their approach to teaching Czech in general, used textbooks, and the difficulties associated with teaching verbs. The conclusion of the thesis provides a summary of the general features of textbooks of Czech language for the deaf and textbooks of Czech language for hearing foreigners, especially their conception of the interpretation of verbs. Excerpted material is expressly...
Visual components of textbooks of Czech for foreigners - analysis and evaluation
Hladíková, Helena ; Šebesta, Karel (advisor) ; Hudáková, Andrea (referee)
This thesis is devoted to the visual components of textbooks of Czech for foreigners. The five selected textbooks are investigated incidence of certain types of visual components, their position in the textbooks and the frequency of occurrence of these types. The aim of this work is to determine what specific visual aids in textbooks Czech for foreigners appear and whether they are used functionally or not, and give an idea of the form of the visual component of textbooks Czech for foreigners. The questionnaire, which was attended by teachers of Czech as a foreign language, should contribute to this outline. Their task was to evaluate the visual amenities of textbooks Czech for foreigners who are most frequently used in teaching. The first chapter is devoted to the textbook as a didactic resource function including textbooks in foreign language teaching and research textbooks at home and abroad. Attention is focused on the design concept of visual means to learning from visual material and finally the creation of categorical systems under which they were selected textbooks analyzed. The theoretical part is followed by a presentation of the results of the analysis of the textbooks of Czech for foreigners with an emphasis on functionality and frequency occurring visual components. In the last chapter...
The Communication of Teachers in the Secondary Schools for Hearing impaired in Czech Republic
Pánek, Petr ; Hudáková, Andrea (advisor) ; Zbořilová, Radka (referee)
This diploma thesis deals, in a broader sense, with classroom interaction betwen students and history teachers at secondary schools for hearing impaired in the Czech Republic. In a narrower sense, it examines a pattern of teacher's language behaviour and his/her motivation when choosing relevant language means during his/her history classes. The work consists of two parts - theoretical specialized background, and practical research. The theoretical part gives an overview of the relevant specialized terminology used in the Czech Republic and abroad, as well as a short insight into the development of classroom interaction between a student and a teacher at special schools and pays attention to the developmental linguo-didactic aspects in the Czech schools for hearing impaired. The practical part uses qualitative research as a means of a research method. I have observed and filmed history classes at three secondary schools for hearing impaired. As my research interests laid within the above mentioned research technique, I did not assess teaching methodology of the teachers. I focused mainly on the form of teacher's communication. Apart from class observation and filming, I also carried out an after-class interview with each teacher about his/her motivation for the choice of language behaviour. Special...
Adaptation of Czech Language Leaving Examination for the Deaf in Light Testing Czech Language as a Foreign Language
Andrejsek, Jan ; Hudáková, Andrea (advisor) ; Macurová, Alena (referee)
This diploma work focuses on Adaptation of Czech Language Leaving Examination for the Deaf, which deaf student in Czech republic pass as a part of the their Leaving Examination. As a background of this main theme examines also present situation in the research of reading literacy. In the main part of this work is this examination presented in detail and there are also presented the results of deaf students and some other statisticts information. Examples of test units and student's written works are attached too. The other part of this work describes examinations of Czech language as a foreign language and give some detail information about the most important exams. In conclusion, the author of this work is trying to explore the way how the deaf students language skills in other countries are examined in their Leaving Examination.
Plošné testování jazykových dovedností žáků se sluchovým postižením
Chmátalová, Zuzana ; Saicová Římalová, Lucie (advisor) ; Hudáková, Andrea (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with national assessment of language abilities of hearing impaired pupils at the ends of the primary and lower secondary schools. Based on the definition of the characteristics of the national assessment, the diploma thesis also focuses on an overview of currently used language tests, both at international level as well as it gives information about the practice in selected foreign education systems. Special attention is devoted to information that deal with the assessment of language abilities in the Czech Republic, and the form of participation of pupils with hearing impairement in such testing . The practical part is done by a research which was done to find out the views of those involved in the education of pupils with hearing disorders just the current assessment practice language skills of the pupils. In the final part of my diploma thesis is a possible outline for innovations for testing related to information from the preceding parts of my diploma thesis.

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