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Assessment of species composition and abundance of macrozoobenthos and fish in Litochovický, Radejčínský, Záhořský and Žimský brooks
Matěna, Josef ; Blabolil, Petr ; Peterka, Jiří
The aim of the study was to investigate macrozoobenthos and fish community composition and abundance in Litochovický, Radejčínský, Záhořský and Žimský brooks prior the D8 highway is set in operation, so that future evaluation of the effect of highway maintenance on the above mentioned brook communities would be possible.
Final report on ichthyologic work under the project C. J1620240 in 2016.
Kubečka, Jan ; Matěna, Josef ; Čech, Martin ; Blabolil, Petr
Young-of-the-year pike fry was stocked artificially along the left bank of the reservoir Švihov in May 2016. In July 2016 fingerlings inhabited mostly the shallowest littoral. Densities ranged from 1 to 2 pc 100m coast in the dam part into 7-8 pieces per 100 m of the coast in the middle part. Sampling pike fingerlings in the littoral zone has a high efficiency (estimate 84%). Any other observations (installing traps, scuba diving, sampling electrode farther from shore) show that pike fry did not occur at greater depths than most shallow littoral to about half a meter. The densities of fry at the right and left bank of the reservoir apparently did not differ. Even very small pike are probably able to swim across the large reservoir. Of the 81 individuals of pike fry with food 77.8% had a fish prey, and 17.3% had insect larvae in the gut.
Ichthyological surveys of the Nýrsko and Karhov reservoirs and investigations of abundance, age composition and spawning dynamics of asp population in the Želivka Reservoir in 2015.
Vašek, Mojmír ; Soukalová, Kateřina ; Kočvara, Luboš ; Blabolil, Petr ; Baran, Roman ; Frouzová, Jaroslava ; Koliada, Ievgen ; Muška, Milan ; Šmejkal, Marek ; Draštík, Vladislav ; Kolařík, T. ; Prachař, Zdeněk ; Sajdlová, Zuzana ; Vebrová, L. ; Vejřík, Lukáš ; Kubečka, Jan
The species composition and the relative abundance and biomass of fish communities in the Nýrsko and Karhov reservoirs were evaluated by means of standardised multimesh gillnets. The spawning stock of asp in the Želivka Reservoir was individually marked using PIT tags and the density and behaviour of tagged fish at the main spawning grounds were examined through the whole spawning season. The total number of reproducing individuals in the asp population was estimated. The sex-specific length and weight growth rates of adult asp in the Želivka Reservoir were also calculated. \n\n
The report on mapping of spined loach occurrence in national nature area Bohdanečský pond, quarry Hostěradice and selected nearby localities.
Blabolil, Petr ; Muška, Milan ; Bartoň, Daniel ; Kočvara, Luboš ; Matěna, Josef ; Soukalová, Kateřina ; Vejříková, Ivana
The aim of the ichthyological survey was to assess the status of spined loach (Cobitis elongatoides) in two distinct populations together with description of the environment.\n\n
The report on the asp and spined loach populations’ status in SCI – valley reservoirs.
Blabolil, Petr ; Šmejkal, Marek ; Bartoň, Daniel ; Baran, Roman ; Draštík, Vladislav ; Jůza, Tomáš ; Kočvara, Luboš ; Koliada, Ievgen ; Kolařík, T. ; Matějíčková, Ivana ; Prachař, Zdeněk ; Sajdlová, Zuzana ; Soukalová, Kateřina ; Vebrová, Lucie ; Vejřík, Lukáš ; Kubečka, Jan
The aim of the ichthyological survey was to assess the status of reproductively active population of asp (Leuciscus aspius) in the SCI (site of community importance) Želivka (Švihov Reservoir) and spined loach (Cobitis elongatoides) in the SCI Nová Říše (Nová Říše Reservoir).
A new tool for improvement the quality of water ecosystems
Blabolil, Petr ; Říha, Milan ; Peterka, Jiří ; Prchalová, Marie ; Vašek, Mojmír ; Frouzová, Jaroslava ; Jůza, Tomáš ; Muška, Milan ; Tušer, Michal ; Draštík, Vladislav ; Ricard, Daniel ; Sajdlová, Zuzana ; Šmejkal, Marek ; Vejřík, Lukáš ; Matěna, Josef ; Borovec, Jakub ; Kubečka, Jan
The Czech multimetric fish based index (CZ-FBI) was developed recently. The aim of CZ-FBI is to assess the ecological potential of heavily modified and artificial water bodies and to detect ecosystems, particularly their specific components, in unsatisfactory conditions. This article describes steps of CZ-FBI development. Since the philosophy used, particular events presenting the results, to recent stage. CZ-FBI is a part of certified methodology of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic and the comparison with other assessment methodologies within a geographical intercalibration group is in process.
Ichthyological survey of fish communities of Láz, Pilská and Obecnice reservoirs in 2014.
Muška, Milan ; Vašek, Mojmír ; Blabolil, Petr ; Kočvara, Luboš ; Soukalová, Kateřina
The aim of the complex ichthyological survey of Láz, Pilská and Obecnice reservoirs in 2014 was the description of fish community composition and succession with the emphasis put on the abundance and biomass estimates of single species.
Methodology for assessing ecological potential of heavily modified and artificial water bodies
Borovec, Jakub ; Hejzlar, Josef ; Znachor, Petr ; Nedoma, Jiří ; Čtvrtlíková, Martina ; Blabolil, Petr ; Říha, Milan ; Kubečka, Jan ; Ricard, Daniel ; Matěna, Josef
Methodology for the assessment of the ecological potential of heavily modified and artificial water bodies was developed, including water body typology. The selection of indicator metrics was based on statistical analyses of the sensitivity of each of the indicators towards the most significant stressor – eutrophication. According to these results, biological communities and their indicators were selected to comply with the requirements set forth in the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC).
Hydrobiological monitoring of Medard lake in 2011
Kubečka, Jan ; Blabolil, Petr ; Borovec, Jakub ; Čech, Martin ; Draštík, Vladislav ; Hejzlar, Josef ; Nedoma, Jiří ; Peterka, Jiří ; Prachař, Zdeněk ; Rychtecký, Pavel ; Seďa, Jaromír ; Vejřík, Lukáš ; Znachor, Petr
The report summarizes results of research on limnological components of lake Medard (former opencast mine Medard-Libík) achieved in 2011, and suggests recommendations for further monitoring of the lake.

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