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The Business Plan for the Development of an Enterpreneurship
Tesařová, Hana ; Mráček, Pavel (referee) ; Mucha, Martin (advisor)
The bachelor´s thesis deals with the development of an entrepreneurship in the production of furniture. Focus on analysis of the external and internal environs of enterprise and on the basis these analysis determine strategic goals for future business development.
Structural and Mechanical Characteristics of Nickel-Alloyed Ductile Cast Iron
Tesařová, Hana ; Kohout, Jan (referee) ; Kruml, Tomáš (referee) ; Konečná,, Radka (referee) ; Pacal, Bohumil (advisor)
The aim of this dissertation work is the evaluation of the influence of nickel alloying on the structure and mechanical properties, both monotonic and dynamic, of nodular cast iron with ferritic and bainitic matrix. Two chock melts with 0.5 and 2.7 % Ni were used to study the nickel influence. The quantitative evaluation of structure of these melts using image analysis was done and basic tensile mechanical properties were determined. Subsequently, the time optimization of two-stage ferritic annealing and isothermal austempered heat treatment at 375 °C was performed with the aim to obtain optimal ferritic and bainitic structures with best static and dynamic mechanical properties. After ferritic annealing the nickel alloying contributes to substitution hardening of ferritic matrix which positively affects its strength and other mechanical properties. The higher nickel content in the bainitic structure causes the shift of phase transformation times to longer times which results in restricted production of small carbides and in bigger volume of retained austenite. These features were confirmed by observation in transmission electron microscope. Precise tensile and low cycle fatigue tests at temperatures 23 and – 45 °C were performed on the optimized structures of both nodular cast irons. As a result of the notch effect of graphite nodules, microplastic deformation of both nodular cast irons was observed at stresses which were lower than the yield stress. The Hollomon's equation very well describes the individual parts of tensile curves for both nodular cast irons including their mutual comparison. From the low cycle fatigue tests, the cyclic hardening/softening curves, the evolution of elastic modulus and hysteresis loop shape parameters, cyclic stress-strain curves and fatigue life curves were obtained for both temperatures and materials. Moreover, the decrease of retained austenite volume was measured by neutron diffraction and the evolution of surface relief was characterized during cyclic straining for both austempered nodular cast irons at both temperatures. On the basis of these results both cyclic plasticity and fatigue degradation mechanisms in relation to the cyclic strain localization were described for both nodular cast irons.
Receivables Management in the Business Corporation
Kolářová, Alena ; Tesařová, Hana (referee) ; Fedorová, Anna (advisor)
The thesis has been involved in the receivables management in a selected business corporation, namely management of trade account receivables. Measures, the application of which should improve the situation in the selected company, are proposed with regard to the development and status of receivables at the reporting period.
Taxation of Incomes from Royalties
Tesařová, Hana ; Ryšavý, Martin (referee) ; Brychta, Karel (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue taxation of royalties. The thesis describes the legislation that is affecting the taxation of royalties. These are the international, union and internal legislation which are mutually compared with each other. In proposed methodology is presented the application process of the relevant legislation. Subsequently are solved the practical examples that deal with the issue taxation of resident and non-resident of the Czech Republic with revenues from royalties.
Effect of Nickel on Mechanical Properties of the ADI
Křemen, Jan ; Pacal, Bohumil (referee) ; Tesařová, Hana (advisor)
This bachelorś thesis inquire into influence nickel on mechanica properties ADI. Deal with also microstructure, owing to structural constituens and time isothermal dwell on mechanical properties ADI.
In vitro determination of antimicrobial, antioxidative and antiphlogistic aktivity of quinones from seeds of Nigella sativa
Kokoška, L. ; Maršík, Petr ; Landa, Přemysl ; Tesařová, H. ; Svobodová, B. ; Halamová, K. ; Flesar, J. ; Přibylová, Marie
The in vitro anti-yeast, antioxidant, and anti-inf1ammatory activities ofblack cumin (Nigella sativa) seed quinones, namely dithymoquinone (DTQ), thymohydroquinone (THQ), and thymoquinone (TQ), were evaluated in frame of this work. The results showed that THQ and TQ possessed significant anti-yeast activity and affected the growth of aH strains tested at two pH levels with minimum inhibitory concentrations ranging from 8 to 128 !lg/ml. The best scavenging activity was produced by THQ, which showed a remarkable activity of 2.60 Trolox equivalents (TE) in a concentration range between 1.6 and 6.4 !lg/mL and lCso value of 2.4 !lg/mL in ORAC and DPPH assays, respectively. Contrastingly, TQ possessed only weak DPPH scavenging efficacy (ICso = 170 !lg/mL) but significant antioxidative action of 1.91 TE in ORAC assay. In anti-inf1ammatory assay, THQ and TQ possessed significant inhibitory activity against COX-l and -2 at the concentrations comparable with indomethacin. The data presented in this work suggest that THQ and TQ are biologically effective agents with potential for application in food or phalmaceutical industries.
Petrenec, M. ; Tesařová, H. ; Krahula, Karel ; Polák, Jaroslav
In-situ SEM tensile tests at room temperature have been performed on flat specimen of advanced austempered ductile cast iron (ADI) alloyed with nickel with the aim to study elastic-plastic behavior together with the nucleation and growth of cracks. During tensile loading the systematic observation of selected locations was studied. The in-situ observation was used to elucidate the tensile curves in agreement with the deformation mechanisms. In the early stage of loading the stress-strain response is elastic. After exceeding elastic limit decohesion of graphite nodules from the matrix was observed. It can be related to the departure of the tensile curve from the elastic behavior. The cracks initiated preferably from interface of graphite nodule and the ausferrite matrix. Elastic-plastic region is connected with the plastic deformation of the matrix and growth and linking of short cracks.
Nízkocyklová únava tvárné litiny s 2,8 % niklu
Tesařová, H. ; Petrenec, Martin ; Pacal, B. ; Musilová, I.
Cast ductile iron with the ferritic matrix alloying with 2.8% Ni was subjected to cycling with constant strain amplitudes and the cyclic stress-strain response and fatigue life were studied experimentally. The original microstructure is documented using light microscope. Fracture surface was studied using scanning electron microscopy. Manson-Coffin and Basquin laws can reasonably approximate the fatigue life data. Fatigue crack initiation from shrinkage cavity is documented.
Low cycle fatigue of ferritic ductile cast iron with alloying nickel
Tesařová, H. ; Petrenec, Martin ; Pacal, B.
Total strain controlled tests have been performed on cylindrical specimens of ductile cast iron with aim to assess of the fatigue resistance. Cyclic hardening, cyclic stress-strain and fatigue life curves were obtained. The microstructure is documented using light microscope. Fracture surface was studied using scanning electron microscopy. Manson-Coffin and Basquin laws can reasonably approximate the fatigue life data. Fatigue crack initiation close to the surface is documented.

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