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A one-parametric formula relating the frequencies of twin-peak quasi-periodic oscillations
Török, G. ; Goluchová, K. ; Šrámková, J. ; Horák, Jiří ; Bakala, P. ; Urbanec, M.
Timing analysis of X-ray flux in more than a dozen low-mass X-ray binary systems containing a neutron star reveals remarkable correlations between frequencies of two characteristic peaks present in the power-density spectra. We find a simple analytic relation that well reproduces all these individual correlations. We link this relation to a physical model which involves accretion rate modulation caused by an oscillating torus.
Epicyclic oscillations of thick relativistic disks
Horák, Jiří ; Straub, O. ; Šrámková, E. ; Goluchová, K. ; Török, G.
We study epicyclic oscillations of thick relativistic tori with constant specific angular momentum distribution using the finite element numerical method. We have compared frequencies of the axisymmetric and non-axisymmetric modes with the analytic formulae obtained by Straub and Šrámková (2009) and Fragile et al. (2016). We have found excellent agreement in the case of axisymmetric radial epicyclic modes. In the case of the axisymmetric vertical epicyclic modes and non-axisymmetric modes in general, the analytic approximation agrees with numerical results only for tori of moderate thicknesses. Our analysis also revealed an instability of the thick constant angular momentum tori with respect to the radial epicyclic oscillation.
Wave excitation at Lindblad resonances using the method of multiple scales
Horák, Jiří
In this note, the method of multiple scales is adopted to the problem of excitation of non–axisymmetric acoustic waves in vertically integrated disk by tidal gravitational fields. We derive a formula describing a waveform of exited wave that is uniformly valid in a whole disk as long as only a single Lindblad resonance is present. Our formalism is subsequently applied to two classical problems: trapped p–mode oscillations in relativistic accretion disks and the excitation of waves in infinite disk.

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