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Environmental aspects of the Olympic Games
Pechman, Václav ; Waic, Marek (advisor) ; Štědroň, Bohumír (referee)
Title: The Environmental aspects of the Olympic Games Objectives: The main aim of this thesis is to explore the importace of environment within the Olympic Games. The organizational solutions summary defines the formal requirements, the real efficiency of this effort is tracked and crucial factors that influence current situation are identified. Methods: The qualitative research was based on the strategic documents content analysis. These findings are enriched by controlled interviews with members of Czech Olympic Movement. Results: The results clarify the background of environmental activities related to the Olympic Games procedures. Theoretical approach is interlinked with real outcomes which indicate to what extend is this issue taken into consideration at the sport event. Keywords: Qualitative research, environment, International Olympic C
Sokol Through the Ages
Kašpar, Adam ; Waic, Marek (advisor) ; Kolář, František (referee)
Title: The Sokol Through the Ages Objectives: The two main goals of the thesis are to summarize the history of the Česká obec sokolská (COS - Sokol) from its foundation to its dissolution in 1948 and briefly describe the development of the COS after 1989. The first aim of the work focuses on the structure development of the Sokol organization, the development of the membership base, the Sokol festivals, the contribution of the COS to physical education and sports, and how various historical events influenced the COS itself. The second aim is to sum up the notes from the Sokol conventions and concentrate on the convention resolutions. Methods: The historical research was carried out by the following methods: direct, indirect, inductive, deductive, diachronic, synchronous, progressive, retrospective and biographical one. Results: The bachelor thesis is the attempt to create the comprehensive and objective history summary of the ČOS from its foundation to present. The studied theme is very broad and each of the chapters could be more detailed and supplemented with a lot of information which would make the length of the text much longer. Keywords: Foundation of the Sokol, development of the Sokol organization, the Sokol after World War II, the Sokol since 90s of the 20th century to present
The relation between the visitors of football matches and the club FK Dukla Praha
Kaprálková, Michaela ; Waic, Marek (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: The relation between the visitors of football matches and club FK Dukla Praha. Objectives: The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to find out, what influences the relation of the visitors of the football matches FK Dukla Praha to the football club. After that,there will be formulated a recommendatiton in this thesis, what kind of desirable steps should be done by the management of the club to pursuit the expectations of the visitors,watchers and fans, or if it should directly change some of the intentions, that should be related to the historical and social aspects. Methods: There is firstly done a research of the secondary data in this work. Then there are used as well kvantitative and kvalitative methods to gain primary data. To be concrete - those are semistructured interviews and kvantitative research. Results: The results of this work shows that the asked respondents, and mainly the generation Y, mostly don't have a relation to the club. Concurrently, there was found out,that the vision of the club is unclear and the influencing of the visitors is inhomogeneous. The problem of unclear concept is simultaneously found in case of fanclub of FK Dukla Praha. The recommendation to the leadership is to start a unite vision and main motto, what wouldn't be taken as a legacy to the past. There...
History and the present of women football in the Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia)
Dědinová, Aneta ; Slepičková, Irena (advisor) ; Waic, Marek (referee)
Title of bachelor thesis: History and the present of organized woman's football in the Czech Republic/ Czechoslovakia Processed by: Aneta Dědinová Head of Bachelor Thesis: Doc. PhDr. Irena Slepičková, CSc. Aims of the work: Mapping the development and the current form of fiale football in the Czech Republic (hereinafter only the Czech Republic) in clubs and on a global scale. To find out how the situation in female football is perceived by representatives of local clubs and people working in this sector at the FAČR. Work methodology: To achieve the goals of the bachelor's thesis, a method of controlled interview were used, in which respondents answered 10 pre-processed questions. The questions were specifically designed for this research. Three coaches of different age categories and performance groups, 2 manageres from the clubs of the Prague "S" and a member of the UEFA Women's Football Commission have submitted the survey. Results of the thesis: Based on the bachelor thesis interview, I found out that woman's football in the Czech Republic is increasing popularity a lot. The membership base is growing every day, which confirms that woman's football is the most developing sport in the world. The financial budget for woman's football has increased, but all respondents agree that the funds in this...
National YMCA groups in Czechoslovakia and Poland - their establishment and successful development of physical culture during the periond from 1918 to 1939
Tlustý, Tomáš ; Waic, Marek (advisor) ; Kašpar, Ladislav (referee) ; Bobrík, Miroslav (referee)
The dissertation looks at the history of one physical education organisation which was of great significance to the development of physical culture in inter-war Czechoslovakia and Poland, despite this not being its only activity. The YMCA came into being in England but it particularly flourished in the United States of America. During the First World War, Czechoslovak and Polish soldiers were given a taste of their activity, being accompanied home by members of this in- ternational association after the war had ended. Following requests from military and political leaders of the time, the American YMCA sent its secretaries to the newly established Czechoslovakia and renewed Poland to help establish the first local associations. It was particularly due to them that new practically unknown sports, were introduced to the region. In addition, in both Czechoslovakia and Poland, the YMCA also took responsibility for having new physical education fa- cilities built, improving training methods and generally enhancing young people through sport. During the inter-war years, local YMCA groups and their mem- bers performed exceptionally well in a number of sporting disciplines and ranked among the top Czechoslovak and Polish athletes. Furthermore, the YMCA con- tributed to establishing the tradition of permanent...
The Role of Islam in Life of Active Muslim Athletes in Czechia
Pulec, Jan ; Peliš, Michal (advisor) ; Waic, Marek (referee)
Title: The Role of Islam in Life of Active Muslim Athletes in Czechia Objectives: The analysis of the relationship of Islam and sport is the main objective of this thesis. Sporting Muslims living in Czechia and active Muslim athletes are chosen as target group for our research. This thesis focuses on level of identification with Islam as their faith. It also focuses on their attitude to sport. It further deals with Muslim customs in terms of its effects on athletes' life. The proper example is the Ramadan fasting. Methods: We chose the semistructured interview as the method to collect data. We took seven interviews with Muslim athletes (four professional and three amateur athletes). We chose the method of open coding as the suitable method for analysing data. Results: We found out that the relationship of Muslim athletes (our respondents) with their faith can be characterized as folk Islam or folk religiosity. Respondents also consider sport as a fully satisfying part of their life, but it is not linked with their faith. However other Muslim practices (represented mainly by Ramadan fasting) do not show as problematic or incompatible with ordinary athletes' life. Key words: Islam, sport, Muslim athletes, Czechia
SK Jičín's Football Club History
Kocourek, Tomáš ; Kolář, František (advisor) ; Waic, Marek (referee)
Title of project: SK Jičín's Football Club History Thesis goals: The main goal of my bachelor's thesis is to capture the founding and course of development of our football club SK Jičín. I focused on history of the town Jičín in the first part of my Bachelor's thesis. In addition to this topic I depicted the development of sports in Jičín. The main part is focused on the founding of the football club SK Jičín and its course since 1998 up till present days. My work also points out the implementation of SK Jičín in the context of Czech (Czechoslovakian) football and its importance in social life in Jičín. Key words: Football, the Czech Republic, Jičín
Sport in acient Rome
Hájek, Martin ; Waic, Marek (advisor) ; Kolář, František (referee)
In this bachelor thesis, I would like to discuss physical culture and physical activity of the population of ancient Rome. Habits, hobbies and daily needs of the general population, professional athletes this time, as well as soldiers and their training. I would like to focus also on the then sports, Roman baths and their equipment, or training centers gladiator school and the army. I would like to mention also about the games at that time, the local population was in favor, rules outline the circumstances in which games are played and held. The vast majority of current knowledge about old times is obtained from archaeological excavations and finds, therefore, I would like to mention the most important and if possible, inclose them in the illustration. Finally, I would like to findings to organize and classify them appropriately within the time period of the Roman Empire. To my thesis, I would like also incorporate knowledge, acquired in my way to the city of Rome, particularly in terms of image attachments.
Emergence and development of the organized floorball form in the Czech Republic
Pechman, Václav ; Waic, Marek (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: Emergence and development of the organized floorball form in the Czech Republic Objectives: The main objective of this bachelor thesis is to analysis individual periods of floorball infiltration into the Czech Republic and to clarify the details about formalization and development of the Czech floorball union. Methods: Qualitative research gained and processed facts on the basis of document files study and interview with considerable floorball representatives. Results: The results of this thesis show that the sport's movement development was affected by many circumstances. Czech floorball federation took advantage of newly created country conditions and foreign contacts as well. Floorball's attributes provided a sufficient base of players. Passion and enthusiasm of all participants were keys of floorball success. Keywords: Qualitative questioning, interview, Czech floorball union, floorball
An outline of the development of the Czech sport financing after 1989
Benešová, Tina ; Waic, Marek (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: An outline of the development of the Czech sport financing after 1989 Objectives: The main aim of this thesis is to analyse the development of the czech sport financing from the selected resources after 1989 till the present situation and it's prospect included in The concept sports funding 2016 - 2025 SPORT 2025 Methods: The basic method used in this thesis is the method of document analysis. Fundamental documents include legislative documents, especially The Lottery Act and its updating and The Act on Promotion of Sports. Aditional resources represent analytic and comparative studies prepared by ČOV, ČUS and MŠMT conception. Another method is statistic analysis of quantitative data, in form of termporal lines, which are processed into basic charts and diagrams. Results: In recent 25 years have been significant changes in sports funding established. The turning point is considered the year 2011, when czech sport lost two stable financial resources. Primarily the company Sazka, a.s. went bankrupt, secondarily the amendment of the lottery act was accepted and has discontinued offtakes for public utility objects. Since then an optimal sports funding system is sought. State sports support shows a long-term downward trend and belongs to the lowest rank in the EU comparison. efforts to improve...

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