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Advanced Separation Methods for Liquid Mixtures
Jiřičný, Vladimír ; Vychodilová, Hana ; Wagner, Zdeněk ; Bendová, Magdalena ; Křišťál, Jiří ; Stavárek, Petr
Report summarizes the information about the advanced separation methods for selected liquid mixtures.
Hyperbranched Polyimide End-Capped with (+) or (-) – Isopinocampheylamine Used for Racemic Mixture Separation
Sysel, P. ; Vychodilová, Hana ; Červenková Šťastná, Lucie ; Žitka, Jan ; Brožová, Libuše ; Randová, A. ; Hovorka, Š. ; Izák, Pavel
In this work, the hyperbranched polyimides terminated with (+) or (-) – isopinocampheylamine were prepared and characterized. Their ability to separate of racemic mixtures of α-pinenes was also evaluated.
Selective Enantiomer Separation by Pertraction
Izák, Pavel ; Kačírková, Marie ; Vychodilová, Hana ; Červenková Šťastná, Lucie ; Žitka, Jan ; Brožová, Libuše ; Storch, Jan ; Randová, A. ; Hovorka, Š.
Membrane processes are not commonly used in enantiomer separation due to insufficiency explication of separation mechanisms and because the results of chiral membrane separation are not quite satisfying, especially in comparison with other separation technics, namely HPLC. A new method for selective separation of enantiomers by membrane processes taking advantage of ionic liquids is present. The supported chiral room temperature ionic liquid membrane is used for separation of enantiomers. Volatile enantiomers are separated by pervaporation and non-volatile enantiomers by pertraction.
Organic Vapour Sorption and Permeation in Polymer Gel Membrane Containing Imidazolium Based Ionic Liquid
Morávková, Lenka ; Vopička, O. ; Vejražka, Jiří ; Vychodilová, Hana ; Sedláková, Zuzana ; Friess, K. ; Izák, Pavel
In this work, vapour sorption and transport properties were studied for the aliphatic hydrocarbon (hexane), branched hydrocarbon (isooctane), and alcohol (ethanol) using a gravimetric sorption apparatus and a home-made laboratory-scale apparatus, respectively. The ionic liquid polymer gel membrane based on poly(vinylidene fluoride-cohexafluoropropylene) (abbreviated p(VDF-HFP)) was prepared by solvent casting from a solution in acetone. The used membrane contains 80 wt. % of the imidazolium basedionic liquid 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide ([emim][Tf2N]).
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Photochemical Degradation of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Micro Photo Reactor
Vajglová, Zuzana ; Veselý, M. ; Křišťál, Jiří ; Vychodilová, Hana ; Tříska, Jan ; Jiřičný, Vladimír
Most authors used for their studies of technical decaBDE mixture, or pure congener BDE 209. Very few studies used the technical octaBDE mixtures or pentaBDE, or congener BDE 47, which are most abundantly represented in the environment. Photodegradation of PBDE by catalysis over nanoporous TiO2 in microwave field showed very positive results. Debromination of BDE 209 after 240 minutes was very high and reached 99% (from initial value of 14 125 ng/mL). Lower brominated congeners including the tri brominated congener BDE 28 were safely determined.
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