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Construction-technological stage of the establishment of the Rescue Service Exit Station
Tkáč, Jiří ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (referee) ; Diaz, Yvetta (advisor)
The elaborated bachelor thesis deals with the technology and time sequence of works during the stage of establishing the exit station of the medical rescue service of the Pardubice Region in the street Dr. Milady Horákové, Chrudim. It consists of a drawing and a text part containing the design of the machine set, time schedule, control and test plan, technological regulations, material transport, safety and health protection at work, and item budget. The building is built in order to shorten the travel distances of medical rescue service in the district of Chrudim. It is designed as a set of two unequally high parts, the lower of which is the ground floor of the garage, preparation and storage. The higher two-storey part is intended for a quiet stay of crews. The solved stage of construction of the building includes excavation work, construction of foundation structures in the form of foundation strips and foundation walls, establishment of utility network connections, backfilling of foundation space, concreting of underlying concrete screed, and waterproofing, including its protective concrete layer.
Installation of reinforced concrete skeleton of hockey hall
Stupka, Matouš ; Venkrbec, Václav (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is the solution of implementation of the assembly stage of the reinforced concrete skeleton of the hockey hall in Kuřim. This thesis contains a technical report focusing on the skeleton assembly, the situation of the construction with broader transport relations, bill of quantities, technological regulation for skeleton assembly, construction organization solution, time schedule, machine assembly design, control and test plan, safety and health protection on construction site plan and transport of excessive and oversized loads solution. The annexes contain drawings of the passages through critical points on the route, a drawing of the construction site facilities, item budget, prefabricated supply scheme, drawings of component assembly diagrams and a graph of workers needs.
Sport hotel - realization of rough top construction
Okál, Tomáš ; Diaz, Yvetta (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
The bachelor thesis of the Sport Hotel building solves the technological stage of the implementation of the rough superstructure. It focuses on vertical load-bearing structures built of SILKA lime-sand blocks and permanent formwork DEK, monolithic reinforced concrete structures and on the roofing of the building with the help of wooden trusses. It solves individual technological procedures of the implementation of construction work, health and safety during construction work, as well as control and test plans of horizontal and vertical load-bearing structures, also includes a technical report containing information of the stage, principles of construction organization and the drawing of site equipment, traffic situation of the construction, material transport solutions , bill of quantities, time schedule of the stage, item budget of the construction stage, design of the machine set and solution of securing the workers at the height.
Bidfood warehouse - a construction technology project
Špaček, Miroslav ; Diaz, Yvetta (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
The goal of the thesis is a construction technological project of a Bidfood warehouse. Part of the work is the solution of technological regulation for drilled piles and assembly of steel skeleton, organization of the construction, construction site equipment plan, draft of the main machinery and mechanisms. Technical report, coordination layout with a description of transport options, schedule, and financial plan are also part of this thesis.
Construction technology project for a hotel in Giant Mountains
Pozler, Tomáš ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (referee) ; Venkrbec, Václav (advisor)
This diploma thesis solves processing of documents for realization of hotel construction in Špindlerův Mlýn. The work contains technical report, coordination situation, time and financial plan of construction, construction technology study, project of construction site equipment, design of construction machinery, plan of material resources, technological regulation for truss realization, plumbing and roofing, control and testing plan protection of health at work, playground project.
Construction-technological project of Ayurvedic pavilion in Počátky
Lisý, Ondřej ; Selník, Petr (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with realization of an Ayurvedic pavilion in the premises of Saint Katerina Resort. The proposed new compound is designed to extend the leisure services of the Saint Katerina Resort in Počátky. The feasibility study of the main technological stages of the project is solved in this diploma thesis. The construction of the object is described in the technical report. Both a detailed itemized budget of the construction and a detailed timetable to show the duration of each process is elaborated for the construction technology project. Futhermore, the design of site construction equipment, design of machine assembly, time deployment of machines and staff balance is elaborated. The project includes a technological regulation of the realization of the skeleton supporting frame structure and both control and test schedule. The work safety for the assembly of the wooden building supporting frame is composed.
Construction-technological project of the building in the area of Rotana
Kadlec, Michal ; Brandtner, Michal (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to process a construction-technological project of the building in the area Rotana. The aim of the thesis is to propose a suitable implementation procedure of the building. The thesis deals with the time schedule of the main object, itemized budget, major building machines and mechanisms, project of site equipment, study of the main construction phase realization, plan for securing material resources, technical report, time and financial object plan. The thesis also focused on the comparison bracing of foundation with the slopes.
Technical background of the sports complex - construction and technological project
Havlíček, Jakub ; Diaz, Yvetta (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
This diploma thesis is dealing with a construction and technological project of the backgrounds and changing rooms of the sports centre in Velké Meziříčí. An engineering report of the construction and technological project, a suggested plan of transport routes and a time and financial plan for all the building facilities are included. With a realization study of the main technological phases, a site equipment project and a suggested list of the main construction vehicles and mechanisms is being dealt in another part of the thesis. In addition to these there is a time plan of the main construction object, an itemized budget, a time deployment of machines and workers and a plan for securing all the material resources needed. An engineering report for assembling prewalls from fair-faced concrete plus a design of a systemic formwork follow. More detailed engineering report of a Spiroll ceiling panels’ assembly is part of the inspection and test plan. Last but not least, an OSH plan for installation works with a mobile crane and a noise study can also be found in this thesis.
Construction-technological project of the residential building Rezidence na Plachtě
Halík, Tomáš ; Venkrbec, Václav (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
This master thesis deals with construction technology project of the residential building Rezidence na Plachtě. This building is in Hradec Králové. A technical report is prepared for the construction project, time and financial plan of the construction, a feasibility study of the main technological phases, proposal of the main building machines and mechanisms, schedule of the main object, technological regulations for the implementation of monolithic ceilings by means of a control and test plan. The budget of the main building was prepared as part of the other assignment, calculation according to THU and an economic balance sheet for RC ceiling above the 1st floor. Finally, an assessment of critical surface temperatures was performed.
Construction-technological project of the production hall in Bystřice nad Pernštejnem
Fňukal, Radek ; Diaz, Yvetta (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
This diploma thesis is dealing with a construction-technological project of a production hall in Bystřice nad Pernštejnem. The main subject of the thesis is a technological report, a realization study of the main technological phases, a coordination situation of the construction with broader relations to transport routes, a project of the office building site equipment, a suggested list of the main construction vehicles, a time plan for the main building objects, technological prescriptions for a prefabricated skeleton and bored piles and documents related to this.

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