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Vojtěch Kubašta and Movable Books
Brotánková, Alice ; Alt, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vančát, Jaroslav (referee)
Numerous movable books, the so-called pop-ups, are being ascribed to Vojtěch Kubašta (7th ofOctober1914-7th ofJuly1992),anartist,whospentmostofhislifeinPrague.Majority of these titles were published out of Czechoslovakia - in other European countries, in the United Kingdom, but also in more distant Iran or Japan. Kubašta had a unique ability of transforming one plain sheet of paper into an elaborate three-dimensional scene just by cutting and folding its surface on the right places. This artistry of the Czechoslovakian illustrator and paper engineer made him famous and successful all over the world except in his home country. His books are being collected and exhibited, but the very personality of the man, who worked even for Walt Disney, is yet to be discovered. This thesis will examine the life and work of Vojtěch Kubašta. The focus of the text will be the form of his movable fairy tales and their impact on the reader. Answering the question, what makes Kubašta's techniques of making pop-ups so unique, will be the main goal of the presented research. key words: Vojtěch Kubašta (1914-1992), visual arts, book culture, illustration, pop-up, popular culture, Artia, Walt Disney, Czechoslovakia 1948-1989
From art criticism to art journalism? Czech arts writing after 1989
Sládková, Hana ; Bednařík, Petr (advisor) ; Pachmanová, Martina (referee) ; Vančát, Jaroslav (referee) ; Petříček, Miroslav (referee)
The purpose of the disertation From Art Criticism to Art Journalism? Czech Arts Writing after 1989 is to find out how did the Czech politics and society transformation influence the character of art critique, particularly the visual arts reflection. How did the post-1989 art critique deal with the communist regime past and relics? How was the art critique influenced by the art development and by the changes in the media structure and functioning? Content analysis of selected periodicals texts from the 1990s enables us to follow if and how do the form and content of the visual arts reflecting texts mirror the communication, art and media character and structure development. The topic connects media and communication studies with visual studies and art theory. Hanka Sladkova
Development of digital photography technology as a transformation of expressive possibilities of the medium of photography
Česálek, Tomáš ; Vančát, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Černý, Vladimír (referee)
The history of photography represents a constant technological development of the medium towards increasing sophistication, which is related to spreading possibilities of complex control upon semantic meaning of each camera image. The thesis comparatively analyses expressive possibilities of film and digital photography with emphasis on the relations of both medium with other audiovisual means of communication. The thesis compares technological possibilities of both medium and focuses on growing integration of digital methods of imaging with new media through computer graphics. The thesis focuses on transforming role of photography in the society which is connected with democratization of access to cameras and the possibility of sharing resulting images via internet and social media. Based on described data the author points out the changing role of the creator and the viewer in the process of interpretation of visual images.

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