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The Scale of Corporate Profit Shifting out of the United States
Stárek, Martin ; Janský, Petr (advisor) ; Vacek, Pavel (referee)
There is a large body of literature indicating that profits are shifted into countries with better conditions, i.e. lower tax rates. It was showed that the problem is nonlinear. However, precise estimates are missing in the available literature. In this thesis we improved the precision by allowing for nonlinearity, time-variant tax semi-elasticity of profits and financial secrecy is a driver of the profit shifting. We showed that all three elements of the estimation are very important. Our analysis suggests that the profit shifting problem started at the turn of millennium and increases since, with some temporal drops. The highest amount of profit shifted out of the United States was almost 300 billion of U.S. dollars with the consequent revenue loss of 62.3 billion of U.S. dolars.
The Effect of Globalization on the Income Inequality
Stárek, Martin ; Cahlík, Tomáš (advisor) ; Zeynalov, Ayaz (referee)
In this thesis, we explore the effect of globalization on the income inequality. We examine some features of methodology used in the majority of research on this topic that can have significant impact on results but they are not addressed in the publicly available research. Firstly, we proposed a new method of normalization that creates more stable data and created a new simple index of globalization using this method. This index then yielded more consistent results than the standard globalization indices. Secondly, we found out the most significant variable in a composite index can have no economic or logical interpretation. This was the case with the effect of mobile cellular subscriptions per 100 people on the income inequality. This means results of composite indeces should be interpreted carefully and a better analysis is probably estimating effects of all underlying variables individually. Moreover, we found that underlying variables in a composite globalization index can have opposite effects on the income inequality. The effects than cancel out, at least partly, and this can lead to smaller, statistically less significant results. Nevertheless, the overall effect of globalization on the income inequality, though statistically not significant, appeared to be negative. This is the case...

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