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Religion and anti-immigration discourses. A comparative case study of the Czech republic and Germany
Jurčová, Alžběta ; Slačálek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Ort, Jakub (referee)
(in English): This thesis deals with role of religion within public sphere, in both theoretical and practical terms. In form of a comparative case study, it will analyze the relationship between the role of religion (especially various forms of Christianity) in the political culture of the Czech Republic and Germany, and in the intensity and form of Islamophobia in public debate in the two countries. The theoretical framework will have as its basis Roger Brubaker's concept of Christianism and Jürgen Habermas's idea of religion within public sphere. In both countries the author will analyse debate evolved around criticism of Charlie Hebdo's cartoons, emerged in the public discourse after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris in 2015, by analysing different media German and Czech outlets. In both countries she will analyse how references to religion and certain argumentative patterns have been used in the public debate and possibly how they influenced Muslim immigration discourse.
Reflection of structural and political conditions in the ideology and practice of Islamic groups - the so-called Islamic State and al-Qaeda
Šupová, Kateřina ; Hesová, Zora (advisor) ; Slačálek, Ondřej (referee)
ŠUPOVÁ, Kateřina. Reflection of structural and political conditions in the ideology and practice of Islamic groups - the so-called Islamic State and al-Qaeda (Master's thesis). Charles University in Prague. Faculty of Arts. Department of Political Science. Tutor: Zora Hesová, M.A., Ph.D. 2019. p. 84. In this thesis the author's main goal is to analyze the strategy and propaganda of the Islamic state in relation to the strategy of Al Qaeda. Emphasis is on studying the intentions and capabilities of each group by examining the ideology, goals, warfare, tactics, propaganda etc. What was the reason for the split? Martha Crenshaw's instrumental and organizational perspectives were very useful for analysis. As well as a concept of Michael Arena and Bruce Arriga deals with identity and propaganda in collaboration with Ervin Goffman, who deals with the theory of self-presentation, By analyzing various documents, declarations by the Islamic state and al-Qaeda there is outlined an ideological, apocalyptic and strategic movement shift. Keywords: ideology, propaganda, strategy, Islamic state, al-Qaeda, terrorism, identity
Chinese Foreign Policy in European Post- Communist States
Štancová, Adéla ; Slačálek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Šitera, Daniel (referee)
This paper analyzes China and european postcommunist states relations in Xi Jinpings era. This era is specific in chinese attemps to resolve its economic position into a international power position. This paper discuss various approaches to chinese goals and power concepts. Examines if it is a domination or hegemony concept, or a new power concept which can be described only by reconstruction of chinese traditions. Tha main issues of this paper are chinese reasons of interest in european postcommunist states, success of its foreign policy goals in this area and reasons which led to either failing or success its goals. To answer these issues will be analyzed specific methods of promoting chinese influence in 16+1 iniciative and also will be reconstructed chinese power concept. To analyse specific factors in individual states this paper includes a case study of three european postcommunist states - Czech republic, Hungary and Poland.
Orientalism in Bush administration and its influence over military intervention in Iraq
Vinš, Martin ; Hesová, Zora (advisor) ; Slačálek, Ondřej (referee)
Orientalism in Bush administration and its influence over military intervention in Iraq Abstract Master's thesis focuses on the presence of orientalist elements in the Bush administration and their influence over the justification and execution of the military intervention in Iraq. These elements are orientalist construction of identities, civilizational mission, concept of oriental Muslim and concept of oriental woman. For this purpose, three research questions were formulated. 1) How the identity of Iraq was constructed to justify the intervention? 2) How the identity of USA was constructed to justify the intervention 3) Whether the Bush administration carried elements of orientalism, how did they present themselves and what amount of influence did they have over justification and execution of the military intervention in Iraq? The Fairclough three-dimensional model of critical discursive analysis was chosen in order to answer research questions. Analysis was focused on official speeches of three key representatives of Bush administration (G.W. Bush, D. Cheney, C. Powell) within the time period from the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001 until the actual military intervention to Iraq on March 20th 2003. Based on the analysis the presence of orientalist construction of identities and civilizational...
The anti-Islam protest in the Czech Republic
Svobodová, Eva ; Slačálek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Hesová, Zora (referee)
The thesis captures the anti-Islamic protest between 2015-2016, which accelerated after the attack on the Paris editorial of Charlie Hebdo on 7 January 2015 and during the so-called refugee crisis. The author analyzes short interviews she made at demonstrations organized especially by the group around the Facebook page Islam in the Czech Republic, and from semi-structured interviews with selected participants, as well as from participating observations at demonstrations. Using a discursive analysis and biographical method of work, she creates an ideological map of the movement, its basic tropics, and the attitudes. This ideological map consists of three perspectives: In the first chapter, a image of distant another, created mainly through media experience, involving the image of Muslims and Islam. In the second chapter, the image of close another created in a longer-term perspective and in opposition to one's own political and social identity. In the second chapter, the author also describes how the image of those who do not belong to the community (nation, state, Europe) is constructed. The third perspective is the image of the West, which combines elements of both distant and close another. The perspective that emerges in each of these chapters is a gender perspective and how different images of...
Russian reactions to"colour revolutions"
Novák, Adam ; Slačálek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Soušková, Tereza (referee)
This case study is dedicated to the Russian counter-revolutionary policies that were developed in response to the heavily supported democracy promotion by the western countries and the so- called colour revolutions in Russia's near abroad, being Rose revolution in Georgia, Orange revolution in Ukraine and Tulip revolution in Kyrgyzstan. Why did these events invoke the need to create a patriotic civil society inside Putin's regime? What tools were used to create such patriotic civil society? In this context, the thesis considers the role of political technologists Gleb Pavlovsky and Vladislav Surkov, the main engineers of counter-revolutionary policies and authors of the sovereign democracy concept. The thesis will analyse the role of the government organised youth movement Nashi that developed an anti-fascist discourse based on sovereign democracy. I connect the concept of civil society with thoughts of political philosophers such as John Locke, Thomas Paine, Robert Putnam and Alexis de Tocqueville who associated the civil society concept with certain civic virtues. Petr Kopecký and Cas Mudde provide the theoretical framework to classify the concept of ‚uncivil society'. Finally, the youth movement Nashi is classified based on criteria associated with ‚civil' and ‚uncivil' society. Key words: colour...
The peace process in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Málková, Barbora ; Slačálek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Barša, Pavel (referee)
The bachelor thesis will focus on the evolution and development of peace negotiations concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The theoretical part will try to outline the basic definition of the term peace and its possible forms along with reflection on its sustainability from optics of realism and constructivism approach. The practical part will describe forms of the peace process itself between two nations and analyze the most important barriers in these efforts. The aim of the work is to analyze approaches of the Palestinian and Israeli parties towards previously defined obstacles and subsequent analysis of changes of those approaches during the peace process to the present time. Key words: peace, negotiations, peace process, Middle East, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, barriers
Comparation of US and Soviet propaganda during WW2
Chrz, Václav ; Slačálek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Barša, Pavel (referee)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to peek into thoughts mechanisms of Soviet and United States society through propaganda posters they published during the World War II. I suppose, that the conversation about something indicates something about ourselves as well (by the selection of expressions or by the subject of debate). Simultaneously I inspire myself by the specific semiological approach developed by Roland Barthes. He claims that every communication has certain secondary meaning that is submitted to the recipients for some purpose. I perceive propaganda posters as a communication that has its own admitted, declared part but at the same time it also has secondary, latent part which is not very obvious at first, but it is necessary to decode it. This mentioned decoding of secondary communication will occur in three topics which I established. Firstly I will analyze how indicated societies pictured themselves. Secondly I will focus on the picture of the enemy. Third theme will be dedicated to the picture of women. In the final part I will compare how indicated societies pictured chosen topics. Keywords: Propaganda, mythology, USSR, USA
Soft Power in the Struggle for Hegemony: The Case of China
Cvachovcová, Pavla ; Barša, Pavel (advisor) ; Slačálek, Ondřej (referee)
The goal of the bachelor thesis is to analyse the role of soft power in international environment from the point of view of the Power Transition Theory. The main issue is the position of soft power in the conflict emerging during the period of changing global dominance. Hypothesis assumes the challenger state in 21st century prefers to use soft power means rather than traditional military conflict for the purpose of changing status quo and reaching dominance in international environment. The case for application this proposition will be foreign policy of People's Republic of China, which seems like a potential challenger to present dominating United States in medium-term horizon.
Contemporary analyses of Turkish nationalism and their theoretical bases
Lahučká, Karolína ; Malečková, Jitka (advisor) ; Slačálek, Ondřej (referee)
This thesis is focused on the theoretical bases of contemporary analysis of Turkish nationalism and Turkish identity. The first part of this thesis in two chapters provides a brief review of the historical development of Turkish nationalism and the main sources of its ideas, and then summarizes the evolution of theoretical debates on the nationalism and shows the most influent theories of the end of 20th century. The main part of the thesis analyzes texts of contemporary Turkish experts concerned with Turkish nationalism in the book Milliyetçilik. The analysis is focused in detail on four main topics. The aim of the analysis is to show how today's Turkish experts approach the study of Turkish nationalism and which thoughts and theoretical bases they work with.

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