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Interdoménové a intradoménové interakce u motorové podjednotky EcoR124I: Výpočetní studie
SINHA, Dhiraj
EcoR124I is a Type I restrictionmodification (RM) enzyme and as such forms multifunctional pentameric complexes with DNA cleavage and ATP-dependent DNA translocation activities located on the motor subunit HsdR. When non-methylated invading DNA is recognized by the complex, two HsdR endonuclease/motor subunits start to translocate dsDNA without strand separation activity up to thousands base pairs towards the stationary enzyme while consuming ~1 molecule of ATP per base pair advanced. Whenever translocation is stalled the HsdR subunits cleave the dsDNA nonspecifically far from recognition site. The X-ray crystal structure of HsdR of EcoR124I bound to ATP gave a first insight of structural/functional correlation in the HsdR subunit. The four domains within the subunit were found to be in a square planer arrangement. Computational modeling including molecular dynamics in combination with crystallography, point mutations, in vivo and in vitro assays reveals how interactions between these four domains contribute to ATP-dependent DNA translocation, DNA cleavage or inter-domain communication between the translocase and endonuclease activities.

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