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Historical landscape of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. Settlement from prehistoric to late medieval times
Bajer, Aleš ; Bísko, Richard ; Dejmal, Miroslav ; Hrubý, Petr ; Malý, Karel ; Mazáčková, Jana ; Machová, Barbora ; Milo, Peter ; Plaček, Miroslav ; Šabatová, Klára ; Těsnohlídek, Jakub ; Zimola, David ; Žahourková, Alena ; Hejhal, Petr
The exhibition catalogue is one of the important possibilities how make public the facts about historical landscape of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, the preservation of the archaeological monuments, stay of the knowledge and possibilities of their documentation. The good knowledge increases the chances of preservation of unique information’s about our own past in the landscape. Landscape currently is the most significant witness of historical and cultural changes in our country. And as regards the state of preservation of prehistoric archaeological monuments, landscape even is the only witness. One of extraordinary regions in this regard is the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. It always was and still is a peripheral region, which is not really significantly affected by the ongoing destruction of historical cultural landscape. In chapters of the exhibition catalogue are introduced the issues of research. The catalogue of artefacts documenting the material culture for all investigated periods is published at the end.
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Castles of Hussites Era
Sýkora, Milan ; Klápště, Jan (advisor) ; Plaček, Miroslav (referee)
This thesis deals with the Czech castles during the Hussite Wars (1419-1436 and 1467-1485). Its aim was to explore and evaluate a group of selected objects and compare the results with the development of castle architecture in Europe. Research has shown that - in connection with the introduction of early guns in the end of the 14th century - there was a radical change of military tactics and castle architecture. Castles were equipped with a new type of fortifications that were not only resistant to artillery, but also allowed for their efficient firearm defense. Along with the penetration of the Hussite troops into neighboring countries, there came the spread of their military knowledge, which has gradually adopted in entire Central Europe. The local military architecture stands at the beginning of the Medieval fort architecture and precedes, by nearly a hundred years, the Italian and German fortifications. Key-words: Central Europe - Late Middle Age - Early Modern Age - Castle - Fortress - Firearms
The hermit colony
Jakubcová, Eva ; Plaček, Miroslav (referee) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
This construction programme deals with a hermit colony located in the western part of the Vysočina Region. This hermit colony has been established to provide accommodation for women living in this area permanently while offering an opportunity of occasional relaxation for people who are living hectic lives in urban environment. The aim of my project is to design the remaining parts of the colony, i.e. two hermitages and the community’s chapel. A hermitage is a one-storey building intended for one person only. The load-bearing walls of the individual hermitages are designed to be built from different materials (wooden and masonry constructions) whereas the elevational structures of all the buildings are to be the same. The chapel’s wall system combines stone and wood. The chapel will serve solely the purposes of the community. The main objective of my project is to respect and maintain the natural features of the landscape to the maximum extent possible.
Face milling and shoulder milling of plane part with CNC machines.
Plaček, Miroslav ; Zemčík, Oskar (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
he bachelor thesis deals with the plane on CNC milling machines. The beginning of thesis deals with the general description of milling, including problem of the cutting plane milling. Other chapters deal with the division of milling tools, milling machines with CNC and with tighting of face mill. In the last chapter is the list of machine tool manufacturers.

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