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The influence of the physical activity on high blood pressure in patients with obesity or metabolic syndrome.
Pazderová, Monika ; Matoulek, Martin (advisor) ; Štulc, Tomáš (referee)
Author's first name and surname: Bc. Monika Pazderová Supervisor of the thesis: MUDr. Martin Matoulek, Ph.D. Thesis title: The influence of the physical activity on high blood pressure in patients with obesity or metabolic syndrome Workplace: 3rd Medical Department, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and General Teaching Hospital in Prague and Health rehabilitation centre VŠTJ MEDICINA Prague Year of thesis defence: 2012 ABSTRACT Nowadays the metabolic syndrome belongs worldwide to the most widespread diseases. The joint occurrence of diabetes, obesity and hypertension has been known for a long time. Also nowadays many doctors consider obesity a typical risk factor for diabetes or hypertension. Generally it is true: the higher BMI the higher likelihood of hypertension occurrence. Hypertension is a risk factor for atherosclerosis which is a cardiovascular disease. Nowadays the high blood pressure belongs to the most common health disorders of populations in both developing and advanced industrialized countries. The complications of hypertension are an important cause of sickness rate, invalidity and death. The occurrence of high blood pressure increases with age and is also dependent on the gender. The average levels of systolic pressure increase with age. On the other hand, the average levels of...
The perspectives of tourism in the Canary Islands (with special focus on Gran Canaria)
Pazderová, Monika ; Abrhám, Josef (advisor) ; Havlíčková, Blanka (referee)
The Bachelor´s thesis is aimed at discussing tourism and analyzing diffferent perspectives of developement in the Canary Islands, namely in the island of Gran Canaria. The goal of this thesis will first be to evaluace the current situation of tourism in Gran Canaria. It is necessary to find the various perpectives of developement for this area, while also assessing strategic proposal plans in order to increase the competitive ability. The theorical section of this thesis is focused on tourism determination, and destination of tourism. In addition, the origin and developement of tourism in the Canary Islands is discussed. The practical part of this thesis is focused on tourism in Gran Canaria; the life cycle is applied to the destination of Gran Canaria, and there is a complete description of the attractions and infrastructure of the destination. Additionally, a SWOT analysis will take place analyzing the strengths, weakeness, opportunities and threats of tourism in Gran Canaria. In the final chapter, suggestions and solutions for tourism in Gran Canaria will be made based on strategic plans from the Canary institutions of tourism.

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1 Pazderová, Marie
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