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Synthesis of Sound from Images
Zavřel, Petr ; Přinosil, Jiří (referee) ; Říha, Kamil (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the creation of sound from images. Before looking into the actual conversion of data, it takes into consideration the correlation between sound and images. Colour models of pictures used for the extraction of image data suitable for conversion into sound are examined here. Subsequently the work introduces methods for creating sound and changing its basic parameters. In order to present a suitable representation of sound, the work also explains the basics of music theory and methods of sound synthesis. The first part of the thesis offers two fully-fledged solutions using independent applications created in the MATLAB environment, where the basic principle is the division of the image into lines and the use of granular synthesis. The second part of the thesis describes the solution of the third application created in C++ language, where the emphasis is on adhering to the principles of music composition.
Masked face detection
Malý, Ondřej ; Kříž, Petr (referee) ; Přinosil, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of this work is to study and test current methods for face detection on veiled faces and evaluate the results. In the first chapter, five selected methods are theoretically analyzed and in the second chapter the individual methods are evaluated, both for the Wider Face file and for the actual set of photos with veiled faces. Subsequently, the Dlib CNN method is improved for better detection of veiled faces and reprogrammed to detect the degree of veil from the tested image
Camera security of the object with low data flow
Vašková, Barbora ; Jeřábek, Jan (referee) ; Přinosil, Jiří (advisor)
The topic of this master's thesis is devoted to design and realization of autonomous camera system of the selected object with possibility of remote access. The content of the theoretical part is description of components of the camera system and close analysis of the used software, including the selection of suitable components. The practical part is approaching to the initial installation of the system and verification of the functionality of individual components based on simple commands. The next step is developing an mobile application comunicattting with the camera system based on low data flow.
An automatic football match event detection
Dvonč, Tomáš ; Říha, Kamil (referee) ; Přinosil, Jiří (advisor)
This diploma thesis describes methods suitable for automatic detection of events from video sequences focused on football matches. The first part of the work is focused on the analysis and creation of procedures for extracting informations from available data. The second part deals with the implementation of selected methods and neural network algorithm for corner kick detection. Two experiments were performed in this work. The first captures static information from one image and the second is focused on detection from spatio-temporal data. The output of this work is a program for automatic event detection, which can be used to interpret the results of the experiments. This work may figure as a basis to gain new knowledge about the issue and also to the further development of detection events from football.
Image based smoke and fire detection
Ďuriš, Denis ; Burda, Karel (referee) ; Přinosil, Jiří (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the detection of fire and smoke from the image signal. The approach of this work uses a combination of convolutional and recurrent neural network. Machine learning models created in this work contain inception modules and blocks of long short-term memory. The research part describes selected models of machine learning used in solving the problem of fire detection in static and dynamic image data. As part of the solution, a data set containing videos and still images used to train the designed neural networks was created. The results of this approach are evaluated in conclusion.
Tracking of moving object in video
Komloši, Michal ; Říha, Kamil (referee) ; Přinosil, Jiří (advisor)
This master thesis deals with tracking the moving object in image. The result of the thesis is designed algorithm which is implemented in the programming language C#. This algorithm improves the functionallity of an existing tracking algorithm.
Tracking of moving object in video
Komloši, Michal ; Říha, Kamil (referee) ; Přinosil, Jiří (advisor)
This master thesis deals with tracking the moving object in image. The result of the thesis is designed algorithm which is implemented in the programming language C#. This algorithm improves the functionallity of an existing tracking algorithm.
Deep learning based sound event recognition
Bajzík, Jakub ; Kiska, Tomáš (referee) ; Přinosil, Jiří (advisor)
This paper deals with processing and recognition of events in audio signal. The work explores the possibility of using audio signal visualization and subsequent use of convolutional neural networks as a classifier for recognition in real use. Recognized audio events are gunshots placed in a sound background such as street noise, human voice, animal sounds, and other forms of random noise. Before the implementation, a large database with various parameters, especially reverberation and time positioning within the processed section, is created. In this work are used freely available platforms Keras and TensorFlow for work with neural networks.
Robot with autonomous audio-video control
Dvořáček, Štěpán ; Mašek, Jan (referee) ; Přinosil, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis describes the design and realization of a mobile robot with autonomous audio-visual control. This robot is able of movement based on sensors consisting of camera and microphone. The mechanical part consists of components made with 3D print technology and omnidirectional Mecanum wheels. Software utilizes OpenCV library for image processing and computes MFCC a DTW for voice command detection.
Software for manual focus of camera with 4K resolution
Sláma, Adam ; Přinosil, Jiří (referee) ; Kříž, Petr (advisor)
This Master thesis is focused on the analysis of currently used methods which whose target is to determine the rate of image focus. This analysis was used during the development of the program which evaluates the rate of image focus in percentage rate, works in real time and cooperates with a camera capable of 4k image resolution with a manual focus of the lenses. Application is then capable of a finding of a pre-defined image under certain circumstances which is being used for increasing of effectivity of image focusing. Another option is represented by a method that is searching the most suitable area for focusing in the center of the image. A detailed description of these methods and program itself are also included in the thesis. The final part of the thesis contains records of measurement tests with its results.

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