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Model prostorové diferenciace a film
Bokšteflová, Barbora ; Kuncová, Martina (advisor) ; Nečas, Dalibor (referee)
The thesis presents a game theoretic model of two directors on a single market. It introduces a variable film type which attains a value from the interval [0,1], where the boundaries expresses the art and the mainstream film, respectively. Each director has opposite preferences over a film type and chooses which type of film to shoot. The director's decision influences the profit function of the other director. The objective of each director is to maximize his profit function. The profit function is the difference of the quadratic audience function and of the cost function. The cost function is the sum of quadratic production cost function and linear disutility cost function which expresses the director's unmeasurable cost issued from the deviation from his most preferred film type. The model therefore includes both the economic and the artistic incentives which influence the directors' decision. We prove that for each pair of profit functions, there exists at least one pure strategy Nash equilibrium. The discussion of possible outcomes is illustrated by an empirical application.
Generalized assignment problem
Kocourková, Markéta ; Sekničková, Jana (advisor) ; Nečas, Dalibor (referee)
The generalized assignment problem is a topic of this thesis. The knapsack problem in general belongs to among classical operation research problems and belongs to the category of integer linear programming. It is very often formulated as a binary problem or 0-1. There are several types of knapsack problems which are described in this thesis. Some of the knapsack problems are so large and although exist exact algorithms for finding optimal solution, heuristics are rather used. They are not so exact but they find solution much earlier. Therefore some of the knapsack problems belong to NP-hard problems. This thesis is focused on one type particularly, the generalized assignment problem, which is demonstrated on practical example how the problem can be used.
The Evaluation in Figure Skating from the View of the Decision Making Theory
Erbsová, Markéta ; Dlouhý, Martin (advisor) ; Nečas, Dalibor (referee)
The evaluation methods of competitors in figure skating are the key problem of this sport. The 6.0 system of evaluation was in use until the year 2004. In such system referee compares competitors one by one and decides on the rank. The 6.0 system can be described by method of Expert Judgment and/or Group Participation. In year 2004 International Skating Union introduced the new system. In this new system is in the role of the decision maker mainly the competitor not the referee. The competitor chooses elements of his program which maximized the total point benefit. We can find out the point value of every element in SOV -- Scale of Values. Nowadays the skater can decide according to the Decision Making under Multiple Criteria theory, we use Weighted Sum Approach method which is sufficient for our purpose. In this thesis both systems are going to be explained on particular cases and linked with methods of decision making theory.
The Concept of Life Insurance with Charitable Component
Nečas, Dalibor ; Daňhel, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Fiala, Tomáš (referee)
Author comes with a new product concept, which extends the current offering of life insurance. He wants to encourage a target group of potential customers who are not satisfied with ordinary life insurance products to enter into life insurance. The reason is an effort to prevent people from economic consequences of population aging. The new life insurance product is based on a specific use of profit shares from life insurance premium reserve in a form of charitable component. For insurance companies the new product represents an opportunity to cooperate with non-commercial charitable subjects especially in the area of marketing. On the other hand the charities obtain by this cooperation a long-term income for their activities.

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