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Hydromorphology as a component part of ecological condition of water bodies
Kujanová, Kateřina ; Matoušková, Milada (advisor) ; Lehotský, Milan (referee) ; Pokorný, Jan (referee)
Today, the study of fluvial-morphological processes is focused on evaluating hydromorfological status of streams and on proposing restoration measures. A fundamental prerequisite for assessing the current hydromorphological status of streams is establishing reference conditions for each stream type that serve as a benchmark and represent the target status after restoration. The aim of this thesis is to describe type-specific hydromorphological reference conditions for rivers on the territory of the Czech Republic with the help of determining river types, developing the REFCON method for establishing reference sites and recording characteristics of reference status. The approach to establishing reference sites is based on meeting the criteria of having minimal anthropogenic impact that are first assessed using cartographic data and subsequently verified through field survey. Parameters - altitude, sinuosity, and valley floor slope - for classifying river reaches into types were determined on the basis of the results of statistical methods applied on 3197 river reaches covering the whole territory of the Czech Republic. The classification of river reaches into 9 river types was verified through field survey at 44 sites. Detailed field survey and measurements of characteristics of natural channel...
Changes of biogeochemistry in headwater areas. Aplication in experimental upper Rolava River basin.
Kočárková, Tereza ; Matoušková, Milada (advisor) ; Kujanová, Kateřina (referee)
The present bachelor thesis discusses biochemistry changes in headwater areas. The main object of the thesis is to analyze the hydro-climate factors of selected parameters of water quality monitoring in order to detect their trends and interconnections. In the first part of the thesis the literature research of the topic is presented. A short characterization of the area follows as well as the crucial gathered input data, homogenization and the data files analysis. The study is the interdependence of selected biogeochemical parameters and changes in rainfall-runnof. I have conducted my own monitoring of the selected parameters of water quality. The experimental upper Rolava River basin is located in the northwest part of the Ore Mountains in the Czech Republic. Key words: Biogeochemistry, pH, conductivity, organic substances, N, P
Near natural flood protection measures in the landscape
Pergl, Michal ; Matoušková, Milada (advisor) ; Kujanová, Kateřina (referee)
Floods are dangerous natural phenomenon that can threaten human lives and cause damage to property. Near natural flood protection and water retention in the landscape is an appropriate combination of flood protection and improvement of the ecological value of the area. The most used near natural measures have been tested in practice by meta-analysis of articles available in electronic and printed form and through case studies. The case study focuses on the creation of an appropriate near natural flood protection measures in the middle part of the river basin of Berounka in the CHKO Křivoklátsko. The main finding of the meta-analysis is a substantial alteration of the height of the flood wave and the flow rate by natural measures for small and medium-sized floods and minimal at extreme hundred-year floods. Case study identifies areas supporting natural retention in the floodplain of the river Berounka. Retention area in the CHKO Křivoklátsko could have a positive influence on the effects of small and flash floods in the lower part of the river Berounka. Near natural flood protection measures in the Czech Republic are currently only at the beginning to become promoted. In the future, it could play an important role not only in terms of protection against floods, but even against the drought.

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