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Between Fact and Fiction: On the Documentary Devices in Selected Works by Ales Adamovich
Koliášová, Jana ; Kosáková, Hana (advisor) ; Nykl, Hanuš (referee)
The thesis focuses on mutual blending of the factual and the fictional writing in the work of a Belarusian author Ales Adamovich. Regarding the choice of the analyzed works, two of them (Out of the Fire, 1975; Leningrad Under Siege, 1981) are identified as documentaries in the paratexts. These two works consist of recorded oral testimonies. The other two analyzed works (Khatyn, 1972, The Chasteners, 1981) are fictions, incorporating, however, several authentic documents. Using these works as examples, the thesis illustrates how the (hypothetical) borders between the fact and fiction are blurred and trespassed. The first, literary-historical part will briefly summarize the main concepts of the relationship between art and reality in the Soviet area, beginning with the Formalists and their interest in genre innovations, and concluding with an accent on the individual reader reception of Lidiya Ginzburg and Pyotr Palievsky. The plural aspect is implicitly reflected also in the second part of the thesis, focusing on Adamovich's thinking about the notion of truthfulness in literature. At this point, there is also a related theme of the impact of the genre tradition on the reception of the text. Also in the author's view, the role of the reader seems to be crucial. In the description of the receptive...
Characters in Vasil Bykav's works
Koliášová, Jana ; Kosáková, Hana (advisor) ; Ulbrechtová, Helena (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with literary analysis of characters in works of Belarusian writer Vasil Bykaŭ. Despite numerous translations, his works are not yet thoroughly researched in czech context. Primary this thesis is focused on contribution of the current narrative analysis which has been neglected. First chapter outlines Bykaŭ's works with emphasis on his approach to shaping the characters in the broader context of the main tendencies of Soviet war literature of the second half of the 20th century. The following chapter explains the most common procedures of the construction of Bykaŭ's characters and describes an analysis of other narrative categories which are essential for complete character modeling. The third chapter focuses on a brief typology of the characters appearing across Bykaŭ's works; in the centre of attention, there are the ways in which the author transforms and enriches the canonical index of socialist realism (war literature) characters.

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