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Working with the breath in classical dance technique
Pokorná, Kristýna ; KŘENKOVÁ, Mahulena (advisor) ; PUCHOWSKA, Sara Maria (referee)
This bachelor’s thesis discusses the possibilities of working with breath in classical dance technique. My research is based primarily on my personal perceptions obtained while observing the effects of breath on the body. My main aim is to make use of stimuli that occur in the body from the anatomical, physiological and psychological point of view while inhaling and exhaling in order to support the correct execution of the steps of the classical dance technique, in cooperation with countermoves in the body. This research section is preceded by a general overview of the respiratory system and the introduction of a different concept of breath.
Profile and reflections of dance department of the Juilliard school
Červinka, Marek ; JANEČEK, Václav (advisor) ; KŘENKOVÁ, Mahulena (referee)
This bachelor thesis, called Profile and Reflection of Juilliard School’s Dance Division, first of all briefly touches the key events in history of both classical and modern dance in the first half of the twentieth century and then approaches the history of The Bennington School of the Dance which is considered to be the Juilliard’s predecessor. After a general historical overview, descriptions of the educational goals and study programs, is the rest of the work focussing on Juilliard’s Dance Division in detail. Its past accomplishments, famous teachers, study programs and the admission procedures are discussed. All these information, including the interviews with Jarek Cemerek, a Czech choreographer and dance teacher, and with Brennan Clost, a current student of the fourth year at The Juilliard School, were used as a final reflection of Juilliard’s Dance Division. The comparison of Czech dance schools with The Juilliard School is comprised in this section.  
Curriculum of classical dance
Judasová, Adéla ; POLLERTOVÁ, Adéla (advisor) ; KŘENKOVÁ, Mahulena (referee)
Diploma thesis deals with curriculum repertoire of classical dance for the conservatories of dance. On the basis of methodological curriculum for each grade level, is the establishment of a sheet of variations which are recommended and suitable for teaching in a given year .
Central phase of education at Dance academy with eight years attendance
Králová, Barbora ; KŘENKOVÁ, Mahulena (advisor) ; JANEČEK, Václav (referee)
In my masters thesis I would like to discuss all of Allegro's elements by providing detailed descriptions and methodical knowledge, which is an integral theory of education during 8 years within a dance academy. All information gathered is from the most known methodical books of recognized classical dance teachers. This phase of education includes development and enrichment of battu, batteries and turn about's elements a new jumps. This dissertation should therefore be used as remedial brochure for methodical teaching instruction.
The body in space, the space in the body
Horváthová, Daša ; KŘENKOVÁ, Mahulena (advisor) ; JANEČEK, Václav (referee)
The Master's thesis includes drawing up the issue of the body and space in dance. The introductory part contains the definition of the body as a living organism. The body of the thesis is devided in chapters dealing with the body layers, gravity, balance and imagination. The final part of the thesis connects all phenomenons mentioned in previous chapters. This part results in a description of the images and sensations during the classical ballet training.
Olga Borissová - Pračiková (Dancer and Teacher)
Králová, Barbora ; JANEČEK, Václav (advisor) ; KŘENKOVÁ, Mahulena (referee)
I wanted to dedicate my Bachelor thesis to summarize personal and working life, career and pedagogic influence of Olga Borissova ? Pracikova, which is also a soloist for National Moravian-Silesian Theatre and member of Pedagogic group Janackova conservatory and gymnasium in Ostrava. Due to study in Kiev?s trade school, she?s influenced by Russian classic dance technique. Within her pedagogical activity she also use technique developed by worldwide known dancer, choreographer and artist Agripina Vaganovova. In this work I have tried to point out exceptional training of her technique and its usage within the dance conservatory environment. By personal opinion of O. Borissova, I would like to make the meaning and application of Vaganovova?s technique more familiar.
Influence of Breath in classical Dance
Čechová, Jana ; KŘENKOVÁ, Mahulena (advisor) ; DERCSÉNYIOVÁ, Lucie (referee)
Influence of brath on performance in classical dance. Goal of work: The aim of this master thesis is to introdukce the posibility of using conscious breathing not only to perform technically more difficult elements easier, but also in the preparation of dancers to the artistic performance. Method: Comparing thematic literature, questionnare in between the dancers and student sof dance, measuring the breathing of a dancer during the dance variation.
The Journey to a positive Motivation of a Dancer
Horváthová, Daša ; KŘENKOVÁ, Mahulena (advisor) ; POLLERTOVÁ, Adéla (referee)
Daša Horváthová: The journey to positive motivation of a dancer. [Bachelor´s thesis]. The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Supervisor: Mgr. Mahulena Křenková. Degree of qualification: Bachelor in the study programme Dance pedagogy. Academy Of Performing Arts in Prague, 2013. 30pgs. The Bachelor's thesis includes drawing up the issue of motivation in dance. The introductory part contains the definitions of motivation in general and explains its importance in human?s life. The body of the thesis describes the work with motivation in dance enviroment, especially in conservatories, as the basic working tool for the teacher for creating systematic dance education. One of the subheads is specifically dedicated to managing stress during dance training and performance. The final part of the thesis contains the results of a questionnaire on the issue. Key words: motivation, dance, pedagogy
Yoga for children of preschool age as a complement of physical and dance education
Gajerová, Vítězslava ; KŘENKOVÁ, Mahulena (advisor) ; RINOWSKI, Veronika (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with yoga for children and its possible use in physical and dance education for children of preschool age. A subtheme of this diploma thesis is to describe the issue of lack of active movement at preschool children. Preschool age is analyzed in the point of view of ontogenetic psychology and in the point of view of physical possibilities of children in this age. The main theme of this diploma thesis is to use yoga for children of preschool age into physical and dance education. In this diploma thesis is yoga in its general meaning analyzed in the point of view of historical and cultural development. This diploma thesis tries to evaluate the effectivness of possible permeation of physical and dance education with yoga for children.
Body as a Tool for functional classical Dance
Bočková, Šárka ; KŘENKOVÁ, Mahulena (advisor) ; JANEČEK, Václav (referee)
This thesis explores the human body on the basis of its anatomical disposition in connection with the functional principles which enable to develop the correct body posture, leg position en dehors, classical dance poses and coordination of movement leading to rotation and jump. In this thesis, I look upon the human body as the main dancer´s tool allowing to perform the classical dance technique and by the described functional principles, I attepmt to support the correct execution of individual parts of the classical dance technique. In conclusion of this thesis, I comment on general employing of these functional principles in classical dance lessons.

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