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Specifics of the management of creative workers: Animation studio Wil Film case study
Janouchová, Veronika ; Hanzlík, Jan (advisor) ; Kubaš, Mario (referee)
The aim of this thesis was to, through the thematic analysis, explore which factors influence management of creative workers and how they affect management and organization of the creative firm - CGI studio Wil Film. In conclusion, this thesis has found out that main factors are: rapid growth and transformation of the firm into more permanent form, power of informal organizations and creative work itself. In respons to the negative effects of these factors on creative workers, management established a new postion of HR manager who is carrying out several practices to reduce the negative effects. Training, personal and professional development and retention practices helped to balance Wil Film and positively contributed to firms prosperity. These practices are in contrast with literarture that assumes that HR practices make no sense in the creative industries.
Industrial heritage as an activ element of tourism
Janouchová, Veronika ; Tyslová, Irena (advisor) ; Dianová, Markéta (referee)
This study is focused on the relationships between tourism and industrial heritage. One of the main issues discussed in this study is the definition of industrial heritage from the economic perspective, as it has been considered as problematic task. The study is concerned with positive social-economic impacts of industrial heritage on its surroundings by using particular tools such as destination management. Moreover, the study investigates the opportunities of improving the level of regional development by highlighting the cooperation between tourism and industrial heritage spots as leading activities to creation of touristic tours. The objective of this study is to prepare the effective proposal of "Industrial heritage tour in Pardubice region", to define weaknesses and opportunities in the tourism industry in this region and to propose the solution in this tour.
Media and their influence on delinquent behavior of children and adolescents
The Thesis "Media and their impact on delinquent behaviour of children and youth" studies possible effects of media on children and youth who have committed an offence. The influence of media on modern societies is substantial and still increasing, which is why its affect on a human is being more and more discussed. The influence of media on children and youth seems to be particularly important. High degree of influence by external factors, including that of media belongs to the basic factors of delinquent behaviour among children and youth. This is why the Thesis tries to link these two specific areas laying in the focus of professionals as well as general public. The theoretical part first deals with the basic terms related to the influence of media on delinquent behaviour among children and youth. It also describes development and functions of media, the basic attributes of media content and media influence. There is also an insight into the legislation and authorities dealing with media activity as well as the media educational conception. The author then analyses delinquency of children and youth including the activities of a custodian. The aim of the work was to gain more detailed information on the possible impact of media on delinquent behaviour of children and youth, which is why qualitative research was chosen. Questioning methods implemented by the technique of semi-standardized interviews was used for data collection in May and June 2010. The research sample consisted of two groups of respondents. The first group consisted of seven children and young people registered by a social office and the other one of five professionals working with young people who committed offences. A case report supporting the issues in question was moreover prepared from documents conducted by a custodian. The qualitative research showed that the direct influence of media on delinquent behaviour of youth seems to be questionable, but the image shown in media might support delinquent behaviour in persons with higher risk of such behaviour. The Thesis should particularly contribute to accessibility or also extension of the information on the possible influence of media on individuals or the society as a whole in relation to young people who have committed an offence. The research results may also serve as a base for further wider research.
Resocialization of offenders of drug related crime
The bachelor{\crq}s treatise ``Resocialization of offenders of drug related crime{\crqq} deals with the issue of the criminal activity associated with drugs and possibilities of integration of the offenders of these criminal acts back into the society, first of all in co-operation with the Probation and Mediation Service of the CR. The drug related crime and the drug dependence are among the most important socially pathological phenomena and they shall be seen in the social context. The importance of the resocialization consists in the social integration of those persons which is conditioned by acquiring or renewal of social skills and accepting shared social standards. The so-called drug related crime may be understood in the narrow as well as broader sense. The first case involves criminal activities of the not permitted production and holding the narcotics and psychotropic substances and toxins pursuant § 187, § 187 a, § 188 of the Criminal Law and the criminal act of spreading addiction pursuant § 188a of the Criminal Law. In the second case the concern is all the criminal activity in the scope of which the drugs play a certain part (criminal acts on property, violent offences). Besides the criminal acts suppression, in these cases alternative measures and alternative punishments shall play a very important part as they can represent a very suitable step to the mentioned resocialization. The Probation and Mediation Service has been working on the territory of the Czech Republic since 1st January 2001. The theoretical part of the thesis deals at the beginning with the social context of drugs, development and contemporary state of the criminal and anti-drug policy in the Czech society, moreover it informs of the alternatives of imposing the punishment of imprisonment including the therapy. The conclusion of the theoretical part includes summary of the activity of the Probation and Mediation Service of the CR including the presentation of alternatives other than the direct imprisonment. The research part of the thesis involves the qualitative study of positives and problems associated with the execution of punishment by work beneficial to society of drug related crime offenders. Moreover it involves the analysis of the annual reports and materials of the Probation and Mediation Service of CR. The author would like to contribute to the understanding of the activity of the Probation and Mediation Service of CR and to outline the possible treatment of the situation of drug related crime offenders.

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