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Implementatiton of international human rights standards in the field of human trafficking for labour exploitation in the Czech Republic
Jírová, Eliška ; Vorlová, Marie (advisor) ; Bartoň, Daniel (referee) ; Milfait, René (referee)
Trafficking in human beings is considered to be one of the most serious crimes in which there is a significant violation of fundamental human rights. Through recommendations and binding documents, international organisations call on states to prevent human trafficking, and if it occurs, to allow for the settlement of human rights of its victims. National governments are responsible for compliance with human rights commitments, not only on the level of policy formulation, but also in terms of their implementation in practice. However, experience of social work with trafficked persons in the Czech Republic shows that victims of this serious crime have no access to settlement of their rights. The aim of this paper was to evaluate whether the Czech Republic meets the selected human rights standards that ensure the victims' access to their rights. The evaluation of the situation was based on the selected criteria defining the meeting of individual human rights standards of the Aim for Human Rights organisation. Fulfilling the selected criteria was examined on the case of proceeding of state authorities in the case of exploitation of hundreds of foreign workers in the forestry industry, known as the "Stromkaři" (Tree Workers) case. The evaluation showed that while on the formal level the standards required by the...
Migration of Workers from the Ukraine to the Czech Republic and its Diversification
Jírová, Eliška ; Vorlová, Marie (advisor) ; Koláčková, Jana (referee)
The thesis is focused on the fundamental causes of migration of people from the Ukraine to other countries, specially to the Czech Republic. It explores problems of legal and illegal working movements of migrants from the Ukraine in the Czech Republic and also on preventive and supportive activities of governmental and non-governmental organizations that are linked to the problems. The target of the thesis is to formulate basic problems in the area of a giving work to the Ukranians in the Czech Republic, to compare legal and illegal methods of obtaining all documents which are needed and also a work itself, to outline the cohesion of so-colled client system and an organize crime in the shape of the human traffic. In the thesis there are also involved some possibilities of positive influence by co- operation between governmental and non-gevernmental organizations. I have gathered from the valid legitimate adjustments, expert articles, publications and docucuments, all are mentioned in list of literature. The thesis involves my personal experience and findings acquired during my practice and volunteering in different places organizations. Besides legitimal adjusments, I also allocated to each topic findings and factual data. Powered by TCPDF (

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2 JÍROVÁ, Elizabeth
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