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Perennial plantings increased self-regulation skills
Malošíková, Ester ; Matiska, Pavel (advisor) ; Ivana, Ivana (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on extensive perennial plantings for shade, which are situated at Dendrologic garden in Průhonice. These plantings are based on principles of autoregulation. The aim of this work is the theoretical approach to this issue and subsequently the evaluation of these plantings, based on aesthetic appeal, that consists of total effect, effect of colours and the structure of plantings. The theoretical part focuses on general definition of perennials, their history, morphology, classification and their usage. Perennials for shade and perennials for sun are characterized in more details in one chapter. The practical part evaluates specific plantings for shade. The underlays for this evaluation are data collected by one vegetation term. The outcomes of this work are represented by graphs and photodocumentation.
The analysis of the remuneration system in the selected business entity
Kadlčík, Josef ; Brožová, Ivana (advisor) ; Ivana, Ivana (referee)
Master thesis aims at issues of remuneration of employees. Thesis analyses the system, aims and factors of remnuneration in a particular company in order to propose improvement and conlude new ways of remuneraton.Thesis defines terms like motivation and stimulation, characterizes wage and salary and their common signs. In the next part thesis describes advantages and disadvantages of different categories of the wage. Thesis also includes part that concerns incorrenct method of appraisal of the employee. In the final part thesis introduces chosen company, whose system of remuneration is the subject of the master thesis.Thesis analyses this system in accordance with the structure of norms of the company. It also presents the suggestions how the system could be improve.
Economic analysis of the seleced company
Horáčková, Radka ; Brožová, Ivana (advisor) ; Ivana, Ivana (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the financial analysis of a particular agricultural co-operative during a five-year period, i.e. from 2011 to 2015. The first theoretical part defines the concept of financial analysis itself, its purpose, documents for preparation and users. The next part of the theoretical bases characterises particular methods of financial analysis. The analytical part of the thesis is processed on the basis of the theoretical knowledge. The analytical part, in its introduction, provides basic information about the agricultural co-operative. Subsequently the horizontal and vertical analysis of the financial statement is carried out, and following this an analysis of financial indicators and ratios. The analytical part is concluded with bankruptcy and creditworthy models. The final section summarizes the results of the financial analysis, and according to this suggestions for financial improvement of the agricultural co-operative are proposed.
Regional Product of the Jizera Mountains
Preusslerová, Jitka ; Hes, Aleš (advisor) ; Ivana, Ivana (referee)
This thesis deals with the topic of regional product from the Jizera Mountains. The theoretical part focuses on the definition of general terms and definitions related to the theme of rural support, local businesses, the importance of traditions for the region and sustainable development. In the empirical part it will focus on exploration in the field. The fitst part is questionnaire survey aimed at the utility of regional mark of the Jizera Mountains for small businesses and also to potential customers, local people or visitors, but also for the region itself.
Franchising in gastronomy
Pospíšilová, Karolína ; Hes, Aleš (advisor) ; Ivana, Ivana (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the expanded type of business franchising, which enables the entity to achieve a maximum of revenues with a minimum of costs. This thesis is focused on the well known company Ambiente. It is divided into two parts. The first part gives a detailed definition of franchising, briefly describes the history of franchising and explains the franchising system including its advantages and disadvantages for the franchisee and the franchisor. There are also explained the licenses, which are the basis for this type of business. This thesis is mainly focused on the Czech market, but it also includes a comparison to the Slovak market. The second part presents the company Ambiente and pays particular attention to the comparison between a franchisor and an independent company. In the conclusion, the results of the thesis are evaluated.
Analysis of economy of the selected agricultural company
Trávníček, Ladislav ; Brožová, Ivana (advisor) ; Ivana, Ivana (referee)
Object of the diploma work is economic analysis of a selected agricultural company. Main aim of the work is, based on economic situation analysis of the agricultural company Unesovsky statek a.s. in years 2010-2014, suggestion of measures and recommendation of procedures that would lead to overall improvement from the external users´ perspective. Main goal is met by following partial aims: - Introduction and characteristic of the company Unesovsky statek a.s. - Application of financial analysis methods in the period 2010-2014 - Comparison of some indicators that are used by similar companies operating in the Pilsen region. Diploma work is divided into theoretical and practical part. In the first part, there is processed a bibliographical research. Author of the work used professional literature as well as internet sources. Second part deals with practical application of the information gained from the previous study. Content of this part is application of financial analysis methods. Final part of the work deals with the summary of the findings, their evaluation as well as recommendation.
Effectiveness of selected investment on municipal level
Gvizdová, Jana ; Mach, Jiří (advisor) ; Ivana, Ivana (referee)
The subject of this thesis is to evaluate the effectiveness of the investment project at the municipal level, which is building a center of social services in Jeseník. The theoretical part is focused on understanding the processes associated with investment decisions, financial analysis, financing sources and a list of major investment efficiency evaluation methods. The conclusion was devoted to possible risks of investment projects and their effective management. The practical part applies theoretical knowledge to real investment project. Feasibility study has been processed focusing on market analysis, technological project, human resources, organizational management and financial analysis. Socio-economic effects are expressed using cost-benefit analysis. Evaluation of the effectiveness and sustainability of the project is based on the cash flow of financial analysis, indicators of economic analysis and risk analysis. Based on the results obtained from the research are formulated specific investment recommendations.
Consumer Behaviour in the Market of Coffee in the Czech Republic
Kovalovská, Martina ; Hes, Aleš (advisor) ; Ivana, Ivana (referee)
This thesis deals with the consumers´ behavior when buying coffee in the Czech Republic. The aim is to evaluate the factors, which influence the consumer's decision to purchase and consume coffee. The theoretical part explains terms: consumer, consumer behavior, decision-making process, the role of consumer shopping and marketing research. The practical part includes information about the coffee market from the perspective of cultivation, consumption, export and import of coffee into the Czech Republic. It also discusses the market share of coffee corporations, identifies the major coffee chains operating in the coffee market in the Czech Republic and informs about the impact of coffee consumption on the human body. The part of the work is survey research, whereby are determined the addictions, which are exploring mutual value of the selected factors. In the final part of the thesis summarizes the results of which form the basis for the proposals and recommendations of the manufacturer and suggestions for the improvement of marketing communications. The result of this thesis is to create a model of consumer behavior when buying coffee in the Czech Republic.
Waste management Karlovy Vary Airport
Sýkorová, Heda ; Mikulová, Vlastimila (advisor) ; Ivana, Ivana (referee)
This bachelor's thesis on the subject of Waste Management at Karlovy Vary Airport is divided into three main parts. The first part presents literary research that comprehensively describes the given issues from the perspectives of the valid waste management legislation of the Czech Republic, the European Union, and Karlovy Vary County. The waste streams of the Czech Republic are described, as well as the existing obligations of treating them. The second part of this thesis focuses on summarising the available information about Karlovy Vary Airport and its waste management. With the help of statistic indicators, the development of waste management in the studied period of 2008 2015 is analysed. The analysis centres on communal and hazardous waste, as well as animal and plant by-products and their handling. The last part of the thesis is partly theoretical, comparing the waste management of the studied territory with other international airports, and includes suggestions for improving waste management as the number of passengers increases.
Utilization of biogas plant for waste management
Frank Kristová, Lucie ; Mikulová, Vlastimila (advisor) ; Ivana, Ivana (referee)
The thesis deals with the use of efficient processing of waste materials in agricultural production i order to obtain thermal and electric energy. The work describes basic terms of the technology of biogas plants - anarobic dry and wet fermentation, biogas, digestate, biomass and energy sources. The study also documented the formation and operation of agricultural biogas plant Bílov in Bohemia, describing the composition and quantity of input substrate and operating parameters. To evaluate the overall status and benefits of a biogas plant for the village was carried out a survey in the area of interest.

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