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Assessing the Possibility of Setting up a Dam
Prokešová, Eva ; Hlavinková, Vítězslava (referee) ; Hrubanová, Michaela (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to assess the possibility of establishing a water reservoir in s selected location witch regard to its possible water management activities including geological conditions. The thesis also defines basic terms related to water reservoir and their parts. This work was elaborated with the help of available literature and valid laws of the Czech Republic concerning the given issue. At the end of the work will be valued land meeting the conditions for the construction of a small water tank. The award will take place in two ways according to the decree and direct comparison.
Economic and Technical Analysis of the Photovoltaic Facade System
Bónová, Kateřina ; Žák,, Antonín (referee) ; Hlavinková, Vítězslava (advisor)
This thesis comprehensively analyses photovoltaic power plants on facades both from economic and technical point of view. It also devotes to a broader view upon a photovoltaic power plants regarding their placement, its accessories and legislative. The thesis describes a calculation of energetic gains in details including evaluation of five solar radiation sources in order to assess energetic effectivity of the photovoltaic equipment. Furthermore, the thesis describes a means of determination of photovoltaic revenues which is closely related to its ability to sustain the energetic demand of the building. These calculations are presented in the conclusion of thesis where they are applied to four selected buildings. The thesis also contains a processed graph due to which it is possible to specify optimal size of photovoltaic facade. The size is depending on selected facade cardinal point orientation and also on floor area of the building, which serves to estimate future electricity consumption.
Influence of a Specific Location on the Price of a House in Brno - Kamenná kolonie
Pokorná, Sofie ; Vařechová, Martina (referee) ; Hlavinková, Vítězslava (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the Kamenna district with a specific area of housing. It describes its history, morphology, today's life and its virtues and shady pages. Approaching today's issues of this location and approach or view of stakeholders. In addition, eight properties are instantiated in the work. These properties are selected from the so-called „Upper Kamenka“ and „Lower Kamenka“ (four from each part) to ensure comparable technical advantages and disadvantages of individual parts. Technical disadvantages such as absence of sewerage and geological survey on the sloping slope in one of the mentioned objects. Comparing methodology to the comparison method according to Decree No. 441/2013 Coll. in current version, Comparison method-market price and cost method according to Decree No. 441/2013 Coll. in current version. At the end of the work, the author undertakes a discussion about negotiating the price and explains the great diversity of the results.
The Influence of Location on the Usual Price of an Apartment in Břeclav
Formanová, Barbora ; Kočendová, Markéta (referee) ; Hlavinková, Vítězslava (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the influence of the locality on the usual price of a flat in the town of Břeclav. First of all, the basic relevant terms related to the valuation of immovable property are defined and individual valuation methods are described. In the next part of this work there are formulated problems related to the stated goal of this work, including the proposal of its fulfillment and hypothesis. Then the analysis of the territory of the town of Břeclav is carried out, focusing on civic amenities and urban development. This section also describes the process of selected methods for valuing housing units. The following section is devoted to descriptions of selected housing units and also to their actual evaluation by comparative method according to the price regulation and the direct comparison method, including the expert estimate of their price. The last part is devoted to the recapitulation and discussion of all resulting prices set in this work. There is also an evaluation of the impact of selected localities on the estimated usual price of valued apartments.
History and Development of Prices of Recreational Buildings Near the Brno Reservoir
Wildová, Lucie ; Hlavinková, Vítězslava (referee) ; Vařechová, Martina (advisor)
Master’s thesis deals with the history and development of the prices of holiday cottages around Brno dam. The introductory part defines the construction for recreation according to the legal regulations, describes the history of Brno dam and its development. The following chapters describe the valuation of holiday cottages according to the previous and present valuation regulations. In the experimental part is performed the analysis of the obtained prices. Two holiday cottages are valued according to the valuation regulations from 1965 until today. For these holiday cottages are performed also market valuation for the period 2014 to 2018. At the end of the master’s thesis is performed discussion of the results and final comprehensive evaluation.
Procedure for Financing the Renovation of a House
Vepřková, Lucie ; Hrubanová, Michaela (referee) ; Hlavinková, Vítězslava (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the procedure for financing the reconstruction of the family house. This is a particular situation where the investor is fictional because of the general data protection regulation. The family house from 1935 will be reconstructed. Due to the age of some constructions, the investor decided to use extensive reconstruction which he will have to finance using foreign sources. It was chosen the financing of reconstruction by the mortgage loan where possible variants of repayment are presented. The thesis focuses on the valuation of the family house before reconstruction, during the reconstruction and on the valuation of the future after reconstruction. At the end is presented whether the reconstruction was for the investor beneficial.
The Influence of Location on the Usual Price of a House in Ostrava
Kollár, Filip ; Vařechová, Martina (referee) ; Hlavinková, Vítězslava (advisor)
The main topic of the master’s thesis is the inluence of the locality on the usual price of a family house in town of Ostrava. This analysis does not only focus on usual criterias (accessibility to the center, etc.), but also addresses the specific problems of the region, eg. air quality. There is also a questionnaire survey aimed at identifying respondents' preferences regarding the choice of the ideal location for housing. For the valuation of the selected family house, two methods are selected, namely the comparative method according to the valid valuation rule and the method of market comparison, specifically the direct comparison method, which are described in more detail in the theoretical introduction. The final part deals with the comparison of the outcomes of these two methods and possible discrepancies that might arise.
Analysis of the Luhačovice Dam's Impact on the Surroundings
Pikhartová, Karolína ; Tesařová, Zdeňka (referee) ; Hlavinková, Vítězslava (advisor)
This thesis deals with the influence of the Luhačovice dam on the surroundings, mainly on the price of recreational facilities. Firstly, the thesis addresses terminology, issues concerning dams and valuation methods suitable for these issues. Secondly, the thesis describes the current condition of the dam and its surroundings, the facilities situated in the surroundings and operation costs. The thesis presents a novel method of finding the average price of cottages in given area and comparing it with average prices of recreational facilities in other selected areas. The thesis concludes with an evaluation of the average prices and the economic and security influence of the dam on its surroundings.
Assessing the Impact of Establishing an Accommodation Road on the Price of Land in Boskovice and its surroundings
Volšanová, Jindřiška ; Hrubanová, Michaela (referee) ; Hlavinková, Vítězslava (advisor)
This Master’s thesis is focused on the easement of a trail and a path on a lands in Boskovice city. It devotes himself to the creation, extinction and rights that related to their ownership. It includes valuation of selected lands - using the locally usual price, the yield method according to the law and the price agreed in the contract for the establishment of a trail and a path. Subsequently is made their comparison.
Analysis of the Valuation Methods for an Industrial Site
Babčanová, Monika ; Kočendová, Markéta (referee) ; Hlavinková, Vítězslava (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on assessment of methods in valuation of production area. The area will be valued according to valid price regulations and the usual price. Land will be valued separately. The individual valuation methods will be analyzed and an expert estimate of the price of the whole area will be determined after their evaluation. Using the direct comparison method, a market value estimate will be determined. The real estate market in this area will be analyzed with similar real estate and the main factors affecting price levels will be analyzed. The first part of the thesis will be devoted to theoretical knowledge, then there will be formulated individual problems and used methods, which were used for valuation. In the next part the results of individual methods will be stated and in the final part these results will be analyzed and compared with the recommended sessions for individual methods.

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