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Creation of the Graphic Library for VST Plug-Ins
Dufka, Filip ; Kříž, Petr (referee) ; Přikryl, Lubor (advisor)
Master‘s thesis covers use of graphical user interface in audio plug-ins. In first part structure and rendering techniques of audio plug-ins graphical libraries are described. Their efficiency and their way of memory utilization is questioned. Next part puts these techniques in comparison with the state of the art methods used in computer graphics and gaming industry. Their possible use in audio graphical interafaces is analyzed. In the following part, thesis finds solutions to uneffective methods in frequently used situations by presenting deferred shading into audio parameter editor with the goal of photorealistic rendering. Second introduced technique of „Knob Normal Maps“ reduces number of images needed for rendering of turning knob from hundereds to six with comparable results. Goal of diploma thesis was to create graphical library. Graphical library with name RealBox was created, and introduced techniques are the core features. Library reduces work needed to achieve graphical user interfaces for 2D and 3D cases of use. Full class and method documentation for RealBox library was assembled. Library was tested during creation of three VST plugins, with different approaches and emphasis on quick work and fine rendering. Graphical library offers new, faster way of creating audio plug-in interfaces.
3D Graphics Extension of Graphical User Interfaces of Audio Plugins
Dufka, Filip ; Mašek, Jan (referee) ; Frenštátský, Petr (advisor)
This thesis deals with possibilities of an extension of audio modules graphical user interface with 3D models using OpenGL framework. As an audio module implementing digital signal processing algorithms Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is used. The objective of this thesis is a creation of an algorithm for a change of sound source location. The algorithm is implemented in VST3 with an additional 3D visualization.

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