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Design of a blender for the homogenization of a fine-grained granulate
Daňhel, Jan ; Štěpánek, Vojtěch (referee) ; Hermanský, Dominik (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with construction of double cone blender for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. There is described a process of blending and possibilities of constructing the blenders in the first part. There are also recommendations for choosing the right blender for the application. Second part is devoted to construction of double cone blender and basic strenght calculations of its parts.
Ortiz Cordero, Edgar Josue ; DAŇHEL, Jan (advisor) ; Brothánek, Adam (referee)
A time loop narrative is a type of non-linear narrative structure where the story centers on the repetition of either a series of events, i.e., the robbery of a store, a single day, 90 minutes. Characters are often trapped within this machination, doomed to experience a recurrence of events until they find an exit or solution. It is a widely used narrative technique that reminisces of Nietzsche’s “eternal return," the Greek myth of Sisyphus, theWheel of Dharma of Buddhism and the Chinese legend of Wu Gang. This thesis is a study on contemporary time loop films. It discusses the specifics of this type of film and analyzes in-depth a selection of three representative works. Through this analysis, it aims to deconstruct the films into their narrative, and thematic components to find the similarities and differences between them. At the same time, it seeks to give particular attention the elements of film language used in these films.
Kulka, Jan ; DAŇHEL, Jan (advisor) ; ČIHÁK, Martin (referee)
This thesis is an attempt to formulate a personal manifesto of a film maker. An attempt to a reflection from a creative, technological, social and historical point of view. An attempt to find a personal answer to a fundamental ontological question: what is film? What is light? What is the nature of the relationship between film maker and the apparatus he uses. All that with a emphasis to practical application. Therefore one chapter is a case study of a special projection aparatus called Archeoscope which is both a result - embodiment - as well as an initiation of some of the thoughts mentioned above.
Cinema of transgression
Čejková, Karolína ; DAŇHEL, Jan (advisor) ; BLAŽÍČEK, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with loose American group of filmmakers from 80s which is called Cinema of Transgression. It explores films of Nick Zedd, Richard Kern and David Wojnarowicz. The thesis is trying to find a common formal practise which were used by the filmmakers to confront the viewer. Thanks to light explanation of the term transgression, in interpretation of Georges Bataille, reader can view those films in a new perspective. The thesis is trying to understand motivations, creation and its process and reason of death of those films.
The Language of Filmic Dreams
Hasalík, Petr ; DAŇHEL, Jan (advisor) ; DOLENSKÝ, Martin (referee)
This thesis focuses on the language of filmic dreams, i.e., the means of expression used by filmmakers to create stylized dream scenes or sequences from the time of Georges Méliès to the present. Each chapter covers one decade and contains analyses of original dream scenes or sequences from two films from the respective period. There are also short synopses of all the analysed films that provide the context for the dream scenes or sequences and each dream scene or sequence is represented by two still frames from the film. At the end of each chapter, there is a list of films with dream scenes or sequences from the respective period, including the dominant means of expression used by the filmmakers, and also the films that do not use any stylization of dreams. The goal of this thesis is to provide a brief historical overview of films containing dream scenes or sequences with focus on the means of expression used by filmmakers throughout the history of cinema.
Radek Pilař "again finding childhood of arts"
Komrzýová, Adéla ; VACHEK, Karel (advisor) ; DAŇHEL, Jan (referee)
This thesis discovers personality of Radek Pilar on a personal, public and artistic level. Through personal diary entries, texts written in periodicals dealing with visual arts, interviews of different genres and unpublished reflections on the future of electronic moving image, I try to reconstruct Pilar personality and its space in the Czechoslovak context of art and time.
Live Cinema and its subgenre: Film-Theatrical Performance
Walterová, Zuzana ; DAŇHEL, Jan (advisor) ; Havlíček, Jiří (referee)
I explore the phenomenon of the genre Live Cinema in my bachelor thesis. But not only from the point of view of new media. I am trying to confront this genre with new possible usings of it – in the field of film-theatrical performance. I search for the right understanding throu the reasearch among its ancestors. First part of the thesis searches for the history of Live Cinema from the film point of view. Second part searches for the same, but from the theatre point of view. Last part is dedicated to my own personal experiences of creating Live Cinema in the film-theatrical way.
Procházka, Jiří ; DAŇHEL, Jan (advisor) ; Brothánek, Adam (referee)
In film, the term “prologue” nowadays denotes almost everything that appears before the opening credits. The meaning of this word is not fixed. This thesis does not define the “prologue” phenomenon and does not wish to describe it in the historical context of art spheres. It deals with the opening scenes at the beginning of a film before the onset of the actual composition of the main story and addresses their functions in the entire dramaturgic structure of the work. To facilitate the apprehension and description of “prologue”, the thesis attempts to generalise the term and classify it into several groups according to defined criteria. It does not set itself the objective of forming a definition but of analysing the dramaturgic structure of a conventionally understood term “prologue” and initiating a discussion on all fronts of the film-making profession about this tool that can do more than just touching up the first few minutes of a film.
"Measure twice and cut once"
Krutská Vrbová, Kateřina ; DAŇHEL, Jan (advisor) ; HORNÍČEK, Jiří (referee)
"Measure twice and cut once" MSc. Kunc´s super8 format narrative fabrication in 80´s. This dissertation presents amateurish authorial films of MSc .Vladimír Kunc on Super 8 mm film format with emphasis on film editing as an reflection of time in the moment of its origin in the 80ties. I will compare the phenomenon of applied magnetic sound of Dr.Rentz for Kunz image montages with a sound of composition of authorial films of The Wizzard of Oz, who has chosen adventurous way of audio tape to his films on Super 8mm film format in the same decade. The aspect of authorial sound montage is looked through the contemporary technological and distributive possibilities.The text also presents analysis of expressional means of Super 8 mm films and the way of their using within particular authorial approaches-model authorial subjects. This dissertation presents study of narrative films which during the filming and editing look for not only notice value but also the way of narration.The films which are looking not only for message but also its form in the context particular period.
Malá, Ilona ; DOLENSKÝ, Martin (advisor) ; DAŇHEL, Jan (referee)
Analysis of time-lapse method in documentary and experimanetal film. Comparison of approach of authors Jan Calábek, Godfrey Reggio, Oskar Fischinger and Helena Třeštíková.

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