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Mineralization of nutrients during the process of spruce dead wood decomposition in the mountain forest
Višňová, Anna ; Hofmeister, Jeňýk (advisor) ; Choma, Michal (referee)
Summary: This thesis is focused on collecting information on the importance of dead wood on biogeochemical cycles of chemical elements in the mountain forest ecosystems of central Europe. The goal of this thesis was to determine the concentration of various elements(C, N, P, Ca, Mg, K, Na, Mn, Al, Fe) in the coarse woody debris of spruce samples of different age, stage of decomposition which were collected in different localities in the national park Šumava. Another goal was to determine the speed of which these elements are released from the dead wood. The information on the quantity of different elements and the speed of their release is currently lacking and could lead to better understanding of various biogeochemical cycles of elements in the mountain forest. During the decomposition the concentration of the elements N, P, Al and Fe increased whereas the Kalium concentration decreased. The other elements' (C, N, Ca, Mg, Mn) concentrations varied. Carbon constituted approximately 50% of weight in all of the samples analyzed. We carried out a laboratory experiment based on decomposition of dead wood samples in various stage of decay during a period of six months. The released concentration of CO2 was measured at two to four weeks intervals. The release of CO2 continually decreased during the experiment.....
Remediation of the old landfill Písek - Ptáčkovna
CHOMA, Michal
The goal of this thesis is to summarize and evaluate the remediation of the landfill Písek {--} Ptáčkovna. The landfill hasn{\crq}t been remediated in the typical way due to lack of financial sources. The easiest and cheapest actions have been taken. Though the landfill impacts its environment by increased concentration of chlorides in the landfill leachate, which is let-out to neighbouring stream, no significant threat to surrounding ecosystem was proved.

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