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Designing of new classifiers for peony, daylilies and non-bearded irises in the Průhonice botanic garden.
Sekerka, Pavel ; Caspers, Zuzana ; Macháčková, Markéta ; Papoušková, L. ; Koudela, M.
With accepting new genera (Hemerocallis, Paeonia, Iris subgen. Limniris) into National Program for Genetic Resources, a need for creating new classifiers for cultivar description has risen. When proposing classification characteristics, we have resulted from botanical monographies of the genera, existing classifiers and from experience in cultivar description. In creating and evaluation of the classifier we have cooperated with leading institution, Gene Bank of Crop Research Institute, and Department of Horticulture (FAFNR) at Czech University of Life Sciences, which has submitted it as a diploma and a bachelor thesis. New classifiers will be published in 2019 in GRIN Czech database.
International cooperation to Pruhonice botanical garden's collections
Caspers, Zuzana ; Sekerka, Pavel ; Macháčková, Markéta
Overview of the international activities of Průhonice botanical garden. The garden participates in Middle European Iris Society and cooperates with Presby Iris Memorial Gardens (USA), has a partnership with botanical gardens in China, Lithuania and Poland.
New collection of Hemerocallis
Macháčková, Markéta ; Caspers, Zuzana ; Sekerka, Pavel
Description of Hemerocallis collection in Pruhonice botanic garden and reasons for gaining National Program.
Paeonies and their breeding
Sekerka, Pavel ; Faloutová, Z. ; Macháčková, Markéta ; Caspers, Zuzana ; Blažek, Milan ; Blažková, Uljana
Paeonies are old ornamental and utilitarian plants. This contribution represents horticultural division of varieties and their history. The collection of paeonies in Pruhonice Botanic Garden was founded in 1968, since the eighties it is also engaged in their breeding. Peonies were in 2015 included in the National Program, we are now preparing their classifier.
Beardless irises, their garden groups and breeding in the Czech Republic
Sekerka, Pavel ; Macháčková, Markéta ; Caspers, Zuzana ; Blažek, M.
Article present beardless irises (Apogon) and its organization into groups. It gives worldwide taxonomic overview and it highlights species suitable for growing in the Czech Rep. (Iris sibirica, I. spuria, I. ensata). It also demonstrates hybridization results of Iris spuria done by Mgr. Milan Blažek and other breeding work from the Czech Republic and natural fenotype variability in collected material. Finaly it show changes in EVIGEZ classification chart for genus Iris, to suit all irises - bearded and beardless, too.
Rose garden of Chotobuz Botanical Gardens and gene pool collections
Sekerka, Pavel ; Končinská, Markéta ; Caspers, Zuzana ; Bursíková, Anna ; Šmajdová, Zdeňka
History of botanical garden and its collections, access to the collections for the public. Developing rose garden and preparing new exhibits of botanical roses.

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