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Starting a business in an accounting context
Sychra, Jiří ; Strouhal, Jiří (advisor) ; Cardová, Zdenka (referee)
The subject of this thesis is the accounting and tax solution of starting a limited liability company. The dissertation tries to find answers to concrete practical problems. At first, attention is paid to legal and administrative steps of company foundation, the whole process is divided into several primary phases. After that follows the detailed analysis of formation expenses and the first accounting period. A fiscal year is also mentioned. The largest part of this thesis is dedicated to accounting and tax aspects of capital contributions. Here are described some important issues arising from the current wording of the relevant legislation. The final section deals with the beginning of bookkeeping and as a part of this chapter the important issues of argumentativeness of accounting, choice of accounting policies, internal guidelines and a chart of accounts are solved. Some of these questions have not yet been discussed in professional literature at all, or very little, therefore their solution is the main contribution of this work.
[13:41:59] Sony: Accounting and the registration of an individual entrepreneur
Brázdová, Eva ; Strouhal, Jiří (advisor) ; Cardová, Zdenka (referee)
The dissertation is about business activities of natural persons. Moreover, the work describes practices that an entrepreneur must accomplish before she/he starts a business such as obtaining business certificate and registration at competent offices. During his/her business activities an entrepreneur has a responsibility to keep a record, from which he/she has 3 options to choose. The main part of this dissertation is focused on the maintenance of a tax record that is corrected by law of income tax. Here what must necessary done by a entrepreneur while registering in the tax record is analyze in more detail. The attention is also paid to the income taxation of an individual entrepreneur. In the end, an empirical example is given, where practices with the maintenance of the tax evidence of an individual entrepreneur are described. In addition, data from the tax record are used to calculate the income tax of natural persons and the insurance premium for health and social insurance.
Comprehensive analysis of the financial health of the company Pražské vodovody a kanalizace a. s.
Walterová, Martina ; Cardová, Zdenka (advisor) ; Strouhal, Jiří (referee)
In my work I focus first on the theoretical part, which concerns itself with the financial analysis. I dealt with her description, a brief history of the order and importance, users of this financial analysis, sources of information for development and their limitations. Then I focused on the description of financial ratios, which are used in most businesses, and bankruptcy and secure prediction models. I then applied this knowledge in the practical part of this work, which I used data real-existing business of the Prague Water Supply and Sewerage and the aim of the work was so detailed assessment of the financial situation of the enterprise for the period 2005-2009 from the perspective of external users.
actual problems in reporting of small and medium enterprises
Polák, Martin ; Strouhal, Jiří (advisor) ; Cardová, Zdenka (referee)
This theses is focussed on the issue of reporting of small and medium companies under IFRS for SME. The goal is to evaluate advantages and disadvantages of this reporting in czech enterprenual surrounding. At the beginning of the theses I outline the fundamentals of reporting under czech accounting principles and under IFRS for SME. The practical part is devoted to conversion of Financial Statements from czech accounting principles to IFRS for SME of a construction company that meets the criteria of a medium enterprise.Upon comparing of the both Financial Statements I have come to a conclusion that the Financial Statements under IFRS for SME give certainly a greater evidence than the Financial Statements under Czech accounting principles. Although I have come to a conclusion that the Financial Statements under IFRS for SME are better, their applicability for some companies could be questionable. Such a company could be the one that does not have separate owners and managers.
Thorough financial and legal problems of company sale
Novotná, Barbora ; Strouhal, Jiří (advisor) ; Cardová, Zdenka (referee)
This thesis deals with the sale of a company and is divided to the fourth main parts. The first part is devoted to the sale of a company from a legal point of view. Defines important terms, which are closely related to the sale of a company as it is provided in the commercial code and deals with the rights and obligations of the seller. The second part is focused on the sale and purchase of a company from the persective of accounting and taxes. The third part contains a hypothetical comprehensive example of a company sale.The fourth part is a summary of the most important, what should the seller and buyer know and manage.
Implements of prudence principle in accounting
Erhartová, Jitka ; Randáková, Monika (advisor) ; Cardová, Zdenka (referee)
The thesis defines prudence principle in accounting as are impairment of assets, provisions, depreciation of assets and deferred tax. In the first part discourses about them in light of International Financial Reporting Standards and in the second part according to Czech legislation, where are also both approaches compared within the scope of the end of each chapter.
Statement of Balances and Financial Analysis of the Company AB JET s.r.o.
Kroupová, Michaela ; Cardová, Zdenka (advisor) ; Strouhal, Jiří (referee)
This thesis is dedicated to the statement of balances and financial analysis. The first part describes statement of balances in the Czech Republic. It describes the legal regulation, the basic requirements for disclosure statements and elements of financial statements. The second part deals with the description of elementary methods of financial analysis such as analysis of absolute indicators, differential analysis of indicators and analysis of systems of indicators. In the third part theoretical knowledge of financial analysis is used to assess the financial health of the company AB JET s.r.o.
Consolidated financial statements
Kalvasová, Veronika ; Cardová, Zdenka (advisor) ; Klusová, Dana (referee)
The theoretical section includes basis of consolidation, procedures and methods of preparation of consolidated financial statements under Czech accounting legislation. The second part shows how to prepare consolidated financial statements of real companies.
Fixed Assets according to IAS/IFRS and Czech Legislation
Sladká, Ludmila ; Míková, Marie (advisor) ; Cardová, Zdenka (referee)
Diploma paper deals with questions of the tangible assets. The first chapter contains determination of the tangible assets and its measurement in term of generally accepted acccounting principles and analyses the depreciation policies. The second chapter focus on the tangible assets in term of International financial reporting standards (IAS/IFRS) especially according to IAS 16 Property, plants and equipment and IFRS 5 Non-current assets held for sale and discontinued operations. The third chapter defines the tangible assets according to Czech legislation. Part of my paper consists of a questionnaire focused on depreciation intangible and tangible assets in Czech Republic and using taxes depreciation in the accounting.
Complex analysis of financial health of the company Papouch s.r.o.
Bártová, Pavlína ; Cardová, Zdenka (advisor) ; Strouhal, Jiří (referee)
I have followed the theme financial analysis in my theses. The first part focuses on the theory -- what the principle of financial analysis is, what it is used for, who uses it and description of particular methods used when talking about financial analysis. I have applied theoretical knowledge to the practice -- I have applied the financial analysis by company Papouch s.r.o. This practical part includes analysis of the accounting statement, analysis of ratios, as well as calculation of non-financial indexes and application of models of solvency and bankruptcy of this company. I have reviewed the financial situation of company Papouch s.r.o. at the end of my theses.

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