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Czechoslovak and Czech Pharmacy - Expressions, Impacts and Consequences of the Genocide of Jews and Other Forms of Racial Persecution
Arndt, Tomáš ; Dohnal, František (advisor) ; Kovář, Martin (referee) ; Král, Karel (referee)
1. Introduction In this PhD thesis, I set out to map the fate of Jewish pharmacists who worked mainly in pharmacy (or owned it) during the interwar Czechoslovak Republic in the period 1939 to 1945. I paid attention to the Jews working in industry, science and education in pharmacy in this time period. This theme has not yet been processed (now available one study and partial articles on Jews in pharmacy, but this study is concerned with an older time period). My motivation was to repay a debt to my colleagues, who mostly perished in the Shoah. In the Czech lands lived in 1931 117551 Jews, in Bohemia 76 301 Jews, in Moravia and Silesia 41 250 Jews. In Bohemia lived more than 50 % of Jews in Prague, on the contrary in Moravia and Silesia only more than 25 % of Jews lived in Brno (more of them lived in the country and let downs). Pharmaceutical higher education in Austria was officially launched in 1804, one year in medical school. In the winter semester of 1834/1835 was extended for two years. In 1864, the study finally moved to the faculty of philosophy, after 1919 (now only in Czechoslovakia), the Faculty of Science. Before the division of the university in Prague in 1882, was the first pharmacy student Josef Jeiteles, who graduated in 1852.Doctoral degree in chemistry according to the then rules...

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