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Processing of tomographic data by principal component analysis method for archaeological applications
Prokop, David ; Žídek, Jan (referee) ; Pořízka, Pavel (advisor)
Rentgenová počítačová tomografie je metoda sloužící ke 3D zobrazování vnitřní struktury objektů. Mikrostruktura objektů ukrývá důležité informace, které mohou být použity k jejich charakterizaci. Tato práce podává spojení mezi datasety získanými pomocí rentgenové počítačové mikrotomografie a oblastí statistického zpracování dat. Výstupem metody, pak bude klasifikace vzorků na základě informací o jejich mikrostruktuře. Z výsledků klasifikace vzorků, pak můžeme vyvodit různé hypotézy týkající se původu vzorků. Tato práce by mimo jiné mohla sloužit jako takový nový vhled do problematiky kombinace dat různého původu, pomocí metod statistické analýzy.
Tocharian loanwords in Chinese
Židek, Jan ; Kim, Ronald (advisor) ; Elšík, Viktor (referee)
This work was created to review the evidence for lexical borrowing from the Tocharian languages to the Chinese languages. The used methodology relies on lexical lists, previous etymological findings, linguistic typology and anthropological input. For preparatory data manipulation, a set of semi- automatic scripts has been created. Presented is a qualitative research based on previous findings assisted by raw data. The outcome of this work should be testable findings which could be extracted to a computer processable form.
Institutional arbitration procedure
Žídek, Jan ; Růžička, Květoslav (advisor) ; Dobiáš, Petr (referee)
vi Summary The thesis focuses on the description and comparison of the arbitration proceedings in the Czech Republic and Switzerland before local arbitration institutions. The choice of Switzerland has been influenced by the fact that this country is a traditional seat of arbitration and several arbitration institutions are domiciled there. The diploma thesis consists of an introduction, four main chapters and a conclusion. The first chapter contains a general description of arbitration and alternative dispute resolutions. Following chapters address the comparison issue outlining the arbitration regulations in both above mentioned countries and provide a thorough analysis of two major arbitration institutions. The first being the Arbitration Court attached to the Chamber of Commerce and the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic which is the sole permanent arbitration court with a full jurisdiction seated in the Czech Republic. The other institution being presented is the Swiss Chambers'Arbitration Institution that, in order to administrate arbitration proceedings, introduced in 2012 a new set of rules and revised its organisational structure. Last but not least, the thesis concentrates on description and comparison of the principle arbitration stages under the current rules of both institutions. The...
Hypostasis, Conversion, Categoriality
Židek, Jan ; Bičovský, Jan (advisor) ; Starý, Zdeněk (referee)
In modern linguistics since the 1970s, there seems to be a general shift from langue to parole and from discrete categories to more "blurry" ones. With it comes a need for revitalisation of some older terms that fell out of usage because of the fact that they describe something (seemingly) outside system. One such term is hypostasis, a synchronic phenomenon of word- formation under certain constrains (e.g. null derivation from an inflected form). This work's aim is to probe its usefulness in modern linguistics and the viability of its revitalisation. In this work, I agree with now generally accepted idea that every grammatical system is in itself inadequate with regard to completeness of its function, and that it needs from time to time adapt to new situational contexts through compensation strategies; some of the ways it does that can collectively be called "hypostasis".
Micro-grinding applications in high precision manufacturing focusing on surface quality
Vaňková, Veronika ; Dvořák, Jaromír (referee) ; Žídek, Jan (advisor)
The object of this bachelor thesis is to write a research study dealing with micro-grinding technology. Increasing the requirements of components and dimensional accurancy (in micrometer units), further the requirement of high surface quality and the application of a wide range of difficult to process materials has led to the development of this technology as an independent field. The content is overview of the micro-grinding process with its advantages and disadvantages, used tools and their machining, micro-grinding machines and an example of aplication in various areas of industry.
Mikro-frézování se zaměřením na hodnocení 4 osého a 5ti osého frézovacího systému
Těšík, Martin ; Dvořák, Jaromír (referee) ; Žídek, Jan (advisor)
This thesis is about Micromachining and Micromilling. It describes basics and problematic factors of micromachining. One of the sectors of micromachining and main topic of this bachelor thesis is micromilling. Another topic is comparison of 4 axis and 5 axis micromilling systems by recherche and theoretical experiment design, in which precision machining of designed dental crown is compared. Experiment will be done in related dissertation.
Cutting tools manufacturing for micro-milling
Tkadlec, Jiří ; Dvořák, Jaromír (referee) ; Žídek, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor work is focused on the research of the problems of micro-cutting, exactly of micro-milling and manufacturing of cutting tools. The introduction contains basic analysis of micro-milling and specification of micro-milling. The main aim of this work is analysis of the manufacturing of cutting tools and analysis of cutting tools materials used for micro-milling.
Micro-turning applications in high precision manufacturing performed by diamond tools
Švorc, Josef ; Dvořák, Jaromír (referee) ; Žídek, Jan (advisor)
Bachelor thesis is focused on micro-turning. The work takes the form of a literary research, which aims to make an overview of the production technology. First, it deals with the definition of the topic itself and with the physical properties and phenomena that occur during micro-machining. Then it discusses the construction of micro lathes and their division into categories and compares them to each other. It also deals with the cutting tools suitable for this machining process and their production and shaping. The last part of the thesis is focused on the application and utilization of micro-turning in industry and on the creation of non-rotational components and micro-structures.
Productive milling of aluminum alloys
Dvořák, Jakub ; Žídek, Jan (referee) ; Jaroš, Aleš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on milling of aluminum alloys, where the technology of milling is described in the first place, then the cutting materials and aluminum alloys. The main subject of the work was to carry out the experiment. The Experiment was focused on influence of cutting conditions on the final quality of the surface with regard to machine time. The aluminum workpiece was milled at different cutting speeds and various feed per tooth. At the same time the quality of the surface was examened and machine times were calculated. The Experiment showed us, whether it pays to use higher cutting speeds and feed per tooth, keeping the set of limited values of surface roughness with respect to the machine time. The result of the experiment is the following - the increasing feed per tooth deteriorates the quality of machined surface, but machine time is reduced.
Reactive Modification of Polypropylene
Matláková, Jana ; Žídek, Jan (referee) ; Lehocký, Marián (referee) ; Kučera, František (advisor)
The theoretical part describes the principles of the free-radical induced grafting and the influence of various parameters on the reactions course. The literature research summarizes the latest knowledge in the field of the reactive modification of polypropylene (PP), it is mainly focused on the PP modification using an unsaturated acid anhydrides. Theoretical part describes the various procedures and modification of technology in order to increase the grafting yield of maleation. The experimental part is determined by the influence of the stabilizers concentration, the peroxide structure, and the binary mixture of monomers on the grafting yield and the reaction course. In the first part, the critical stabilizers concentration was determined based on the experimentally obtained relationship between the grafting yield and the stabilizers concentration. A kinetic schema of grafting of MAH onto PP in the presence of stabilizers has been proposed and compared with the experimental results. The effect of the stabilizers on the extent of the undesirable b-scission was evaluated based on the melt flow rate (MFR) and the rheological curves of PP-g-MAH. In the second part, the effect of the peroxide structure and the concentration of reactants on the grafting yield of PP modification with MAH and itaconic anhydride (IAH) was observed. The initial grafting yield Rg has been experimentally determined and compared with a defined area of theoretical values of Rg. The extent of b-scission was significantly influenced by the structure and the concentration of peroxide, as shown by the results of MFR and the rheological curves of PP-g-MAH. The last part of the doctoral thesis is focused on the assessment of the combination of MAH and IAH as comonomers on the grafting yield. At first, the reference polymers were prepared using the solution polymerization of MAH, and IAH, and copolymerization of MAH with IAH. The reference polymers were analyzed by FTIR, DSC, WAXS to confirm the probable copolymerization of MAH and IAH. The dependence of the reaction enthalpy on the reaction time was observed using simulations of bulk polymerization of MAH, IAH and mixtures MAH and IAH "in situ" in isothermal calorimeter. PP was subsequently modified with a combination of MAH and IAH as comonomers in order to assess its effect on the grafting yield

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