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Differentiable Depth Estimation for Bin Picking
Černý, Marek ; Klusáček, David (advisor) ; Šikudová, Elena (referee)
The goal of this thesis was to investigate the neural 3D surface reconstruction from multiple views with the intent to use the resulting depth maps for bin picking. Survey of papers from 2014 to 2018 showed that none of the state of the art methods would be used to control a robot arm in our setup. Therefore we decided to create our low-level neural approach which we called the EmfNet. The network is based on a pyramidal resolution refining approach. At each pyramid's layer, there are three separate networks that take part in the computation. Each of them has a definite goal, which gives us almost complete understanding of what is going on inside the network. The EmfNet model was partially usable, but we nevertheless extended it to EmfNet-v2. First, another measuring layer was added, which freed EmfNet from depending on an unnecessary hyperparameter. Second, we used constraints on geometry for the network not to be confused by occlusions (cases where a certain part of the surface is visible only from a single camera). Both networks were implemented and tested on a corpus that was created as a part of this thesis. A corpus containing rendered as well as real data. The process of correspondence pairing inside the network can be observed using the visualization tool. We designed a way how to use a robotic arm...
Production of "flange" components on CNC machines
Černý, Marek ; Trčka, Tomáš (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the production of flange type components on CNC machines. The flange function in the tank assembly is described here. The work includes choice of material, choice of semifinished product and proposal of machinery for production. Also, there is a technological process and NC programs for various control systems. Finally, a prototype is produced, which is then evaluated.
IPv6 Modelling in OMNeT++
Černý, Marek ; Grégr, Matěj (referee) ; Veselý, Vladimír (advisor)
OMNeT++ is a discrete-event simulator commonly used to build various network simulations. It can be extended by INET framework that supplies models of protocols and devices from TCP/IP environment. This paper explores current capabilities of INET to model IPv6, particularly routing. Implemented extension includes modules of dual-stack router and dual-stack host that support XML-based configuration of IPv6 addressing and static routing. We also introduce an OSPFv3 module that implements most of auxiliary features and is ready for future development of the routing protocol core.
Eluding and Evasion of IDS Systems
Černý, Marek ; Tobola, Jiří (referee) ; Žádník, Martin (advisor)
This paper analyzes network security devices called intrusion detection (ID) systems. In order to point out possible flaws, especially ID systems using signature analysis are examined. Based on this, methods to exploit possible vulnerabilities of these systems were designed. These methods were implemented into a simple program for ID systems efficiency evaluation. It can be used in a way entirely independent of particular network attack used in the test.

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