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Potravinová bezpečnost v kontextu demografického vývoje v uprchlických táborech v regionu východní Afriky
Bajtová, Kristýna
The aim of the thesis is to analyse food security in the Dadaab refugee camp. The thesis is divided into three sections: the theoretical and analytical section and the proposal. The first part is focused on description of the refugee, food security and reintegration process. The second part analyses the origin of the refugee camp life conditions in the camp, demographic composition of the population, food security and the role of international and non - governmental organizations. The proposal section lists the possible solutions to ensure adequate food security and successful reintegration process of refugees back to Somalia.
Dopady válečného konfliktu v Sýrii na úroveň migrace obyvatelstva
Zmitková, Adriána
This bachelor thesis describes and analyzes the start up process of conflict on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, changes in the level of migration caused by the conflict and final destinations of refugees. The thesis focuses on international organizations involved in humanitarian crisis resolution in each host country. Conclusion contains suggested solutions to the problems associated with inadequate living conditions of refugees.
Potravinová bezpečnost v regionu střední Afriky
Staňková, Magdalena
The subject of this thesis is a summary and description of the theoretical approaches in the construction of the composite indicator and food security in selected countries of Central Africa, with a focus on the Central African Republic. Analytical part contains a statistical analysis of the issue of food security, along with graphical and tabular presentation of the results. The last part - the draft, contains recommendations and suggestions for improving the food security of Central African States and proposed measures to improve the food security of returnees and internally displaced persons.
Potravinová bezpečnosť ako jedna z priorít Spoločnej poľnohospodárskej politiky EÚ
Németh, Tomáš
Food security is a concept that is increasingly gaining importance in shaping the policies of different countries. On the background of processes associated with globalization, development of international trade, demographic predictions of population growth, increasing living standards and food demand, arises the question whether the global food system is able to feed the rapidly growing population in future. There is a number of suggestions trying to solve this problem. The fact that remains is that the global food system has already the problem of feeding all people on the planet. The latest estimates indicate that 840 million people, or every eight person in the world, suffer from chronic hunger. This thesis entitled "Food security as one of the priorities shaping Common Agricultural Policy of European Union" describes the issue of food security and preconditions for its application as an argument of shaping the Common Agricultural Policy. The thesis continues to specify the basic approaches and socio-economic context of food security issues in global and regional context of current agribusiness. Finally, it characterizes the approaches to these issues in agricultural development strategy of Czech Republic.
Klimatické změny a výzvy rozvojových zemí s cílem směřujícím na Sahel
Nohelová, Kateřina
The aim of the thesis is to analyze the development of climate change in the Sahel belt of Sub-Saharan Africa. The thesis is focused on West Africa including Mali, Niger, Mauritania, Senegal and Chad. The challenge is to use two composite indicators, which will then be evaluated in table and graphical form in the five-year period that also typify the economic and environmental situation in the region. It will also study the effect of climate change on agricultural land, its transformation and yield in terms of food security. The results obtained from the theoretical and analytical part will identify possible suggestions and recommendations for better measures to reduce the impact of climate change on selected countries of the Sahel.
Degradace půdy a potravinová bezpečnost v oblasti Sahel
Bartoňová, Eva
The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the condition of land degradation and food security in the Sahel region. The thesis is divided into three sections: the theoretical and practical section and the proposal. The first part is dedicated to description of the soil types, the main factors of degradation, which affect the quality of soil, and the means of measuring food security. The second section follows the data from theoretical section and presents the analysis of the soil quality, the proportion of agricultural land from total area of the country, the agricultural production and food security with focus on health condition of the population. The situation is analyzed in the selected countries of the Sahel, specifically Mali and Niger. The proposal describes the changes of state policies in the area of agricultural production, the procedures against land degradation and low level of food security in accordance with sustainable development.
Obstacles and Solutions to Solving the Global Hunger Issue in the World
Obenbergerová, Lucie ; Pavlík, Petr (advisor) ; Kačírková, Eliška (referee)
The urgency of the global hunger and poverty issues has led to establishment of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals with the deadline at the end of 2015. The presented bachelor thesis focuses on the first and the most difficult goal which is to reduce extreme poverty and hunger by half compared to 1990. Obstacles to achieving the goal emerge, slow down the progress and lower the effect of the invested money and effort. The aim of the thesis is to define and evaluate the obstacles and their negative effect on developing countries and implementation of otherwise efficient solutions, which are afterwards described. The thesis supports, with an example of three successful countries from different parts of the world, the fact that by using adequate methods it is possible to achieve the goal.
Role of permaculture in sustainable living
Mankind's relationship to the Material World is the defining and initial relationship when examining the evolution of sustainable development.Generally, mankind is intensely concerned with the environmental issues since the sixties of the last century, mainly because of the serious environmental changes which began to appear at that time. Permaculture, which is one of the alternative concepts, was originally created as a system of agricultural production and later extended to the different aspects of life: - cultural, economic and social.This work consists of several parts: in Pt. 1, I have analysed and summarized the project of the Forest Garden and the permacultural practices proposed in my Bachelor's thesis from the year 2011. Part 2 describes my application of recommended permacultural planting methods on selected crops, and the pros and cons of each procedure have been evaluated. In the Final part, I have followed traditional technological procedures and have elaborated the selected basic sorts of processed food.
Conflict between biofuels support and food security
Vyhnalová, Kateřina ; Jílková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Pělucha, Martin (referee)
In recent years biofuels support is on the rise and is leading to rise in their productions. Biofuels are produced on land with agricultural products that is why there is rising land competition. Food prices are rising fast and food security is deteriorating. Hypothesis is that countries and international organizations are introducing measuress to guarantee food security. The aim of the thesis is to analyze interventions that respond to impacts of biofuel support in selected countries. The hypothesis is right. States are introducing measures to guarantee food security. Developed states give more financial donations to humanitarian institutions and support development of second generation biofuels that is not competitive with food production. Developing states implement for example increasing food export duties or prohibition of food exports, reducing food import duties and reducing tax levy on food. Some developing states have decided for food safeguarding.

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