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Modules of the BUT Information System for the Study Agenda
Brezáni, Branislav ; Veigend, Petr (referee) ; Dytrych, Jaroslav (advisor)
The aim of this work is to add selected functions that were available in IS FIT to IS BUT. This requires designing and implementing new modules or extending existing ones. These are modules focused on project assignment management, lists and statistics of students of study programmes, statistics of course evaluation, statistics related to final theses, statistics related to state final examinations and registration of students for the next year of study. The new features will be used by various faculty members. Teachers will use the project assignment management features and important statistics for their courses. The study department will use the student lists for regular study checking and the automation of enrollment in the next year of study will remove the need for them to finalize each study enrolment manually. Faculty management will use statistics on courses that are also used by teachers, together with statistics on study programmes for strategic decision making.
Project Management Implementation in the selected company
Baslová, Markéta ; Bartoška, Jan (advisor) ; Ivan, Ivan (referee)
The thesis is focused on understanding the current state of project management in selected companies, including proposing their own suggestions and recommendations. Own suggestions and recommendations are directly used in the case study of a real project-an exclusive two-days training for exclusive leaders. The thesis has two parts. In the first part are described the elementary terms of project management. Defined individual phases of the life cycle, described selected project documentation and international standards and methodologies of project management. In the second part is a brief description of the selected company, describes the project lifecycle, including comparisons of the international standards and methodology and evaluation deficiencies. Suggestions and recommendations are used in the case study and in the final discussion are evaluated practical suggestions and recommendations.