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What do parents of preschool children expect from kindergarten
This bachelor's thesis studies the expectations that the parents of preschool children have of kindergartens. Parents often keep these expectations to themselves and rarely voice them. My objective was to identify what parents consider as important, what properties a kindergarten should have, what parents' requirements are of teachers, as well as how teachers themselves perceive the issue. In the theoretical part, I deal with the basic terms such as family, preschool child, kindergarten, and the mutual cooperation of family and school. The second part of the thesis describes a questionnaire survey and interviews. Whilst a large portion of parents are satisfied with their choice of kindergarten, some have made suggestions such as improved communication, a change of diet, or a reduction of rewards in the form of sweets.
Parental and teacher's attitude to homework
Bárová, Jitka ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Poche Kargerová, Jana (referee)
My thesis focuses to parental and teacher's attitude to homework. This work consists of two parts, theoretical and empirical part. Theoretical part contains the terms and definitions of homework. There are a lot of purposes of homework. Another aim is to discover positive and negative effects of homework. A key to success over homework are communication and motivation. The empirical part deals with interviews with parents and teachers. The interview with the parents focused on the main question: What is the attitude of the parents to their child's homework? And the interview with the teachers focused on the main question: What is a purpose of homework? As result came out that the parents agree with the idea of homework and for teachers the purpose of homework is to practise the lessons. KEYWORDS homework, home preparation, parent-teacher communication, family-school cooperation
Economic Relations between the Czech Republic and the Republic of South Africa
Smetanová, Jitka ; Zamykalová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Chládek, Miloslav (referee)
This work analyses the relations of the Czech Republic and South Africa in the field of trade and investment. The first chapter describes the environment of South Africa from geographic, demographic, historical, political views and perspectives of involvement in various organizations. The second chapter compares the economic environments in the Czech Republic and South Africa in the fields of macroeconomic indicators, foreign trade and foreign direct investment. The third chapter deals with mutual economic relations between the two countries. The fourth chapter focuses on the company Crystalex CZ dealing with South African partners.
Specifics of work of nurses in the centers of biological treatment.
Specifics of the Work of a Nurse in Biological Therapy Centres? The bachelor thesis was written in theoretical form with the aim to map the problems of biological therapy. The method of research and analysis of the available present sources related to the topic was applied to the thesis elaboration. Biological therapy represents a new type of treatment trying to create such a compound that is capable of targeted immune system suppressing or strengthening to influence a pathological process in an ill or impaired organism as accurate as possible. Because of high costs the treatment by biological preparations had to be concentrated to centres. Quality teams of people that are able to assess effectively for which patient the therapy is suitable and safe work at the centres. Patient registers enable efficient treatment and long-term monitoring of medical safety. Attention is also paid to equipment and environment of the centres. The chapter Specifics of Nurse Work focuses on professional knowledge and skills of a nurse in biological therapy application. The main task of a nurse is to provide complex, individual holistic nursing care based on quality verbal and non-verbal communication and educational activity. The next part deals with the individual spheres of medicine with the best experience with biological therapy. In gastroenterology, where idiopathic intestine inflammations of Crohn?s disease and ulcerous colitis are treated by means of TNF-? blocking substances, the substances are administered in the form of infusion or subcutaneously. Nurses thus have to be aware of treatment process, treatment principle and side effects linked to the therapy. Excellent results are achieved with biological therapy in the rheumatology centre in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis also known as Bechterew's disease, psoriatic arthritis and juvenile idiopathic arthritis. ATTRA Registry, which is one of the most important tools for patient monitoring from the beginning of the therapy, is also mentioned here. The work of nurses in the oncology centre focuses on monitoring the side effects linked to the therapy. Side effects linked to biological therapy are more specific than those in cytostatic therapy. It thus depends on nurse?s observation skills, her ability to decide what symptoms should be focused on during the therapy and ability to respond to them in timely manners. The last centre analysed in the thesis is the dermatology centre, where they have experience with therapy of a chronic disease called psoriasis vulgaris. The information provided from the available data has shown us that although the therapy is highly costly, its purposeful application is economically effective at least thanks to the fact that timely commencement of therapy enables patient life quality improvement without possible disability. Although the therapy is not able to cure the patients completely, its main goal is to slow down the disease prognosis and to free the patients from the pains linked to the disease.
Nurses´ co-operation with other members of medical staff as an integral part of high-quality treating care
There are many miscellaneous people co-operation at health services. Diversity is not only in professional knowledge but in nature of work and attitude to work of every individual as well. There is different work content in every field but the work is hard and professional everywhere. It wouldt be possible to provide high-quality care service without nurses and other team members co-operation.

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