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Experimental evaluation of aluminothermic welds
Zeman, L. ; Valach, J. ; Zlámal, P. ; Krčmářová, N. ; Koudelková, Veronika ; Zeman, J.
The article presents a study of the mechanical processes occurring during the aluminother-mic reaction using experimental methods (strain gauges, digital image correlation, thermography,scanning electron microscopy, profilometry). The aluminothermic reaction is a highly efficient weldingmethod due to its exothermic behaviour, however, it places considerable demands not only on thewelding technique, but also on the capabilities of the experimental methods used - these limitationsare also discussed in the article. The aluminothermic reaction is associated with the formation of alocalised heat source with a time evolution dictated by the technological procedure, which manifestsitself in heat propagation to the surrounding weld material. The unequal evolution of the temperaturefield is the fundamental cause of the appearance of the heat affected zone or local deformations orsurface curvature, which was the focus of the experimental methods deployed above and the results ofwhich are shown in the article.

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