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Design of a solar system for hot water heating in a family house
Reiskup, Matěj ; Tuhovčák, Ján (referee) ; Jaroš, Michal (advisor)
The thesis discusses the use of solar-powered water heating system in a family home. The introductory chapters present traditional methods of heating water and solar energy concepts. Following chapters compare the advantages and disadvantages of solar-powered water heating with more traditional heating methods and the core parts of such system. Finally a solar-powered heating system for a family home is proposed, including cost calculation, return on investment and comparison with a common heating system.
Control of storage and hydropower function of reservoir by using simulation model
Rajsiglová, Veronika ; Marton, Daniel (referee) ; Menšík, Pavel (advisor)
The work focuses on the creation of separate reservoir simulation model. The simulation model is created in Microsoft Excel, spreadsheet application with accessible functions whereby progression of arithmetic and logical algorithm simulating operation of reservoir storage and hydropower function is created.
Creating predictions average monthly flow for the control of the storage capacity of a fictive reservoir dam
Hrabinová, Barbora ; Sobek, Martin (referee) ; Menšík, Pavel (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on predictions of mean monthly flows for a purpose of control of storage functions when thinking differently positions of fictive reservoirs in the catchment area. One of the reservoir is situated in the upper part of the catchment area and the second is situated in the middle part of catchment area. Predictions are made by Support vector machine method in RStudio and with the use of R language. Predicted values of flows was evaluated by the correlation coefficient, coefficient of determination, Root mean square error and than was made the simulation of operation of storage function, which was evaluated by Total sum of squares modificated for problems of water management. In the end was made a comparison of both of the reservoirs for assessment of the suitability of the method.
Analysis of selected effects on water management solution storage function of reservoir system
Čechová, Martina ; Daniel,, Marton (referee) ; Menšík, Pavel (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the influence of the effect of water loss by evaporation in the water management solution storage function of reservoir system. To determine the size of the effect of water loss by evaporation is used simulation model. The simulation model is created with SOMVS. Determining the size of water losses from reservoirs is made simplified method. Loss of water by evaporation is solved for selected level hydrologic reliability of evaporation. To find the optimal size of the storage volume of the proposed reservoir are used all optimization methods included in the SOMVS, that is the grid method, Monte Carlo method, the modified gradient method and differential evolution.
Water management solution of Tršice reservoir
Chyba, Martin ; Fína, David (referee) ; Starý, Miloš (advisor)
The master thesis follows the bachelor's thesis entitled Water management solution of a small water Tršice reservoir. The object of the work is the completion of the water management solution at the Tršice reservoir. In the terms of the storage function of the reservoir, it will be a question of finding a possible increase of runoff for irrigation in the growing season of various crops. In the terms of the protective function, it will be a transformation of flood waves of Tršice reservoirs and below ponds.
Control water outflow of selected reservoir for using dispatcher graph
Rumanová, Jana ; Marton, Daniel (referee) ; Menšík, Pavel (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis is focused on the control of water runoff on the selected reservoir by dispatcher graph. Dispatcher graph is made in Microsoft Excel program. To create a dispatcher graph were used historical data of flow range. Functionality of dispatcher graph is verified at flow range. Achieved results are compared with the management of the planned runoff.
Project of Outgoing Transformer Unit for the Photovoltaic Power Station
Hanák, Miroslav ; Procházka, Aleš (referee) ; Orságová, Jaroslava (advisor)
This master’s thesis engages in project of outgoing transformer unit for the photovoltaic power station. It describes project and its design documentation what conducts to practising of construction. It has compared investing to more expansive transformer what has lower loss. It describes charges of operation’s transformer in twenty years. It leads project of cable low voltage. It compares whether is better to use aluminium or cupric cables. Project is led with respect for investment costs and minimum of operation loss.
Simulation and optimization model of reservoir system in Svitava river basin
Šejnoha, Michal ; Marton, Daniel (referee) ; Menšík, Pavel (advisor)
The bachelor´s thesis is focused on the construction of a simulation and optimization model selected water management system. Both models are created with program SOMVS. The simulation model is based on the choice improved outflow from reservoir searching of boundaries Assurance classes. The simulation model simulates the flow of water through the system. Not finding the optimal solution using optimization methods. In the optimization model is used optimization method of differential evolution. The optimization model seeks maximized value of the objective function for water withdrawal from selected profile.
Control water outflow of selected reservoir for using optimization model
Sobek, Martin ; Marton, Daniel (referee) ; Menšík, Pavel (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis is focused on the control of selected reservoir optimization model. The calculation is made by program SOMVS. The functionality of the optimization model is verified on the selected from a number of real average monthly flows. When the solution is applied the principle of adaptive control.
Injection System Build-in on Tractor Engine
Svršek, Michal ; Ramík, Pavel (referee) ; Dundálek, Radim (advisor)
The aim of this work is to design the installation of a new injection system to the existing tractor engines and construct new components necessary for proper function of the injection. In the following section is suggesting the location of other accessories for engine control. This is an injection system with a pressure reservoir "Common Rail" and all its components are created in modeling environment PTC Creo 2.0. Designed components are tested for strength and they are subjected to modal analysis.

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