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Nursing care for a woman with pre-eclampsia, perinatological results in relation to creatinine levels in maternal blood
Šmejkalová, Tereza ; Koucký, Michal (advisor) ; Čábela, Radek (referee)
Pre-eclampsia (PE) is a serious multi-organ disease complicating pregnancy. It occurs in 2-8% of pregnancies worldwide and approximately 50,000 women die from its consequences each year. This bachelor's thesis summarizes the theoretical knowledge of PE, - specifically the etiopathogenesis, classification and symptoms of the disease, treatment management, likely complications and other aspects that are important in nursing care. The practical part of the thesis deals with the use of serum creatinine (S-creatinine) levels to determine the severity of the patient's condition and the likely consequences for the foetus. The main objective of the thesis was to find a correlation between maternal S-creatinine levels prior to delivery and perinatal outcomes. The sub-objective was to monitor serum urea (S-urea) levels in relation to the length of pregnancy. Our hypothesis was that as the mother's antepartum S-creatinine level increases, the length of gestation shortens, newborn birth weight decreases, postpartum adaptation worsens, and the length of maternal hospitalization increases. To perform the research, we retrospectively collected data from pregnant women with a PE diagnosis who gave birth at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and of...
Quality of life in vitiligo patients
Stoklasová, Daniela ; Mareš, Jiří (advisor) ; Kutnohorská, Jana (referee)
Author: Daniela Stoklasová Institution: Department of non-medical studies Faculty od Medicine in Hradec Králové Title: Quality of life in vitiligo patients Supervisor: prof. PhDr. Jiří Mareš, CSc. Number of pages: 106 Year of defense: 2022 Keywords: vitiligo, quality of life, skin, multifactorial disease, nursing care The bachelor's thesis deals with the quality of life of patients with vitiligo. The theoretical part deals with the anatomy and function of the skin. Furthermore, the problems of vitiligo, the causes of this disease, the clinical picture, diagnosis, treatment, similar diseases and autoimmune diseases associated with vitiligo are explained. It also deals with nursing care for these patients and their self-care. Lastly, it clarifies the concept of quality of life, its history, how we generally evaluate quality of life and how we can evaluate it in patients with vitiligo, and also what effect this disease has on the patient's quality of life. The empirical part describes the results of quantitative research, which took place in 52 patients using the Czech version of the VitiQoL questionnaire, which was translated into Czech with the consent of foreign authors. Besides the overall quality of life, this bachelor's thesis focuses on specific areas of quality of life that are highly relevant...
Nursing care about a patient related to pacemaker implantation
Kazmířová, Jitka ; Zvoníčková, Marie (advisor) ; Osmančík, Pavel (referee)
Pacemaker implantation is a relatively common treatment of bradyarrhythmias today. This work deals with the nursing care about a patient who undergoes this surgery. The theoretical section summarizes the implantation issue, its indications, available devices and describes the typical course of the implantation. The practical part presents a case report. A fifty-six year old female patient undergoes a pacemaker implantation. She suffers from sick sinus syndrome manifested with bradycardia and palpitations, recently states of weakness and dizziness appeared, there were several collapses. The nursing process is handled according to the Model by M. Gordon. Particular attention is paid to mental state of the patient. Education of is also promoted. The patient must properly understand the reason for pacemaker implantation indication. She must also be advised of the necessary regimen after the surgery, which is an essential part of the treatment. Objectives that were set out in the plan of nursing care were achieved. The patient successfully underwent surgery, she was thoroughly educated and we can expect an increase in the quality of her life.
Alternative methods in managing postoperative pain in living donor renal transplantant recipients
Nová, Michaela ; Hocková, Jana (advisor) ; Dynáková, Šárka (referee)
The main criteria for managing good postoperative care include the effective and appropriate choice of pain therapy. Experiencing pain is a purely individual feeling for each of us, so it is very important to have adequate and sufficient analgesia during this period. Modern management of post-operative pain therapy uses preparations of various pharmacological groups that potentiate and thereby more effectively reduce pain. By this mechanism, we can reduce the total dose of analgesics given, and more particularly, reduce the dose of opioids that have a higher risk of side effects. In this project i want to show how the analgesic catheter could be useful as alternative possibility in algorithm therapy of postoperative pain. Analgesic catheter enable continual local anesthetics administration, exactly 0,5% bupivacaine, which is operating in surgical wound. Main goal of the study is to find out and verify if analgesic catheter is method which provides continual analgesia strong enough to results in lower use of opioids. The research data will be determined by quantitative research using a questionnaire survey. Non standardized self-production questionnaire. will be given in a paper form to non-medical healthcare staff, who perform nursing activities The spectrum of patients is very specific; they are...
The needs of the ICU patient after myocardial infarction requiring V-A ECMO support
Procházková, Tereza ; Konopásková, Marie (advisor) ; Pražáková, Zuzana (referee)
Introduction: The coronary heart disease is still an actual topic. The mortality has been in recent years declining, but prevalence in the population stagnates, so involve a large group of patients. The incidence of acute myocardial infarction is still high. One of the methods of reperfusion therapy is the cardiac surgery by coronary artery bypass graft, which may be postoperatively complicated by the development of low cardiac output syndrome with the need of the extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. These patients require very specialized not only during the critical phase, but also during the long-term convalescence including rehabilitation, weaning from the artificial lung ventilation, self-sufficiency training and help with return to normal life. Literature search: The theoretical part is based on the research of National Medical Library (NLK) and Study and Scientific Library of the Pilsen Region (SVKPL). The PubMed, Scopus, Web of science and Science direct databases were used to search articles in professional publications, including the latest cohort studies. The periodicals Cor et Vasa, the European Heart Journal, Critical Care and the European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing were used. An important source of information is the guidelines of the Czech Society of Cardiology (ČKS), European...
The level of knowledge of health worker in selected performances on the post-operative cardiac intensive care
Petrů, Miroslava ; Marková, Eva (advisor) ; Chmaittiliová, Alena (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to describe the use of Swan-Ganz catheter, epidural catheters and temporary pacemakers in intensive care. Another objective is to investigate the level of knowledge and their subjective evaluation of health workers operating in the post-operative cardiac surgery in nursing care of patients with implantable Swan - Ganz catheter, the epidural catheter and temporary pacemaker. The selected nursing interventions are crucial in the field of cardiac surgery. In the theoretical part deals with the definition of basic concepts to selected performances from a nursing perspective. In theory I connected the few literary sources with knowledge from my own experience. In the practical skills required are concretized and processed on a quantitative approach using statistical procedures. To obtain the data questionnaire technique was used. The level of knowledge of respondents postoperative cardiac surgery department responsible level sufficient knowledge or very good. The investigation found alarming was the fact that half of all respondents in the knowledge test erred in ruling wedge pressure measurement parameters of the pulmonary artery catheter. The nursing interventions, which often occurs in the intensive care deserves more attention from management facility that would provide...
Nursing Care for Patients with Tracheostomy
Ebertová, Barbora ; Hošťálková, Monika (advisor) ; Maňasová, Taťána (referee)
The thesis is focused on nursing care of patients with tracheostomy. The work consists of two parts. The first part is theoretical. This section is devoted to anatomy and physiology of the respiratory tract, additional chapters devoted itself already the main topic and that is tracheostomy. The implementation presented here tracheostomy history, engineering design, types of procedures, types of cannulas tracheostomických, indications for the performance and possible complications. Another big part of the total nursing is where nursing care is devoted to a patient with tracheostomy and care of respiratory toilet, replacing the tracheostomy cannula and decanting. Then there is included a chapter on communication with the patient and possible alternative ways of communication and nursing diagnosis. The empirical part focuses on qualitative research, the method of data collection are two case reports of nursing. The survey was conducted at the clinic anesthesia, resuscitation and intensive care in two patients with tracheostomy. The aim of the research was to find out how the nursing care of patients with tracheostomy, method of communication with tracheostomy patients and to determine their nursing problems. Key words Tracheostomy, airway, tracheostomy tube, airway toilet, communication, nursing care
Aspects of the testicular cancer from the affected patients point of view
Pásztorová, Lenka ; Pacovský, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Hadaš, Lubomír (referee)
Author: Lenka Pásztorová Institution: Ústav sociálního lékařství LF UK v Hradci Králové Oddělení ošetřovatelství Title: Aspects of the testicular cancer from the affected patiens point of view Supervisor: MUDr. Jaroslav Pacovský, Ph.D. Number of pages: 92 Number of attachments: 2 Year of defense: 2016 Keywords: testicular tumors, prevention, nursing care, education The Bachelor's thesis is focused on the testicular tumors. The main issues are population awareness and this disease prevention options knowledge. This work utilizes personal experiences of men affected with this disease. Theoretic part describes symptoms, risk factors, diagnostic procedures and therapy of testicular tumors. The main interest of this work is prevention and it offers suitable methods for early diagnosis. The role of a nurse in a nursing process, an optimal communication form and educational activities are designed as well. Possible patient's reactions of patient on the proclaimed severe diagnosis and the disease self-perception are presented. The empirical part presents results of the quantitative research with the questioners use. The aim of the study was deeper understanding of this diagnosis and to get more complex overview on it. The most important expected result is to create suitable information handout.
Benefits and complications of surgical treatment of pharmacoresistant epilepsy
Vrzalová, Marie ; Marková, Eva (advisor) ; Želízková, Marta (referee)
The aim of this thesis was to evaluate the benefits and complications of surgical treatment of refractory epilepsy. The criterion for the selection of patients was undergoing preoperative long-term monitoring. Information were obtained from six patients after 2-3 years r of surgery using the narrative interview and questionnaire QOLIE 89, which evaluates the quality of life. The interview was analyzed using grounded theory while the information obtained from questionnaire were used only as supplement and comparison of the results. Overall evaluation of questionnaire QOLIE 89 was in standard in five of six patients which is against the results obtained in interviews. Comparing risks and complications with benefits of surgical treatment of refractory epilepsy in the observed group was evaluate as problematic. Patients expected more positive benefit of the treatment and improving the quality of life. Keyword: epilepsy, surgical treatment, nursing care, quality of live
The knowledge of mothers in care about physiological newborn
Kohoutová, Petra ; Tomová, Šárka (advisor) ; Nikodemová, Hana (referee)
Bachelor's essay "The knowledge of mothers in care about physiological newborn" is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part includes summary of relevant information about first care about newborn after birth and next daily care. It deals with the means of education of mothers on neonatal ward and the role of paeditrician and a paediatric nurse on giving information about taking care of newborn. The practical part of bachelor's essay contains quantitative research. Through a questionnaire there were found ways of self - education of mothers in taking care about newborn as well as the degree and ways of providing information by a health team on neonatal ward and in a surgery of practictal pediatrician. The questions of questionnaire are also focused on evaluation of education by mothers. The research was carried out during a preventive examination of children's hips in a health centre Zelený Pruh. For the analysis there were used 66 questionnaires in total.

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