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Teaching of geology in surrounding of Dubné Primary School & Kindergarten
As part of this diploma thesis, a teaching program on the topic of geology was created. Its task was to make the teaching of this not-quite-popular topic in elementary schools more enjoyable. The program consists of a block for outdoor studying, consisting of nine activities and associated discussions, and a block for indoor studying, which is designed in the form of five stations where the pupils take turns. Pupils of the 9th grade of ZŠ Dubné tried the program and filled out questionnaires in the form of a pre-test - post-test, which showed that the pupils' knowledge of this topic was very limited before the program and that the program helped them to get a better orientation in the field of geology. Moreover, the pupils unanimously answered that they enjoyed the educational program and would like to experience a similar teaching style more often.
Knowledge of lifeless nature of primary school pupils
The diploma thesis deals with knowledge of primary school pupils about lifeless nature. Their knowledge was validated via didactic test which was created on the basis of the literature review. There are several themes described in the literature review such as science literacy, lifeless nature in Framework Educational Programme for Basic Education, and last but not least, creation of a didactic test. In total 1043 pupils from 12 regions of the Czech Republic took part in the testing. An interview with a primary school teacher about problematic themes in lifeless nature teaching is also included in the thesis. This thesis was supported by the Grant Agency of the University of South Bohemia (GA JU) nr. 123/2019/S.
Minorite Monastery
Jihomoravské muzeum ve Znojmě
Propagační skládačka seznamuje návštěvníky města Znojma s objektem minoritského kláštera, jeho historií a současnými muzejními expozicemi, které jsou v něm umístěny.
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Využití vybraných přírodních objektů území ŠLP Masarykův les Křtiny pro účely praktické výuky
Walsbergerová, Tereza
Presented Bachelor thesis deals with proposal of four educational routes on area of ŠLP Masarykův les Křtiny. Within each educational route, the parameters of individual routes and the characteristics of individual objects were processed, which were selected as suitable objects for practical education. Furthermore, own photographic documentation was prepared for each object. In this thesis were also processed specific professional impacts and proposal of a short test for knowledge verification. One chosen route was also processed in graphical design suitable for potencial use of these routes in a form of a short brochure. Thesis is also concerning a potencial of ŠLP Masarykův les Křtiny for use in practical education focusing on natural sciences.
The issues of the philosophical contexts of an animate and inanimate nature in the periodical Vesmir (2000-2010)
HUDATZKÁ, Kristina
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to provide the philosophical themes overview in the natural science periodical Vesmír in 2000-2010, which relate to an animate and inanimate nature. This topic wasn´t given an adequate attention in the literature, therefore the choice of this topic was obvious. The first part of this topic devotes to the natural science periodical Vesmír the history, the important personalities and the characteristic in the explored period. The next, main part of this topic is focused on analysis of explored articles, including stating the authors. With a made analysis I arrived at the conclusion, that the philosophical aspects of an animate nature is devoted more attention in the natural science periodical Vesmír. Most articles are focused on such philosophical themes, that they´re devoted to the gnoseological questions. The articles regarding the ontological, esthetic, ethical, axiological and cosmological problems are less frequent. I find the personal contribution of this bachelor thesis in wider and deeper way of looking at the world and approach to understanding the basic principles of the world.
Suggestions for project teaching on the 2nd grade of elementary school using the example of inanimate nature of Novohradské mountains.
This thesis deals with teaching about inanimate nature of the local region. The main theme of the thesis is to create own suggestions for project teaching on the 2nd grade of elementary school using the example of inanimate nature of Novohradské mountains. The project includes various activities focused on teaching about inanimate nature. The theoretical part deals with basic principles of interdisciplinary relations, project-based teaching and field exercise. It also includes an assessment of the significance of the interdisciplinary relitonships of the topic inanimate nature within the FEP. One of these chapters is devoted to the physical-geographic characteristics of the Novohradské mountains. The practical part is the final suggestion of the project.
Analysis of the interest in intimate nature at primary and secondary school in the area of Chrudim
The aim of the bachelor thesis is analysis of the interest in inanimate nature of respondents from five primary schools and three secondary schools in the area of Chrudim. The thesis has theoretical and practical parts. The first part is focused on the description of research methodology, motivation and leisure activities, and the description of basic factors affecting student's interest in inanimate nature. The practical part has dealt with the author's research consisted of questionnaire survey among the students (134 respondents) and structured interviews with the teachers (4 respondents). The obtained results show that geological topics, i.e. inanimate nature, are not favourite theme for the students at primary and secondary schools. There are no significant differences between girls and boys, as well as between students of primary and secondary schools. The results have proved that unpopularity of geology (inanimate nature) is caused mostly by insufficient time devoted to this theme at schools, which is currently one lecture a week. During this lecture it is necessary to go through and explain large amount of new terms and knowledge from geology. Therefore, there is a shortage of time for favourite practical examples in lectures or excursions to the nature.
Popularization of Basic Geology Processes for Pupils between 11 and 12 Years Old in Form of Publication
The main goal of this research was to create a geological publication for children between 11 and 12 years old, which could be used in extracurricular education. The outcome is a publication with 10 A4 size pages. Each page is independent and can be used separately. The publication was tested on group of 87 children. Most of the children found it useful but for some of them it was too childish. The possibility of using the publication for younger children in future research is discussable.
Comparison of content knowledge in geology among students of junior secondary grammar schools and 2. level primary schools in České Budějovice
ŠÍREK, Vladimír
Comparison of content knowledge in geology among students of junior secondary grammar schools and 2. level primary schools in České Budějovice. Bachelor thesis. Faculty of Education, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. Department of Biology. The author deals with evaluating of the level of knowledge of inanimate nature with pupils of 9th grades primary school; and quarts of secondary grammar schools in selected schools in České Budějovice. The level of authentication is carried out by using a didactic test. Before the actual % criti.:ation apretesthas been conducted, which tested a smaller sample of respondents. Based on the pre-test results, questions of the research test, which have been subsequently used in schools for the purpose of research, were modified. The work aims at su1% eving the actual content knowledge of pupils at both types of educational institutions and point; out areas in geology with which students may have difficulty. This Bachelor thesis was created under a project GA JU 065/2010/s.
Biology knowledge of the 9. year- class pupils at town basic schools
This thesis deals with the testing of knowledge testing of the natural history of pupils in 9th classes of primary schools through didactic test. The knowledge of natural history was tested with 118 pupils (67 boys a 51 girls) in districts ofPříbram a Mirovice. The best knowledge of pupils was found in the field of zoology, and the lowest knowledge in the field of inanimate nature. The results were compared with the results of the survey in primary schools in Brno, in district of Příbram, in Kolín and in South Bohemia region (2012). At village schools pupils demonstrated the highest knowledge in the field of zoology, compared to other regions, where pupils demonstrated the best knowledge of human biology.

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