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Metabolic setup of Drosophila macrophages during the immune response
KREJČOVÁ, Gabriela
Adjustment of cellular metabolism is a key function that allows macrophages to fulfill their roles in the body. While the pro-inflammatory polarization of macrophages has been extensively studied in mammalian models, it has not yet been satisfactorily investigated in insects. The study presented in this thesis therefore attempts to elucidate the metabolic setup of macrophages during the immune response in Drosophila melanogaster.
Provedení detailního fytopatologického průzkumu u senescentních dřevin v parku u zámku Buchlovice
Běhávka, Martin
The bachelor's thesis focuses on a detailed phytopathological examination of 70 selected senescent trees located in the park near Buchlovice chateau, which covers an area of 18.4 hectares. The aim of the survey was to describe the diseases and pests occurring on selected tree species and the way in which these tree species are affected. Furthermore, on the basis of this survey, I created a list of measures specifically related to the given tree species in order to ensure the longest and highest quality of plant life. According to the resulting data, it follows that the local woody plants suffer from diseases typical of the species and their age. For example, we can observe relatively gentle treatment in terms of damage to root canals and the overall zone at the base of the trunk.
COVID-19 and kidney diseases
Stanovský, Samuel ; Čertíková-Chábová, Věra (advisor) ; Zahrádka, Ivan (referee)
In clinical practice, SARS-CoV-2 virus infection and COVID-19 disease are mainly associated with dominant respiratory disorders of varying severity, from minor events such as upper respiratory tract infections to life-threatening respiratory failure. However, COVID-19 can not only be seen as a respiratory infection, but the possibility of systemic involvement should also be considered. One of the internal organs that can be directly affected by the virus is the kidneys. Renal damage from the SARS-CoV-2 virus can occur in completely intact kidneys or can affect kidneys with pre-existing nephropathy. In addition, patients with manifest renal disease are considered at higher risk for the COVID-19 than healthy population due to the often-significant immunosuppressive pharmacotherapy that might be a part of various nephropathy treatment regimens.
Intrinsic factors in helper T-cells lineage choice
Andreyeva, Arina ; Neuwirth, Aleš (advisor) ; Chmelař, Jindřich (referee)
The process of clonal expansion of T lymphocytes, or T cells, belongs to the basic characteristics of adaptive immunity. A fundamental role in the immune response is played by the CD4+ T cells which are capable of evolving into the different subtypes (for example Th1 or Tfh) that help other types of cells to effectively eliminate pathogens. Each particular subtype activates different arms of the immune system for the most effective clearance of a particular pathogen. The way how the pathogen will be eliminated depends on the type of infection. This thesis aims to analyze relevant literature and known facts about factors that influence functional T-cell differentiation. This thesis will be mainly focused on the question of how much the T-cell receptor's structure or antigen affinity plays a role in this decision- making process. Another point of interest is the capability of T cells from one clone to produce different T helper cell subtypes, or they are preferentially biased towards a single differentiation pathway. Key words: adaptive immunity, CD4+ T cells, TCR, infections, differentiation
Effect of pathogens on the vaginal microbiome
Procházková, Jana ; Tachezy, Jan (advisor) ; Smutná, Tamara (referee)
The human body is heavily populated with a wide variety of microorganisms. These microorganisms form coherent communities, which in contact with specific human organs form microbiomes. Each microbiome is unique in its composition. The study of microbiomes enables us to describe their composition and to understand the complex interactions that occur between microorganisms and humans. Methods of microbiome analysis are constantly evolving. For example, next-generation sequencing is currently the most widely used method for the characterization of microbiomes. Bacteria of the genus Lactobacillus are the major component of a healthy vaginal microbiome in most women. A healthy vaginal microbiome is essential for maintaining the natural homeostasis and to assure a proper functioning of the female urogenital tract. Lactobacillus is also important for the protection of the vagina from pathogenic agents such as viruses, bacteria, archaea and eukaryotes. In this bachelor's thesis the major pathogens of the Bacteria and the Eukaryota domain are described. Hereby a particular focus is on Trichomonas vaginalis, which is the most prevalent pathogenic agent of the female urogenital tract worldwide. Studying the immunity of the vaginal microbiome to this parasite is therefore essential. Furthermore, the mechanisms of...
The case study of physiotherapeutical treatment of the patient with a diagnosis of spastic paraparesis caused by spondylodiscitis
Mydlilová, Klára ; Stupková, Michaela (advisor) ; Piruchtová, Karolína (referee)
Author: Klára Mydlilová Supervisor: Mgr. Michaela Stupková Title: The case study of physiotherapeutical treatment of the patient with a diagnosis of spastic paraparesis caused by spondylodiscitis Objectives: The aim of this bachelor thesis is to elaborate theroretical knowledge about spastic paraparesis based on spondylodiscitis. The theoretical knowledge and findings were used as a base for creating proper physiotherapeutical treatment for patient with diagnose mentioned above. Methods: The thesis is divided into two parts; the theoretical part is aimed to discuss the general definition of spondylodiscitis, its clinical aspects and diagnostic and therapeutical options. The practical part consists of kinesiological analysis, detailed description of all therapeutic units, out kinesiological analysis and the conclusion. This part demonstrates all practical findings gained at Nemocnice Vršovice at rehabilitation department in the period of 16.1.-10.2. 2023. Results: The predetermined objectives have been achieved. Thanks to the improvement that the patient showed, it can be said that the chosen physiotherapy methods had a positive effect on the patient's condition. Conclusion: Every aim that was set previously was completed and regarding to these results the positive effect of chosen therapeutical...
The role of the pediatric nurse in the prevention of infectious gastroenteritis in the pediatric ward.
CARDOVÁ, Barbora
The master thesis focuses on the role of a pediatric nurse in the prevention of infectious gastroenteritis in the pediatric departments. In the theoretical part of the thesis the focus is paid to general information concerning gastroenteritis and preventive measures in case they occur in the pediatric departments. In the empirical part of the thesis three goals are set. 1. Evaluate the health literacy of pediatric nurses working in the maternity ward and pediatric department in the field of pediatric gastroenteritis. 2. To assess the health literacy of pediatric nurses working in pediatric departments in the field of preventive measures against the spread of gastroenteritis in maternity wards and pediatric departments. And the 3rd last goal was to determine the opinions of pediatric nurses working in primary care and in pediatric departments regarding the optional vaccination of children against rotavirus. This part of the thesis deals with the analysis of data obtained using a self-administrated questionnaire. Questionnaires were given in the Hradec Králové region to nurses working in the pediatric and maternity departments of four local hospitals and to nurses in primary care at general practitioners for children and adolescents. The return of properly completed questionnaires was a total of 146, of which 110 questionnaires were from inpatient departments and 36 questionnaires from primary care. The research has shown that nurses have knowledge in the field of gastroenteritis, but they are not 100% informed. In the area of preventive measures of the spread of gastroenteritis, both research groups of nurses are very well oriented, and additionally nurses from primary care have a more positive opinion regarding the vaccination against rotavirus than nurses from inpatient departments. The output of the master thesis is a educational material for nurses, focused on the prevention of transmission of infectious gastroenteritis in pediatric inpatient departments.
Specifics of nursing care in children hospitalized with infectious disease
The bachelor thesis deals with the specifics of nursing care for children hospitalized with infectious disease. The bachelor thesis is divided into theoretical and research parts. The theoretical part deals with infectious diseases in childhood, specifically infectious diseases of the digestive and respiratory tract, infectious exanthematous disease and infections affecting the CNS. It also deals with the specifics of nursing care for children with these diseases and their needs during hospitalization. It describes the transmission and agents of infectious diseases, as well as the prevention of infectious diseases in children, specifically the barrier regimen. The research section focuses on the specifics of nursing care and the most common nursing problems in children with infectious disease. The aim of this part was to identify and describe the specifics of nursing care in children hospitalized with infectious disease. A qualitative form of research inquiry was used to conduct the research through semi-structured interviews with ten participants. Nurses from the children's ward were deliberately selected for the research investigation. The questions were directed at specific systems that are discussed in the theoretical part of this thesis. The research investigation was completed after theoretical data saturation. Further, it was then categorized using the open coding method, specifically the pencil and paper method. Based on this coding, several categories and sub-categories were constructed. From the research, it was found that nurses know the specifics of nursing care for children with infectious disease. Nurses can describe the barrier nursing care procedure, but not all nurses follow this procedure. Nurses are able to list and describe the most commonly encountered nursing problems in infectious diseases.
Vliv managementu a technologie odchovu telat na výskyt parazitárních onemocnění
Faecal samples were collected from two dairy farms. The influence of management and technology on the incidence of Cryptosporidium and Eimeria infections was investigated. A total of 20 calves from each farm were observed from birth to 16 weeks of age, and faecal samples from each animal were examined weekly. A total of 680 faecal samples were collected and examined. Parasite detection was performed by a combination of standard parasitological microscopic and molecular methods. Infections with C. parvum subtypes IIaA13G1R1 and IIaA17G1R1, C. ryanae subtype XXIc, E. zuernii, E. cylindrica, E. ellipsoidalis, E. bovis, E. auburnensis, and E. subsferica were detected. The cumulative prevalence of C. parvum on the sampled farms was 85 %, and the prevalence of infection was detected at one to four weeks of age. The cumulative prevalence of Eimeria spp. reached 100 % in calves from both monitored farms at 16 weeks of age. Feeding high-quality colostrum with a higher immunoglobulin content reduced the intensity of infections caused by C. parvum. The risk of Eimeria infection increased with the length of time calves remained in the farrowing room when the newborn animals were in contact with older calves. Inadequate technique for raising calves together after weaning resulted in an increased incidence of diarrheal disease.
Prevalence and risk factors of malaria among children under 5 years and the prevention and treatment regimens in the Kitase community of Ghana
Amponsah, Ebo Owusu
The purpose of this study was to investigate the incidence of malaria in children under the age of five living in the Kitase Community in Ghana, as well as possible causes, preventative measures, and therapeutic approaches. The principal goals of the research were accomplished through the use of a hospital-based cross-section design, which required the gathering of primary data from women living in the Kitase township, which is located within the Akuapim South Municipal Assembly in Ghana. For the analysis, we utilised version 16 of the STATA statistical software. The chi-squared test and logistic regression were performed to determine the relationship between malaria incidence and household and environmental characteristics. Findings showed that malaria prevalence among under 5 children was 19.62% with a total of 46.15% with at least occurrence of malaria illness in the past three months. Also, ownership of Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) was 77.31%, and its use among 58.46% of mothers. However, Environmental characteristics such as bushes, waste dumpsites, stagnant water, and breeding areas around the house increase the odds of malaria infection by AOR of 1.885, 2.455, 2.197, and 2.060, respectively. Therefore, the study recommends that health authorities in the study area ensure the proper usage of LLINs (mosquito nets) through regular and effective education on preventive measures and ensure that good sanitation is observed in settlements.

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