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Analýza příčin chřadnutí a odumírání bříz ve vybraných parcích hl. m. Prahy
Spěváček, Michal
The study is a comprehensive survey of silver birch trees (Betula pendula) located in four parks in Prague 6. In 2022, a dendrological survey of 112 trees was carried out. Selected manifestations of decline (dieback, sapwood, trunk swellings, trunk base wounds, exit holes, fungal fructification organs) were quantified and examined including laboratory tests. With the exception of Disculina betulina, no harmful non-native organisms were confirmed, but research on bacterioses and phytophthora was not conducted. It was concluded that the health and vitality of birch trees are significantly impaired across the surveyed parks and age classes. The decline of birch trees in Prague is a long-term problem resulting from various causes with drought probably playing a central role. Damage to the root and trunk base is also a crucial factor. The paper provides suggestions for improvement in its conclusion.
The Human Colon and the Variability of its Microbial Colonization from Adaptations to Different Environmental Conditions
Peterová, Lucie ; Vančata, Václav (advisor) ; Pavlasová, Lenka (referee)
This bachelors's thesis focuses on the study of the human large intestine and the variability of its microbial colonization in relation to different environmental conditions. The human large intestine is considered to be a dynamic ecosystem that is populated by a diverse community of microorganisms known as the gut microbiome. The gut microbiome plays a key role in host physiology, influencing digestion, the immune system and energy metabolism. This thesis summarizes the current state of knowledge in the literature regarding the human large intestine and its microbial population, focusing on the adaptation of the intestinal microbiota to different environmental conditions such as diet, antibiotic use and disease occurrence. It also analyses the impact of lifestyle and environmental factors on the gut microbiota, including the effects of stress, physical activity and geographical location. The thesis provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of the gut microbiome and highlights its importance in maintaining human health. The variability of microbial colonization of the gut is a fascinating phenomenon that deserves careful study and understanding. Understanding these processes may contribute to the development of new strategies for maintaining and restoring a healthy gut microbiota that could...
Patogeny denivky a možnosti ochrany
Šmídová, Markéta
The thesis deals with the most significant disease of the day-lily, the brown leaf streakiness caused by the fungus Aureobasidium microsticum in two habitats, Lednice and Ústí nad Orlicí in the year 2014. The intensity of infestation of the plants, the in-tensity of infestation on one shoot were evaluated. The infestation index and frequency of the pathogen in both habitats were determined. In the Lednice habitat 62 varieties of daylilies were evaluated. Different amounts of infestation intensity were recorded on them. The highest intensity of fungus infestati-on A. microsticum was recorded on varieties 'Forty Secon Street' and 'Clemenceaux', varieties 'Pandora Box' and 'Seal of Aproval' were attacked least. The highest intensity of infestation on one shoot and the defined index of infestation was at the varieties 'Forty Secon Street', 'Parian China' and 'Bonie Holey', while the lowest one was at varieties 'Ringlets','Golden Chimnes'. Furthermore the highest frequency of the pa-thogen was defined at varieties such as ' Kwanso', 'Atlas' and 'Rajah'. The lowest infe-station of the pathogen was at the varieties 'Seal Aproval'. All the varieties were attac-ked. In the Ústí nad Orlicí habitat 46 varieties of daylilies were used in this experiment. The highest intensity of plant infestation by the fungus A. microsticum was recorded on varieties 'Canadian Borde Patrol','Doll House' and 'Gold Reef', the least infested varieties were 'Real Wind', 'Mauna Loa' and 'Autumm Red'. The highest intensity of infestation on one shoot and the defined index of infestation were at the varieties 'Tonia Gay', 'Doll House' and 'Canadian Borde Patrol', while the lowest one was at the varieties eg. 'Barnabas' and 'Real Wind'. Furthermore defined frequency of the pathogen occurrence, where varieties such as 'Cosmic Carper', 'El Desperado' and 'Tanzanite' were infested the most and on the other hand the smallest rate was re-corded at the variety 'Franc Hals'. All the varieties were attacked. From all of the varieties from the infected leaves with the disease symptom the pathogen was isolated and microscopically analysed.
Risks related to open water diving and their prevention
OBORNÁ, Veronika
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the risks associated with open water diving and their prevention. Three objectives were determined to elaborate this thesis. The first objective was to find out what kind of knowledge professional and recreational divers have about the risks related to open water diving. The second objective was to examine what knowledge divers have about preventive measures related to open water diving. Last but not least, the third objective was to determine what barriers regarding the open water diving are perceived by divers. The bachelor's thesis consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part is divided into chapters and subchapters describing the history of diving, fundamental diving equipment, basics of physics for divers and physiology related to diving. The heoretical part also describes the most common injuries and diseases occurring during diving, proper first aid as a reaction to them as well as their treatment. Finally, a part of the theory is devoted to the prevention of undesirable situations during open water diving. In the practical part of this thesis a qualitative research was applied. Data collection was conducted through semi-structured interviews. The research sample consisted of ten divers of different ages and different lengths of experience. Five informants were professional divers and five informants were recreational divers. The data obtained from the interviews were processed into four categories, which were further subdivided into subcategories. Using the qualitative research, it was found out that both professional and recreational divers have the necessary knowledge regarding the risks associated with open water diving. Despite essential knowledge and efforts to follow preventive measures, all but one informant experienced a crisis situation during a practice dive, which always turned out well due to proper theoretical preparation for these risk situations. All informants are aware that the biggest risk is the diver himself and overestimation of his own abilities. Regarding the knowledge of preventive measures related to the open water diving, there were differences between the knowledge of professional and recreational divers. All informants had the necessary awareness of the discussed topic, however it was clear that professional divers were more familiar with this issue. All informants were knowledgeable about the necessity of diving training, proper diving equipment, preventive measures and first aid procedures including cardiopulmonary resuscitation in case of an emergency situation. Moreover, it has been found out that divers perceive certain obstacles when diving in open water. In addition to poor health or psychological conditions being a barrier to diving, informants also determined low quality natural conditions as a barrier too. Deteriorated natural conditions were seen as a barrier mostly by recreational divers, whereas professional divers dive all year round and in all kinds of conditions. From the results of the research, it was ascertained that divers have sufficient knowledge of the risks associated with open water diving. Furthermore, informants have sufficient knowledge of preventive measures, which enables them to correctly assess certain situations. The fact that the informants consider the deteriorated natural conditions as a barrier to open water diving indicates that they are concerned about the prevention of risks associated with open water diving. This thesis highlights the importance of knowledge of the risks associated with open water diving and their prevention. The results of this bachelor's thesis can be used to supplement the knowledge of some divers, as a teaching material for novice divers or for health professionals who want to be aware of diving-related diseases and acute conditions related to diving itself.
Vliv stupně množení sadby na zdravotní stav a výnos brambor(Solanum tuberosum Wild.)
The Master's thesis is focused on the seed potato health and yields of particular varieties. The aim of the thesis was to determine seed potato health before planting, before harvest, after harvest and to evaluate achieved yields of particular potato varieties. The experiment started in 2019, in the field of a private farmer Mr. Petr Pošusta. 6 varieties were planted (3 consumer varieties and 3 industrial varieties). The varieties were grown on this farm as early as 2018 as certified propagation material of grade A. In 2019, as it was found, they complied with parameters for certified material of grade B. The crop health (diseases and pests) was being evaluated during the growing process. After the desiccation of the potato crop, samples were taken to determine the number, size and weight of tubers below the cluster and for health tests ELISA. The yields of particular varieties were determined from the farm weight books and compared with achieved values. The results show that seed potato health and yields are influenced by the weather, occurrence of vectors, degree of propagation, agricultural engineering and last but not least the resistance of the variety to viral diseases.
Pests and diseases of maize - information database and e-learning system
This work deals with making factual database for crop Zea mays L. For the creation of database and educational system has been used language HTML and cascading style sheets to format the graphic.
Pests and diseases of hop - factual information database and e-learning system
This work deals with making factual database for crop Humulus lupulus L. The information, contained in the database falls within the protection of plants and more specifically to the field phytopatological, entomological and phytosanitary. Literature research provides an overview of the issue and information technology. The database has been compiled in the years 2007 - 2009 and the idea is to create a system for diagnosis and effective source of information for plant protection. For the creation of databases and educational system have been used languages PHP, HTML and cascading style sheets to format the graphic. For the purposes of the database was used by the SQL language and relational version of MySQL. The system is a detailed description, bionomics and protection. The system also contains a considerable number of pictures. The results are presented as a guide for working with the system.

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