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The Changes in German Foreign Policy after the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Čepelková, Kristýna ; Kučera, Tomáš (advisor) ; Jeřábek, Martin (referee)
This bachelor's thesis looks into the topic of German foreign policy. The most important question, which this thesis tries to solve, is Which reasons make Germany change their foreign policy? Through the analysis of reasons which led the Federal Republiclic to take part in (by international law unlawful) Operation Allied Force, by which Berlin changed its foreign policy, I try to find out which reasons played a role in deciding whether to help Ukraine in its fight against Russia. FRG did not send weapons and military equipment to conflict zones which is why deciding to help Ukraine again changed German foreign policy. My analysis shows three main groups of reasons that are crucial for German foreign policy. These are normative reasons - "never again" (nie wieder) and "never alone" (nie wieder allein). Then the commitment to international and European institutions is another reason, and lastly their own interests. When deciding whether to join the world in the help for Ukraine, two normative concepts stemming from the complicated German past were at play. Berlin wants to "never again" (nie wieder) lead a war or cause another Auschwitz and it wants to act "never alone" (nie wieder allein). Moreover, the change in German foreign policy was also caused by the commitment of the Federal Republic to...