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Felling woody plants which grow outside of the forest and a transport infrastructure
Bilanin, Petr ; Rajchl, Jiří (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Felling woody plants which grow outside of the forest and a transport infrastructure Abstract The subject of this diploma thesis is a legal regulation of felling woody plants located near road and rail transport infrastructure. It focuses mainly on the analysis and evaluation of the current legal regulation of this area, together with de lege ferenda proposals that could lead to the improvement of this legal regulation. This thesis is divided into three sections, which are further divided into individual chapters and subchapters. The first section is focused on the description of the general legal regulation of felling woody plants which grow outside of the forest. This general legal regulation form the basis of special legal regulations of felling woody plants located near road and rail transport infrastructure. In this section there is an illustration of the central concept of woody plants which grow outside the forest, an exploration of three basic principles of this regal legulation and, above all, a description of the individual regimes under which it is possible to fell woody plants. Special protection regimes of woody plants which grow outside of the forest are also briefly discussed. The second section is dedicated to the felling of woody plants which are located near road infrastructure and related...
Změny druhového složení rozptýlené zeleně podél železničních tratí
Navrátilová, Lucie
The thesis deals with the issue of dispersed greenery, its division and function in the landscape. By the research method has been characterized 6 selected localities. The coefficient of ecological stability and its changes since 1990 has been calculated for selected localities and then compared by the comparative method. The main aim was to map the state and changes of dispersed greenery (mainly woody plants) along the railway tracks. The condition of greenery along railway tracks and its unkeep was evaluated and compared, which is primarily aimed at keeping the greenery in a condition ensuring safety and continuity of the rail traffic. An integral part of the thesis is a proposal of measures for greenery along the tracks.
Kácení dřevin v zahradní a krajinářské tvorbě
Novotná, Kristýna
The bachelor thesis deals with an important topic of A Tree felling in an area of garden and landscape design. Although, the tree felling is completely usual process, it is a neglected and very marginal topic from the point of view of garden and landscape design. In literary sources we can find especially the tree felling from a forestry viewpoint. That is the reason why goals of my thesis are to summarize available information and do an overview of the current state legislation. In the methodical part the thesis is focused on a survey of catalogue price from price lists Areas and landscaping: 823-1, Restoration: 823-2. The catalogue of descriptions and target price of construction works from years 2004-2016. Second part of the thesis analyses differences in prices from current price lists of 2016 with prices from practice which have been obtained from arborists and arboristic companies.
Vývoj právní úpravy v oblasti ochrany dřevin rostoucích mimo les
Koblížková, Hana
This bachelor thesis is focused on evolution of legislation concerning woody plants growing outside forests. It analyses changes of 1992 Nature and Landscape Protection Act in its part of general woody plants protection as well as following delegated legislation from 1992 to present times. It also concerns impact of above mentioned legislation on the owner of the woody plant and the public authority from the administrative difficulty and effectiveness point of view. It describes differences in the authorisation procedures of woody plants felling in the cases where there is special interest (e.g. woody plants nearby transmission lines, watercourses), and in the cases of woody plants at real estate under Heritage Preservation Act. This bachelor thesis also mentions issues emanating from conflict of protective provisions in 1992 Nature and landscape protection act and ownership protection in Civil Code. It suggests amendments to current legislation rising from experiences of nature protection authority practice.
Správa zeleně intravilánu
This thesis is focused on summarizing the importance of urban greenery and emphasize the importance of its management. The introductory chapter discusses the historical development of urban greenery, followed by the most important functions and their influence on the urban environment and the population living there. The third chapter is focused on legislative for the management of urban greenery and problematics with the planting, maintenance and felling. The final chapter is divided into two main parts. The first mentions the use of some modern technologies in connection with the management of urban greenery. In the second shows the current situation of the management of greenery and a brief description of the České Budějovice with partial involvement of modern methods of information collection and their subsequent use in planning professional intervention.