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Celtic mercenaries in the military services of the medditerranean states and their homecoming to the countries of the Middle Europe
Šedo, Ondrej ; Knápek, R.
Activities of the Celtic mercenaries in the Mediterranean environment are surprisingly often mentioned by the ancient writers. They used to appear in services for authorities there, in the Near East, “Magna Graecia” and other parts of southern Europe and also in Egypt or Carthage. They completed armies of the states fighting each other or against the Roman republic when they joined the fighting for domination in this area, and the last troops were still in service during the last decades before the change of the era. The findings discovered during the archaeological research, mainly coins that had been produced in the Mediterranean area and which appear in the Middle Europe (Roseldorf, Němčice nad Hanou, Nowa Cerekwia) led to a hypothesis that some of the mercenaries returned to these places after finishing their service. The article comes up with arguments enabling a support for such hypotheses.
Norhtern mythology. Art Project for 2nd grade of Elementary School.\nl(practical-theoretical thesis)
This diploma thesis deals with possibilities of the use of the Nordic mythology in the lower-secondary schools through project teaching. The target of this diploma thesis is to introduce the legends, culture and history of Nordic nations to the 6th form pupils through project teaching. Furthemore, using the legends, the thesis aims at introducing the best known fantasy and science-fiction literature, which might encourage the pupils of this age category to show some interest for reading. The theoretical part of this thesis is divided into two basic sections. The first section introduces a concise history of project teaching, its principles, teacher´s role and pupil´s position in project teaching. The second section of the theoretical part outlines general problems of mythological stories with orientation at the Nordic mythology. Furthemore, the thesis contains an outline of culture and history of Germanic tribes, with which some of the important heroic Nordic sagas are firmly connected, and the following connection with modern literature. The empiric part of the thesis contains designed Art lessons for the project teaching, which also contain a reflection of implemented lessons.
New settlement findings form Young and Late Roman Period in Sudoměřice
Vlach, Marek
During the years 2003 and 2004 Institute for Archaeological Heritage Conservation Brno excavated a polycultural site NW of Sudoměřice. Among others there were recognized remains of the barbarian settlement from the Late Roman Period. The archaeological component is represented by the rests of four sunken-floor dwellings, unidentified settlement pits and the assemblage of movable items. Besides dominating pottery of local production there were observed e.g. categories of roman-provincial pottery, Germanic brooches, combs and spur.

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